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Is down for everyone or just me?

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We made a website like, but ...

HTTP & SOCKS Rotating & Static Proxy

  • 72 million IPs for all purposes
  • Worldwide locations
  • 3 day moneyback guarantee


We made a website like, but …

About six months ago I posted an early version of my site, and reddit gave me loads of great feedback and was actually able to test the site in a bit more depth than I could have I have finally had a bit of spare time to work on it, I think I have made it a bit more stable but I would like to see what happens when lots of people try a few different domains, which is why I am posting it sically the site is designed to replace downforeveryoneorjustme, the idea being that refreshing the page to test if the site is up gets a bit tiresome, so why not have the site tell you when it is back up instead! I’ve made a herokuapp that will go online/offline every 30 seconds, so it should allow you to see what happens when the site’s status changes. You can check it out also on github here and you can look at the old thread hereIf the site is down, you guys either broke it, or I am trying to make a quick doFix bugs, get a stable state, get notifications working correctlyTest path instead of domain featureTest different port featureUser adjustable certainty (X successful attempts before declared up)Email notification featureTotal users watching domain featureDifferent location of server tests featureReport incorrect results feature / create a list of sites that block usChrome on android doesn’t submit form correctly”Placebo”, so they know the site is workingSafari support for notificationsThanks for helping!
We made a site like downforeveryoneorjustme, but it will notify ...

We made a site like downforeveryoneorjustme, but it will notify …

Log in or sign up to leave a commentlevel 1Comment deleted by user · 7ylevel 2Yeah everyone makes that joke when it crashes:P Which it indeed has! Its back up 1Does it also notify when a site that is offline but cached by cloudflare comes back up? level 2Don’t know, anyway I could test that? It basically just uses HTTP status codes to determine whether the site is up or down. So we only count 200 – 203 as being up; that may not be right and we may need to add in some more though! level 1Can you add IPv6 support? For your site itself, and for it to test IPv6-only sites (which would likely also mean testing dual-stack sites over IPv6)? It would be great for new tools like this to support IPv6, instead of being implemented only with support for IPv4. If you are in need of a location to host this tool with IPv6 support, feel free to PM me and perhaps I can assist with 2I sadly don’t understand enough about IPv6, what would be required to support it? Do you mean so that it can test IPv6 sites and/or access IPv6 sites? level 1 · 7yGlorified Hall MonitorI recommend the hooray button being a link to the site that was 1How does it deal with “flapping” sites? If a site is under heavy load, and maybe returns one 200 response in a hundred 500 responses, and you poll the site every second- will it keep telling me the site is up… oh wait, it’s down… no, it’s up… oh dear it’s down again? level 2We send one get request every 5 seconds, so if the site is in that kind of a scenario you will get a “The site is up! ” notification, followed by a “The site is down again” notification 5 seconds is quite a hard thing to test so we are hoping that over time we can tweak the site to cope with all sorts of different scenarios that we can’t hope to reproduce 1Firefox can’t establish a connection to the server at 2Sorry, this is why I added the [beta] tag; I was trying to add IPv6 support on the should be up and working now. But sadly no IPv6, its too late for my brain to work hard enough to get it to work! level 1Comment deleted by user · 7ylevel 2If you do come across one soon could you let me know how it goes! level 1If multiple users are querying the same site, eg. 1000 people go to and type in ”, will your server attempt to make 1000 requests at 5 second intervals? Or 1 request every 5 seconds and share the single result with the 1000 users? level 2It makes one request per domain then shares the results with the clients who requested it:)level 1 · 7y · edited 7yNice site! I built a reddit bot a while ago to check if a website was down (Github)level 1 · 7ywhile(true) { ();}So you made 2Nope, that caters to sysadmins, this caters to average joe waiting for a website to come back 2Thanks didn’t know about this! level 1Imma gonna one up your idea and make a site that reports to you when is offline and when it comes back online. Can I have your API key? level 2I would love that, actually we could make an API not too difficultly…

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