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I will ensure no one will get hurt again!

[A guardian of Hamel with the iron will to protect]
The Destroyer and Freiturnier has been reborn from his strong will to protect.
[Artillery Nova]A skill that attacks by focusing mana inside the Destroyer. The condensed magical cannonball will create a great explosion.
[Land Demolisher – Earthquake]Strike the ground to damage the enemies in front of you. Land Demolisher imbues a buff on the player where it adds a quake effect whenever a command skill hits the enemy.
[Iron Howling]You let out a loud howl that decreases the Physical Defense of nearby enemies. Use this skill to quickly neutralize nearby enemies. Remove debuffs on allies.
[Guard]Use this skill to block the enemy’s powerful attack. Holding down the skill key will extend the skill’s duration. It also reduces incoming damage when used in Heavy Stance mode.
[Land Smash]Use this skill to slow down enemies.
[Crack Crusher]Knockback the enemy in front and attack with a cannonball.
[Guardian’s Rage]Perform a high jump and dive towards enemies dealing a huge amount of damage.
[Guardian Force]Shouts from Pandemonium, Pain of Caladbolg, and Iron Howling weakens enemies.
A guardian who protects his allies but destroys his enemies.
Chung’s witch to protect everyone causes the Guardian Stone to reach, granting him new powers.
Stronger in both mind and body from his journey, Chung becomes a protector of iron will.
With his new Freitunier, Chung can easily retaliate with his Destroyer without feeling the impact of his enemies’ attack.
Second Class Advancement
Completing the following advancement quest or using the Item Mall item: Paladin’s Oath will change your job to Iron Paladin.
Iron Paladin
Class ChangeIron Paladin 1/5
Quest Acceptance Prerequisites
Achieve Level 35
Complete your First Job Advancement
Altera – Clear ‘Nasod Foundry’ 0/1
he situation was getting worse. Chung felt himself getting more exhausted as he faced more enemies. Perhaps it’s the weight on his shoulders. But he is the successor of the Seiker family. He may fall, but he cannot back down.
Common Rewards
Selective Rewards
Class ChangeIron Paladin 2/5
Complete Iron Paladin 1/5
Altera – Clear ‘Altera Core’ 0/1
He kept fighting to protect. He believed that was the duty of a Guardian. That belief hasn’t changed, but enemies kept coming and he cannot protect everyone on the battlefield by himself. Perhaps blocking isn’t the best solution. There were a lot of things to think about, but first, he must take care of the enemies in front of him.
6, 900
Class ChangeIron Paladin 3/5
Complete Iron Paladin 2/5
Enter ‘Feita Village'(Right-click from World Map (Press M Key) to see the location. )
Until now, he fought in one location with Hamel’s soldiers. They stopped enemies and helped those who were standing next to each other. But that wasn’t enough to protect the soldiers from fear. Chung realizes that there was a place that he left empty, thinking it was his father’s place.
7, 600
Class ChangeIron Paladin 4/5
Complete Iron Paladin 3/5
Feita – Clear ‘Shrine of Dedication Entrance’ 0/1
he front. It’s not a place an artilleryman would occupy, but he was not an ordinary artilleryman. He was the successor of the Seiker family and the Guardian of Hamel. He cannot fall as long as he is standing here where his father should have been. Chung taking down enemies one by one as he charged forward was a solid presence to his allies. It’s time to fight back.
Class ChangeIron Paladin 5/5
Complete Iron Paladin 4/5
Feita – Clear ‘Underground Chapel’ 0/1
Take down enemies to protect allies. As the battle continued, Chung’s desire to protect everyone affected the Guardian Stone. As he felt the energy from the Guardian Stone becoming stronger, Chung rushed towards his enemies. It’s time to end those who dared to invade Hamel.
8, 000
2nd Job Change Promotion Cube x1
14, 600
[Cobo] 2nd Job Useful Items Cube x1
You can Transcend at Lv 70.
Skill Tree
2nd Job Skill Traits unlocked at Level 70.
2nd Job Final Enhanced Skill unlocked upon Transcending.
Transcendence Skill Traits unlocked at Level 99.
Transcendence Final Enhanced Skill unlocked upon advancing to 3rd job class.
Additional Combos: All damage values for new and preexisting combos receive a 1. 1x multiplier during 2nd job.
Ground Pound Blast
After stomping with in mid-air or using Leap Attack, swing up the Destroyer and then fire a cannonblast from the back-end of the Destroyer in Heavy Stance which launches targets away.
408% Phy. Damage
229% Phy. Damage
125% Phy. Damage + 321% Mag. Damage
Blast And Charge
After doing, instead of blasting the enemy away, turn around and charge into them while in Heavy Stance, finishing by either launching them into the air with, or smacks them with a heavy overhead swing with which knocks them down.
The physical strike of launches enemies while the explosion provides hitstun.
184% Phy. Damage + 175% Mag. Damage
293% Phy. Damage
78% x 5 Phy. Damage
281% Phy. Damage
342% Phy. Damage
Human Tornado
After doing the standard combo, furiously swing the Destroyer in Heavy Stance, doing 3 hits and knocks enemies away.
163% Phy. Damage
208% Phy. Damage
205% Phy. Damage + 214% Phy. Damage + 205% Phy. Damage
Diving Impact
After doing, dive downward slamming the ground launching enemies.
444% Mag. Damage
335% Phy. Damage + 408% Phy. Damage
▲ Added new combo.
combo moved from Fury Guardian to Iron Paladin.
Hyper Active
Special Active
Transcendence Advancement
Completing the following advancement quest or using the Item Mall item: Book of Transcendence: God’s Will will advance to your Transcendent 2nd job.
TranscendenceLimit Break 1/5
Achieve level 70
Complete your Second Job Advancement
Clear 3 dungeons in your level range(excluding Ruben/Event Dungeon/Guild Mini Game/Guild Expedition/Ereda Island/Dimension of Sinister Intent/Twisted Time and Space – Fahrmann’s Peak/Henir’s Time and Space/Gate of Darkness/Add’s Energy Fusion Theory)
[Book of Transcendence] – IntroMany seek power, but it’s not easy to acquire one. Among those that seek power, the El Masters have achieved theirs in a unique El Master has overcome their limits using their innate abilities. This book, specifically, will be narrating the power of transcendence, a power that was developed and used by the Earth of Transcendence is given to those that overcome their limits, no matter their, one should prove their worth.
TranscendenceLimit Break 2/5
Complete the quest Limit Break 1/5
Collect Symbol of Resolve (Sander, Lanox, Atlas, Elysion dungeons) 0/3
[Book of Transcendence] – Chapter 1Those who seek power must first look and see if they are properly prepared. A powerful body obtained through regular training is important, one’s resolve to face difficult trials is more firm resolve and belief in yourself will materialize Symbol of Resolve.
TranscendenceLimit Break 3/5
Complete the quest Limit Break 2/5
Collect Symbols of Determination (Sander, Lanox, Atlas, Elysion dungeons) 0/3
[Book of Transcendence] – Chapter 2Transcendence is the power to overcome your limits. You must undergo trials in order to find the key to do a proven method is to throw yourself in danger, you need the determination to turn those dangerous situations into an unshaken determination will materialize as Symbol of Determination.
TranscendenceLimit Break 4/5
Complete the quest Limit Break 3/5
Collect Symbol of Purpose from Secret Dungeons 0/1
[Book of Transcendence] – Chapter 3Those seeking the power of transcendence will face many trials. When you lose yourself in face of these trials, you must remember your goal, your single minded focus in showing your purpose will materialize as Symbol of Purpose and put you closer to transcendence.
TranscendenceLimit Break 5/5
Complete the quest Limit Break 4/5
Clear 5 Secret Dungeons 0/5
[Book of Transcendence] – Chapter 4Those who have faced their limits, now you will face the final those who overcome their own limitations are truly worthy of will now face transcendence, but remember, those who found the end, will soon find themselves a new beginning. Overcome your limits and prove your worth. Then, the power of transcendence will reside in you.
[Cobo] Transcendence Useful Items Cube
KR trailer (released together with Deadly Chaser) by ‘KOG’
NA trailer (released together with Deadly Chaser) by ‘Kill3rCombo’
Full Gallery: Chung/Gallery
Iron Paladin’s portrait, illustrated by 흑주돈.
Iron Paladin’s Berserk mode portrait.
Full body Skill Cut-in, illustrated by 흑주돈.
Full body berserk Skill Cut-in.
Full body Item Mall Custom Skill Cut-in
Unused Cash Shop Berserk mode Skill Cut-in
Chibi artwork.
Iron Paladin’s Transcendence Skill Cut-in.
Iron Paladin’s Transcendence Skill Cut-in. (Berserk Mode)
Iron Paladin’s Transcendence Awakening Cut-in. (Current)
Iron Paladin’s Transcendence Awakening Cut-in (Berserk Mode).
Iron Paladin’s Transcendence Awakening Cut-in (Old)
Idle pose and Promo avatar
Iron Paladin Berserk mode model.
Ready animation.
Old Iron Paladin hand error.
Animated Item Mall Custom Skill Cut-in.
Alternative Names
South Korea
아이언 팔라딘
Taiwan (Traditional Chinese)
Iron Guard Paladin
China (Simplified Chinese)
Steel Paladin
Adamant Paladin
Paladín adamantino
Paladin adamantium
Paladino d’Acciaio
Żelazny Paladyn
United Kingdom
Sword Knight
Magic Knight
Sheath Knight
Root Knight
Lord Knight
Rune Slayer
Infinity Sword
Sacred Templar
Knight Emperor
Rune Master
High Magician
Dark Magician
Battle Magician???
Elemental Master
Void Princess
Dimension Witch???
Aether Sage
Oz Sorcerer
Combat Ranger
Sniping Ranger
Trapping Ranger???
Wind Sneaker
Grand Archer
Night Watcher???
Sword Taker
Over Taker
Weapon Taker???
Blade Master
Reckless Fist
Veteran Commander???
Furious Blade
Rage Hearts
Nova Imperator???
Code: Exotic
Code: Architecture
Code: Electra
Code: Unknown
Code: Nemesis
Code: Empress
Code: Battle Seraph
Code: Failess
Code: Ultimate
Code: Esencia
Code: Sariel
Code: Antithese
Fury Guardian
Shooting Guardian
Shelling Guardian???
Deadly Chaser
Tactical Trooper???
Comet Crusader
Fatal Phantom
Little Hsien
Little Devil
Little Specter???
Sakra Devanam
Yama Raja
Saber Knight
Pyro Knight
Dark Knight???
Grand Master
Blazing Heart
Crimson Avenger???
Empire Sword
Flame Lord
Bloody Queen???
Psychic Tracer
Arc Tracer
Time Tracer???
Lunatic Psyker
Diabolic Esper???
Doom Bringer
Mad Paradox???
Royal Guard
Heavy Barrel
Metal Heart
Storm Trooper
Crimson Rose
Tempest Burster
Black Massacre
Prime Operator
Lofty: Executor
Lofty: Anpassen
Lofty: Wanderer???
Arme Thaumaturgy
Erbluhen Emotion
Sparky Child
Twinkle Child
Rusty Child???
Rumble Pumn
Shining Romantica
Eternity Winner
Radiant Soul
Nisha Labyrinth???
Second Revenger
Second Selection
Second Grief???
Silent Shadow
Stellar Caster
Pale Pilgrim???
Nyx Pieta???
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Playing Elsword International Using An Elsword Proxy IP

Playing Elsword International Using An Elsword Proxy IP

Inspired by anime and built upon gallant quests, Elsword is a game dedicated to bravery, colorful imagery, and conquering evil. Between learning new attack skills and earning high-level weapons during journeys, your Elsword character is one busy hero. You play Elsword early and often, and the more you play, the more you want your character to learn and grow from their adventures through the world. There’s just one snafu you keep catching on. Location. Because certain features are only available on certain versions of the game, you’re left to face a different sort of battle. The constant struggle to access the content you desire without up and moving from your current place of residence. Rather than take drastic measures, consider an alternative method, an Elsword Proxy think that expensive plane ticket and put that passport away, because accessing location-specific content no longer requires a change of address from the government. Instead, modify your current IP address. In this blog, we’ll define Elsword proxies, talk through how to use them, and discuss ways to stay safe while gaming online. If the prospect of limited yourself to your location is too frightening to bear, then a proxy is the only word your gamer heart will ever need to hold of Contents1. What Is an Elsword Proxy IP? 2. Purchasing Elsword Proxies3. Playing Elsword International With a Proxy4. What Is An Elsword IP Block? What Is an Elsword Proxy IP? I can’t think of a more satisfying feeling than entering an uncharted, unfamiliar place. That overwhelming feeling of newness and unlimited possibilities. All the world seems bright and no foe can frighten you. Elsword captures this feeling and then replicates it each and every time you play. As a seasoned gamer, you hesitate to part with such an experience. However, your physical location prohibits parts of gameplay. Enter the Elsword Proxy IP. An IP so powerful, you’ll have access to whatever aspect of Elsword you wish. Let me break it down for you. A proxy is your gateway to those same uncharted, unfamiliar places. Every computer in the world has a unique identifier. An IP address. A proxy has the ability to replace your original IP address with a new one. You control while this new IP address is located, therefore granting entrance to different countries. The same countries with updated or varied versions of the game you deeply love. For example, let’s say you’re located in Korea but desire to play Elsword EU, a proxy will not only change the location of your IP address but will help reduce lag. A slow server is a huge headache and often disrupts gameplay. You need your characters moving fast and efficiently in order to have successful gameplay. Proxies will transport you where you want to go, without sacrificing oxies also keep your identity hidden from prying eyes. If you’re a private person and an even more private gamer, then a proxy is a fantastic way to keep your true location and personal information tucked away securely. I don’t know about you, but I value my privacy, and as much as I like interacting with fellow enthusiasts online, I won’t take a chance when it relates to any private data being stolen. Shield yourself from unwanted interactions with the help of an Elsword proxy IP. From even more information on proxies, check out our blog here. Purchasing Elsword Proxies You’re a newfound expert on how proxies work. The next step? Figuring out the important aspects of purchasing a proxy and how to set one up afterward. The first thing I want to mention is that not all proxies are made equal. For our purposes, you’ll want to avoid downloading a free proxy online. Before you call me a nut for discouraging you from getting something for free, consider your own personal security. Unpaid proxies are less secure than paid proxies. Although free proxies are an enticing prospect, I’d recommend purchasing Elsword proxies from reputable sites that specialize in proxy technology. By investing in a high-quality paid proxy, you’re ensuring your own safety and increasing the likelihood that your proxy will work for the purpose of you make the decision to purchase your proxy, remember where you’d like your new IP address to be located. This is a simpler task than it might sound. If you want to play Korean Elsword from an Elsword Korean server, then you’ll want an IP address that’s located in Asia. If you’re from Asia and want to play Elsword EU, then perhaps choose a UK based IP. By considering the location of your IP, you save yourself the trouble of buying the wrong, make note of how many proxies you need and for how long. The more proxies you purchase, the greater the odds of success. If you’re a dedicated Elsword player, chances are, you’ll want to keep your proxies for longer periods of time. Lucky for you, many proxy providers allow customers to purchase proxies for up to 12-months at a time. The longer you have access to your Elsword proxies, the longer you’ll be able to play Elsword from whatever location you choose. Once you have the right proxy for your gaming needs, pay close attention to the setup instructions given by the proxy provider. For most devices, set up is as simple as picking your browser and copy and pasting your new IP address into the designated area. But that doesn’t mean setup is foolproof, so take your time and save yourself the headache of aying Elsword International With a Proxy Like I discussed earlier, the main benefit of using an Elsword proxy is the access it gives you to international versions of the game. If you’re still unsure about where you’d like your proxy server to be located, or if you’re wondering “do you need a proxy to play Korean Elsword, ” consider some key researching Elsword online, you can find breakdowns of what is and what isn’t available on your particular game. Educating yourself about this aspect of the game might give you greater insight into which version of the game you’d like to use. For example, all current versions of the game offer all 13 different characters for you to choose from. So, if you’re looking for a specific character, that decision won’t factor into where your proxy is located. However, not all the dungeon locations are accessible in every version of the game. If you have a hankering to master the Water Dragon’s Compass, then Korean Elsword is the version for you. As the game evolves and new versions are released, pay attention to what is offered in your location and what isn’t, as it might play into your proxy decision buying. Another factor to consider when using an Elsword proxy IP is how much interaction you want from your fellow gamers. Since you’re already apart of the Elsword community, you might know that UK servers don’t get as much activity as other servers around the world. This means there aren’t as many people playing in that location as say, Korea or North America. This limits the number of people for you to chat with online. You might be a solo player, and this all sounds marvelous to you. But if you prefer to use an IP from a higher-traffic area, a server in North America might suit you downside to higher traffic is a potential lag. The more people that populate an area, the greater the risk for slower gaming speeds. But if you love being part of a large gaming community, the benefits might outweigh any considering proxies, remember what is vital to you while playing Elsword, whether it’s the ability to explore every nook and cranny of the world or the idea of making friends that value Elsword just as much as you Is An Elsword IP Block? Scary as the word block might be, I don’t want it to deter you from unlocking skills and exploring dungeons. However, it is crucial to mention how proxies have the potential to be abused, resulting in your IP address getting banned. Before your palms start sweating, there are ways to avoid such a ban. For one, don’t hop from one proxy to another in a short amount of time. Using a bunch of different IP addresses during a small window can make your computer look fishy and allow the game company to trace the activity back to you. Stick with one proxy from longer periods of time before switching. Besides, once you find a reliable proxy, you won’t want to make a sudden huge advantage of a proxy is the anonymity it grants you while online. We click back and forth from tab to tab so fast, it can be difficult to track our own activity. I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve entered my billing information into a website, forgotten about it, and then noticed a charge on my credit card account. The more sites with my personal information, the easier it becomes for people to steal my identity. While anonymity is fantastic for regular use, it can also be used for nefarious purposes. Just think about how criminals eat up the facelessness of a proxy. Make sure, while playing Elsword, you’re using the proxy for good and not using the anonymity to make money off the game or to track anyone’s you keep all the above suggestions in mind, it’s less likely that you’ll be blocked from playing the game. The most important part, remind yourself to have fun searching Sander, playing as the magical Aisha, and venturing through Titan’s Grotto. It’s all comes back around to having a ball playing the Thoughts The real-world pales in comparison to colorful characters and dungeons that are dark as night. Even when your body is at your daydream, your mind is learning sword tricks and having intense duels. Who could blame you? Elsword is a game that consists of adventure, gallantry, and sorcery. Imagine your boss attempting to perform magic during a morning meeting. I don’t foresee it ending well. But within the confines of Elsword, magic and bravery are routine, necessary skills. If you’re ready to unlock parts of the game not yet explored or meet people from across the world, just as thrilled to play the game as you are, then an Elsword proxy IP is the perfect tool to get you buying the best proxy available on the market, remember where you’d like your proxy to be located, how many you’ll need, and how long you want to use it. Once purchased, use that proxy to conquer online enemies, not search through anyone’s personal information. Elsword is a bright ball of exciting fights, interesting characters, and incredible landscapes. Why limit the way you play simply because of your physical location? Get a proxy and gain access to all Elsword has to offer. That’s a hero’s journey if ever I saw one. 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