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Whether you’ve found a proxy list online or bought some IPs from a provider, it’s always a good idea to test your proxies before using them. Many proxy sellers offer a money-back guarantee, but it only lasts for a short while or a small percentage of the bandwidth bought. In any case, knowing what you’re working with can save you from a large headache later this article, I’ll teach you how to test your proxies using three simple but reliable tools. With them, you’ll be able to check if your proxies work, if they make you anonymous, and if they can access the websites you If You’re Using a Proxy Server with an Online IP CheckerThis is the most basic measure you can take. Depending on your use case, it can be all you need. How does it work? Simple: you go to a website, and it shows if your IP address and location have changed. There are many such websites, but we’ll take as IP checkers look like It RevealsYour IP address and mitationsIt doesn’t show if you’re using a doesn’t show if the proxies work with specific to Use ItSet up a proxy or backconnect proxy server in your to the fresh the URL if you’re using rotating If Your Proxies Work with FOGLDN Proxy TesterFOGLDN Proxy Tester is a popular free tool for checking if proxy IPs work with specific websites. Because it also shows how long it took to connect, FOGLDN is often used to test sneaker proxies where speed is very important. The tool works both with Windows and Mac proxy tester in It RevealsIf your proxies work with a specific fast the IPs mitationsIf the test fails, it won’t show you test doesn’t show the proxy location, type, or can’t choose how many requests to make or how to Use ItDownload the your list of proxies. If you’re using a rotating gateway address, you can add it multiple an URL to “TEST PROXIES” More About Your Proxies with an IP DatabaseHave you ever used an online IP checker to look up the details of your IP address? An IP database is just like that but on steroids. Good IP databases cost money, though some allow checking a limited number of IP addresses free of charge. For example, the IP2Location database lets you check 50 (or 200 if you register) IPs per day without IP2Location database It RevealsYour IP address and type (Datacenter, residential, mobile) – shows where your proxies come from. Even if you bought residential IPs, if a database identifies them as DCH (datacenter), you have a higher risk of getting blocked. This is because websites also use similar databases to screen their anonymity – shows if the proxy hides your original IP, ASN, and carrier (if applicable) – shows which company issued the test – shows if the database can identify your IP as a proxy. It’s not as important for datacenter IPs, but it can be a red flag if you’re using residential mitationsYou have to pay for full won’t show if the proxy works with websites you won’t show you how fast the proxy to Use ItSet up a proxy or backconnect proxy server in your to the website. It will identify your current IP fresh the URL if you’re using rotating vanced Testing MethodsIf you’re as serious about proxy testing as we are, you can build your own scraper. Having one gives you much more control over which aspects you want to evaluate. You’ll be able to select multiple targets, connection concurrency settings, and the testing duration. Plugging in an IP database will give you further data about proxy locations, types, and even details like the protocol (IPv4 or IPv6) and subnet class of the course, running your own tests requires much commitment and resources. If you aren’t a big enterprise – or a proxy provider doing competitor research – there’s little need for you to go that nclusionSo, now you know how to test your proxies. I hope this will come in handy. If by any chance you find your current proxies lacking, feel free to read our proxy provider reviews. We write about the leading residential proxy services based on in-depth research and extensive performance tests. Good luck!
fogldn - Cop Guru

fogldn – Cop Guru

Discover powerful sneaker proxies with FOGLDN. Read the full FOGLDN proxies review in this article and discover their main features and Proxies – an OverviewFOGLDN is a sneaker proxy that has both residential and data center proxies for different purposes. It’s starting from £26 per month, and over 30 locations, instant proxy generation, unlimited IP access, static and dynamic IPS. Its multifunctional product has many useful features and provides its users with superb proxy sidential ProxiesThe residential FOGLDN proxies have clean, anonymous IPs with real-world connections. They are never displayed as proxies, which means you never get detected or banned by systems. You can instantly adjust your data plan via PayPal where you can add data for a discounted price. The proxies cover a large number of cities in countries such as France, Canada, Germany, China, the UK, the USA, Hong Kong, and many others. The support of these proxies is truly best and comes as a standard option for all reover, the proxies offer an advanced dashboard with detailed statistics and guides. With any plan, you get unlimited connections to all countries and cities. There are only residential IPs, not subnets, so you won’t get banned in any case. FOGLDN residential proxies provide unlimited availability and high speed for TesterThis tester allows you to have accurate and direct ping times with any website. You can use any type of proxy and use it for any part of the world. It supports domain IPs, IP auth proxies, and user: pass. FOGLDN proxy tester has many great features such as testing unlimited proxies at once. It supports both sticky and rotating proxies, can check domain IP proxies, and can export your data to a txt file. It’s available for both Windows and Mac OS.
FOGLDN Proxy Tester | HypeBots

FOGLDN Proxy Tester | HypeBots

FOGLDN Proxy Tester is another useful tool for sneaker community, that allows directing ping times to any site via any proxy. For now it supports domain IP’s and USER:PASS/IP authorization.
This is Mac/Windows app that has the following features:
It can test many proxies simultaneously;
Compatibility and accuracy with any website;
It uploads all valid proxies to a txt file.
Maybe it looks like this tool is made by professionals for professionals, but the thing is that FOGLDN experts had done their best, so that everyone can use their products. Whether you are new to this proxy theme or not. Also you can always contact professional support.
Despite very user-friendly interface and simple navigation, this software is still one of the fastest and most powerful useful tools across the market.
So the combination of its simplicity and professionalism leads to the best results. You are always getting desired items.
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