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Helpful Tips for Buying Jordans on

Looking to cop the new Js? We hear ya…along with 23, 232, 323 other sneakerheads! Air Jordans are highly sought after and in most cases hard to get your hands on for retail price. So, we want to help you out by giving you some insider information on how to make your release experience on the best possible.
Other Tips for Buying Jordans:
1. Verify with your financial institution that you have the necessary funds available on your credit card to cop your Js.
2. Be sure that the personal info submitted on your order matches the personal info your financial institution has on file.
3. Make sure your billing address and shipping address are the SAME or your order will be denied.
4. To avoid placing multiple holds on your bank account, only submit your order once. If you submit more than once, your bank may take up to 72 hours to release those holds.
5. If you’ve had troubles in the past, consider purchasing a gift card prior to the release to use as your payment type.
Frequently Asked Questions:
When do the new Retro Jordans release?
Nearly all of the Retro Jordan shoes will release on Saturdays at 10 a. m. ET (7 a. PT). There are always exceptions, and we will do our best to inform you of release times.
Can I only find/buy the shoes from your Facebook or Twitter link?
You will be able to find and buy the release shoes with our links or by searching for the shoes on Most of the time there will be a homepage banner you can click on to take you to the product.
What does the SPA (countdown) page mean? Has the site crashed?
If you see the SPA page (30 second countdown clock), the site has not crashed. We purposely limit the amount of traffic going to on release days to insure that the site doesn’t go down. Wait patiently (or as patiently as possible! ) on the SPA page, and you will eventually get in to buy your kicks. Might we suggest checking out the latest articles on the Finish Line Blog in the meantime?
I put the shoes in my cart, but then got kicked out, and I’m on the SPA page again. Will the shoes still be in my cart?
As long as the shoes have not sold out, they will still be in your cart, and you will be able to continue to checkout once you get back into the site. Having the shoes in your cart will not reserve them. You must complete the checkout process in order to secure a pair.
I buy from all the time, but can never buy the Jordan releases due to checkout errors. Why?
has a fraud protection system that checks to make sure any flagged accounts are not fraudulant purchases. This method can take a few days to complete. Since the Jordans will sell out within a day, the system automatically rejects any accounts flagged as potential fraud. We recommend contacting your financial institution to confirm your account information in order to resolve the issue. In the meantime try the eGift card method in our tips above.
I received a confirmation email from PayPal but not from Finish Line. Am I good?
You must receive an order confirmation email from Finish Line in order to be sure you secured a pair of shoes. Once you receive your order confirmation from Finish Line, you’re set!
How long does it take to get the order confirmation email?
There isn’t a specific timeframe for when you will receive an order confirmation email, but it should come shortly after you place an order. If email confirmation is not received, check your Spam folder.
***Using these tips does not guarantee a pair of Jordan shoes from They are meant to make your experience on our site the best possible, but availability of Jordan releases are limited and while supplies last.
[Guide] Tips on copping a new release.: Sneakers - Reddit

[Guide] Tips on copping a new release.: Sneakers – Reddit

[Guide] Tips on copping a new, this is my second guide and we will be going over tips and tricks on how to cop that awesome pair of sneakers during let me start by saying, be smart about this. Obviously some releases will be more hyped & popular than others. Mainly limited releases are the ones you will be interested in and will need these tips & tricks get started… There are a few different methods of copping on release ineStores (Standing in line)OnlineThere are a bunch of places to get new releases online. You could go straight to the supplier such as Nike, Adidas, Reebok, etc. I have found that these online stores are most always prepared for a release. I order a lot with Nike and they try to help as much as possible with such things as Twitter accounts, live help, etc. I’ve seen many websites go down on big releases (anyone remember the 2011 Concord release? ) and that is usually not the problem with these retailers because they impart expect massive numbers and have the systems to handle the could also try to cop a pair through retailers such as Footlocker, Eastbay, etc. Basically stick to the main websites because as mentioned above, they will be prepared for a massive amount of orders and since they are a bigger retailer, they will most likely have the bandwidth to cope over the smaller lets get into pre-orders. Most retailers will not offer pre-orders but you can find some websites, even on Ebay, where you place your order a few weeks in advance for a premium and they will do all the work for you. I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS METHOD. I’ve heard of some good stories dealing with these pre-order sites but it is super easy to get scammed, so avoid them. It may seem tempting, but resist are some universal tips for online ordering:Have an account with your information already registered and logged the webpage open and ready before any twitter acounts for updates. (i. e @NikeStore, @Eastbay, @FLUnlocked)Have a back-up site opened up in another tab AND ‘t get lucky the first time? Keep checking sites for restocks. Restocks happen mainly when people ordered the wrong size or had no luck in the reselling market so they return the sneakers. It will never happen for the really big releases but I recently got lucky with a restock on the Nike More Uptempo Olympics. Don’t give up! Stores/Standing in LineLet me start by saying I have never copped a pair of sneakers by waiting in line, but I’ve read what some other people have said and put this you haven’t caught the theme of my guides, they all revolve around being prepared and being smart; this is no different. If it is a mega release like the 2011 Retro Concords, seriously consider if you have the time to stand in line for 24+ hours and consider trying your luck online. If it is not a mega release, you have a good chance of getting in line early in the morning and getting a I said, this is all about being prepared and being smart. Call your local stores and ask them some questions:How many pairs do you plan to order? (Some stores will not disclose this info unfortunately)Will size ‘#’ be available? Will they be open early? Are you offering wristbands? Have you been getting a lot of calls regarding this release? How many people are you expecting? Are you allowing lines to form inside the store? What time? I think you see where these are going. Just be stores offer wristbands which will get you in front of anyone that doesn’t have one and usually are given out a day prior to the release. This is to reduce “mobs” and extremely long lines by allowing people go early, get a wristband with a number on it, etc. So talk to your store as mentioned and see if they offer these wristbands. I have heard some stories of stores not mentioning this unless asked, and it never hurts to ask! If you plan on standing on line for any amount of time, be ready to do so. Some people bring chairs, which is sometimes not allowed but a great idea. Bring some drinks and food, dress appropriately, and go to the bathroom beforehand (#1 and riously though). As usual, communication is key even with this method. Ask the store workers to notify everyone when sizes sell out, this is to avoid you standing in line for hours just to figure out size ‘#’ sold out an hour nally, build a repor with your local stores. They will be more willing to help a familiar face/someone they know with info and possibly holding a shoe for you, as they have that priviledge. (Thanks to /u/bware113)Restocking takes place in store too, only not as common. Mainly when people pick-up the wrong size and return it for a refund. As I mentioned, it is not common at all, but always worth a try! That’s all I got for now. I will keep adding on to it and if you have anything to add put it in the comments!
10 Ways to Beat Online Sneaker Bots | Complex

10 Ways to Beat Online Sneaker Bots | Complex

10 Ways to Beat Online Sneaker Bots | Complex
Social Media Manager for Complex. Twitter/Instagram: @johnmarceloMay 16, 2014ComplexCon returns to Long Beach Nov. 6 – 7 with hosts J. Balvin and Kristen Noel Crawley, performances by A$AP Rocky and Turnstile, and more shopping and your spot while tickets last! It’s become extremely difficult to cop sneakers online these days. Not only are you competing with what seems like an ever-growing number of sneakerheads, but you’re also up against consumers that use automated methods, a. k. a bots. Like it or not, this is the nature of the culture now. Gone are the days when you could just stroll into your local mall and pick up the latest retros or log on Nike’s website to find a full-size run of might feel like the odds are against you, and that you have to resort to using a bot. It most definitely doesn’t have to be that way, though. With research and the right preparation, you’ll greatly increase your chances to flourish. To help get you started, we put together this list of 10 tips on How to Cop Sneakers Online Without a LATED: Confession: I Bought a Sneaker BotRELATED: 10 Sneakerheads On How They’d Fix the Industry Sign up for Complex notifications for breaking news and stories.

Frequently Asked Questions about how to buy jordans online on release day

How can I get Jordans online on release day?

When do the new Retro Jordans release? Nearly all of the Retro Jordan shoes will release on Saturdays at 10 a.m. ET (7 a.m. PT). There are always exceptions, and we will do our best to inform you of release times.Dec 17, 2013

How can I get Jordans before release date?

What time does Jordans release online?

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