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These are the Controls for
Your animal always follows the cursor.
Hold Left Click to Run (Uses water).
Press Enter to chat.
Hold Right Click or W key to dive into a body of water.
Press W or right click to use your animal’s ability(only certain animals).
In Sandbox, Press the up/down arrow keys to upgrade/downgrade animals!
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Controls | Wiki

Controls | Wiki

Controls are commands that allow you to instruct your animal to interact with the environment or do certain actions.
List of controls
Normal controls:
Mouse – Move around (You will move to the direction your mouse is pointing at).
Joystick – Move around the joystick bg (only on mobiles or tablet).
Click or Space-bar – Dash.
Double Click – Use your second ability, (eg. run fast)
W or right click – Use a ability. (eg. digging for food, breathing fire). (when a animal is without a ability)
S – Spit water (animals with and without abilities, only works on land). As a Phoenix or a Land Monster, shoot Fire. As a Black Dragon, check which apex/monster animals you’ve killed. As a King Dragon, use the tail slap ability.
Enter – Chat in-game (press enter again to show your message).
Removed Controls
Up arrow – level up (in sandbox)
Down arrow – level down (in sandbox)
W for shooting water. (Now able if press S)
1v1 | Wiki | Fandom

1v1 | Wiki | Fandom

The 1v1 arena from August 2020
See also: 1v1 Redemption
The 1v1 arena is a mini-game mode within that is available to animals that are within tier 15 to 17. As the name implies, in the arena, animals will battle in a closed-off arena by attempting to bite the tail of their opponent. Once the Health Bar of one of the two animals is depleted, or if a player has been bitten a certain amount of times, the winner will receive a large portion of the defeated animal’s XP.
1 Technical
1. 1 Previous Arena Features
1. 2 Updated Arena Features
2 Appearance
3 Strategy
4 Gallery
5 Teaser
6 Trivia
6. 1 Glitches
Upon reaching 1 Million XP, a green button named ‘1v1′ will appear at the top-center of players’ screens. When clicked, a crossbar similar to the Falcon’s and Ostrich’s will appear, and it can be set on another Apex or higher animal by clicking W.
The hotkey Q can also be clicked to make said crossbar appear.
The concept of 1v1 itself is not exclusive to the arena; animals of the same tier are capable of informally 1v1-ing each other with no arena restrictions (tail-biting each other to death). However, attempting to 1v1 in the arena ensures that players cannot run away if they are closer to death, and it prevents interference from other animals.
Furthermore, outside of the arena players cannot try to 1v1 predators; the usual effect of predators will be applied if they are not in an arena.
When a player wins an arena battle, they will receive XP bonuses that increase depending on how many 1v1s a player has succeeded in.
Previous Arena Features
If you set the crossbar upon another apex, they’ll get a 1v1 request with three buttons; Accept, Decline, and Ignore
If declined, the message goes away and nothing happens (the same is true with ignored, but if they request again, you won’t see the message). If accepted, then both of you get sent into a 1v1 arena.
Animals that are in the arena cannot leave. Animals outside the arena go underneath the arena. This also applies diving animals. While underneath the Arena, all gameplay mechanics are still in effect.
In order for there to be less of an environmental disturbance, arenas will reposition themselves in order to acquaint other animals in the area.
For example, when Volcanic animals do a 1v1, the arena will move out of that area and into the Land biome.
In the River, the arena will move all the way down to one of the oceans.
The Arena is big enough to house two enormous Dragons, but after 1 minute, the walls start caving in. You can still move around on the walls, but will be periodically burnt.
If one of the apexes tries to leave by exiting through the arena walls, they take damage with a message saying “walls are too hot to touch”, so it truly is a fight to the death. It is marked by a transparent red color.
Inside the arena, water and all foods can spawn according to biome, and animals inside can’t drink/eat.
Animals inside cannot use their abilities, and animals outside cannot affect the inside with their ability.
Updated Arena Features
Since the update, the arena features have been updated:
Block Player: when clicked, you will no longer see any 1v1 requests from that player.
Block All: you won’t see any 1v1 requests at all.
Accept and Decline work as per usual.
Dark Theme: the background area will be darkened, allowing players to focus on the arena. The Light Theme leaves the background as it is.
Fixed Camera: your FoV doesn’t move to wherever you do, and only stays in one spot. Player Camera when selected will mean your FoV will focus on you, and move to wherever your animal is (the current status in normal mode).
In beta as of June 24 2020, the arena is no longer a solid object and can be walked through by outside animals. Additionally, the animals walking underneath the arena cannot be seen by the animals inside the arena.
Food spawns accordingly to whichever biome the arena is in. Due to the arena no longer being a solid object, it can be easily accessed.
Water/lava/energy can’t be lost in the arena unless you run in order to bite someone or dodge a bite. There isn’t another way to gain water in the arena that isn’t via tail-bites.
When clicking on the 1v1 icon, you can press S to configure your arena, adding settings such as infinite water, health regeneration and others.
The 1v1 arena is a circular structure with transparent walls that will slowly close in. A timer-bar around the edge of the arena indicates the intervals for when the fire-wall is about to enclose.
It can be different sizes depending on which animals it’s housing. For Black Dragons, it will be quite large, and also larger for T-Rexes. When doing 1v1 with Black Dragons, other apex animals will increase in size so that they’re equivalent size to the BD.
The only way to damage your opponent is by tail-biting them. This is simply a normal dragon 1v1, so use the same strategy here. However, they can also receive damage by burning from the wall’s touch, but this shouldn’t be the main way of winning.
The basic moves:
Windback, which is basically boosting and turning around at your opponent’s tail, hoping to get a bite. This is the basic attack move that EVERY player should know.
This move can be easily countered by turning to dodge it, or by moonwalking.
However, the dodge counter can also be countered by a variation of the windback. It’s when you fake-windback in one direction and then when your opponent tries to dodge it you windback in the other direction.
Moonwalk, which is slowly moving backward while shaking. It takes tons of practice to master the move, which is performed by boosting and moving your mouse back and forth behind your tail. Alternatively, you can moonwalk by boosting and moving your mouse in an upside-down “U” (perspective to your animal, assuming that your nose is pointing up) right around the middle-back of your animal.
Put this in action offensively by getting above/below your opponent facing the same direction, then moonwalking, to get their tail. Defensively, you can moonwalk when your opponent windbacks.
Some players overuse this move with a strategy called “mooning, ” in which a player mainly moonwalks and doesn’t do much more.
This can be countered if by standing still when your opponent starts moonwalking (unless he’s on top of you, because then it’s a good idea to get your tail away) and don’t bother to attempt to attack them with a windback because you’re just gonna get bitten. Repeat until your opponent gives up and tries a different strategy, or until he runs out of water from all that boosting and then he’s an easy kill.
Wall-hug, which is moonwalking in place (done by making little upside-down U’s in the middle of your animal) with your tail to the wall (don’t burn it). In the early game, this is a great defense against offensive pros that turn at the speed of light, as they will crash-and-burn into the wall when they try to bite. However, in the late game, if you’re wall-hugging at the burn line, they will still be able to get behind and bite you, although they get burned. Note that attempting to wall-hug will damage you..
Bot Play, which is moving your cursor to the center of your opponent in the way a bot would, but without using one. It can really save you in the last moments of a 1v1.
Watch YouTube videos to learn more moves, or to see them in action, by searching, ” 1v1 tips” or something of that sort.
If you are an ocean animal or a phoenix, don’t worry about location. 1v1s are fair to both animals. When it first came out, however, it was possible to get easy wins by beaching Krakens or trapping animals.
Don’t challenge or accept a challenge unless you think you can win. If you have seen a possible opponent fight before, try your best to observe how they play and then make your decision.
If the players are trying to say “I’m a noob”, “I want to die”, “Kill me” or “I’m lagging”, they are most likely trying to trick you to arena them, so don’t do it unless you really want to.
When in a sticky situation, such as being trapped by a predator or being overrun by lower tier animals, accepting a 1v1 is a good idea in order to temporarily escape all other animals.
Remember, becoming good at 1v1s takes time and practice. Do not be discouraged if you continue with a losing streak. It’s advised to continue doing 1v1s and watch yourself slowly improve.
2 Dragons in a 1v1 arena (old)The 1v1 ButtonThe Dark theme in the new request bar for 1v1s. A Falcon flying through an! Basic 1v1 moves!
Prior to August 2020, the 1v1 arena was a solid object that would even affect animals not participating in it. This could be particularly troublesome when an arena was placed in the middle of a river.
If 2 Monsters are fighting, the 1v1 will be a best of 2. When 2 Black Dragons are fighting, the 1v1 will be a best of 3. If there are 2 or more King Dragons on the server, they are automatically sent to the arena, until only one King Dragon survives.
Until the updates to beta on June 27, 2020, there was a glitch where the Special Abilities of animals on the outside of the arena wouldn’t work if they were physically touching any arena.
When 2 Black Dragons are in a 1v1 arena, and they won’t kill each other at all, there is a glitch where the time resets after around 655 seconds and then disappears around 150 seconds after that.
In 2019, animals in the arena could spit excessive water drops when holding down S prior to the battle starting. When used in the Desert, this glitch could be used to multiply lots of cacti.
When the Summer Items were added, it was found that when used by animals outside of the arena they could physically affect the battling animals inside. As of August 2021, this glitch has not yet been patched.
Game Modes in
Normal mode • Beta • 1v1 (sub-gamemode) • Developer Mode
Sandbox • Classic Mode • Zombie Infection • Team Mode • Battle Royale • Wild Mope • Viral Pandemic

Frequently Asked Questions about how to chat in mope io

What are the controls for mope io?

Normal controls: Mouse – Move around (You will move to the direction your mouse is pointing at). Joystick – Move around the joystick bg (only on mobiles or tablet). Click or Space-bar – Dash. Double Click – Use your second ability, (eg.

How do you mope IO 1v1?

Upon reaching 1 Million XP, a green button named ‘ 1v1 ‘ will appear at the top-center of players’ screens. When clicked, a crossbar similar to the Falcon’s and Ostrich’s will appear, and it can be set on another Apex or higher animal by clicking W . The hotkey Q can also be clicked to make said crossbar appear.

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