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Indian VPN

Our Indian VPN servers are super fast for your special requirements, tailored and customized for your needs
Our VPN servers are powered by Amazon Web Services. Enjoy the same features simplified for your requirements
Our VPN servers are smart and as such we provide them at discounted and wholesale rates.
We provide Fully customized INDIAN VPN for all your needs!
Get the power of AWS web services at a more cost effective price and customized for your requirements. Easily manage your INDIAN VPN. Most of our settings are automated and optimized to provide high network speed and connectivity.
Intense Customer Support
We are always online and ready to help you in all your technical, billing, sales support. Our highly trained customer support executives are available 24/7 to provide you assistance in your every support requests. Whether your request is small or major, we provide instant support to resolve any of your issues.
A few things to know before get started
Access Time
07:30 AM – 11:30 AM IST Just when you need the servers
You can start the server when you need and stop them when you don’t need them
Speed That Matters
Servers are high speed and based on your needs you can choose the exact configuration you need
Industry Standards
Our servers are powered by Amazon Web Services. We are persistent in providing top standards
Billing Period
Our billing period is 30 days from the date of purchase.
Upload Limitations
Our upload limitation is 4 GB.
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EC2 VPN & Proxy Server
₹ 150 / mo.
Access: 7:30am – 8:30am & 9:30 am – 11:30amType: AWS Windows VPSDuration: 30 DaysUpload Bandwidth: 4 GB
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Free proxy lists India (IN). Indian proxy servers. -

Datacenter proxies

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Free proxy lists India (IN). Indian proxy servers. –

See also Asian proxies Show ANM SSL Port Type Sort 705 proxiesPermanent link to this page: address:portProxy typeAnonymity*Country (city/region)Hostname/ORGLatency**Speed***UptimeCheck date (GMT+03)103. 250. 157. 43HTTPHIAIN Godhra (Gujarat)103. 43 (Gujarat Telelink Pvt Ltd)4. 47418% (52) -07-oct-2021 00:37 (15 mins ago)115. 110. 207. 120HTTP (Squid)NOAIN Bengaluru (Karnataka)!!! (TATA Communications formerly VSNL is Leading ISP)1. 29255% (26) +07-oct-2021 00:28 (24 mins ago)103. 213. 22HTTP (Mikrotik)NOAIN Pune (Maharashtra)103. 22 (Syscon Infoway Pvt. Ltd. )8. 69532% (51) -07-oct-2021 00:28 (25 mins ago)182. 72. 151. 186HTTPS (Squid)NOAIN Hospet (Karnataka) (BHARTI Airtel Ltd. )6. 04522% (9) -07-oct-2021 00:25 (28 mins ago)103. 79. 74. 129HTTPHIAIN Tirupur (Tamil Nadu)!!! 103. 129 (Tiruppur Broadwave Private Limited)5. 25312% (30) -07-oct-2021 00:09 (43 mins ago)117. 239. 240. 202HTTP (Mikrotik)NOAIN Muvattupuzha (Kerala)117. 202 (National Internet Backbone)4. 43333% (198) -06-oct-2021 23:55 (58 mins ago)103. 148. 39. 38HTTPS (Mikrotik)NOAIN Bengaluru (Karnataka)103. 38 (Broadway Communication Pvt Ltd)1. 30325% (57) +06-oct-2021 23:47 (1 hours ago)103. 47. 67. 10HTTPS (Mikrotik)NOAIN Delhi (National Capital Territory of Delhi)103. 10 (Zapbytes Technologies Pvt. )1. 61926% (33) +06-oct-2021 23:43 (1 hours ago)202. 134. 188. 225HTTP (Mikrotik)NOAIN Mumbai (Maharashtra) (Seven Star Internet Service Provider)3. 49450% (2) -06-oct-2021 23:41 (1 hours ago)36. 255. 86. 114HTTPS (Mikrotik)NOAIN Bengaluru (Karnataka)36. 114 (Gatik Business Solutions)5. 19928% (39) +06-oct-2021 23:37 (1 hours ago)112. 133. 215. 24HTTPS (Mikrotik)NOAIN Baliapal (Odisha)112. 24 (RailTel Corporation of India Ltd)2. 40819% (101) -06-oct-2021 23:32 (1 hours ago)103. 21. 161. 105HTTPHIAIN Bhavnagar (Gujarat)103. 105 (Gujarat Telelink Pvt Ltd)6. 94928% (70) -06-oct-2021 23:27 (1 hours ago)160. 202. 9. 53HTTPS (Mikrotik)NOAIN Vadodara (Gujarat)160. 53 (Ishans Network)5. 01321% (116) +06-oct-2021 23:21 (1 hours ago)103. 62. 237. 98HTTP (Mikrotik)NOAIN Noida (Uttar Pradesh)103. 98 (Fusionnet Web Services Private Limited)5. 29936% (12) -06-oct-2021 23:18 (1 hours ago)103. 15. 60. 23HTTPS (Mikrotik)NOAIN Hyderabad (Telangana)!!! 103. 23 (Apollo Online Services Pvt ltd)2. 87828% (144) +06-oct-2021 23:08 (1 hours ago)103. 61. 68. 246HTTP (Mikrotik)NOAIN Chirala (Andhra Pradesh) (Mithril Telecommunications Private Limited)5. 55250% (4) -06-oct-2021 22:58 (1 hours ago)103. 168. 138SOCKS5HIAIN Ahmedabad (Gujarat)103. 138 (Gujarat Telelink Pvt Ltd)8. 54532% (850) -06-oct-2021 22:47 (2 hours ago)103. 166. 12SOCKS5HIAIN Gandhidham (Gujarat)103. 12 (Gujarat Telelink Pvt Ltd)1. 38234% (720) -06-oct-2021 22:41 (2 hours ago)103. 209. 64. 19SOCKS5HIAIN Himatnagar (Gujarat)103. 19 (Gujarat Telelink Pvt Ltd)4. 12938% (1211) -06-oct-2021 22:39 (2 hours ago) (Reliance Jio Infocomm Limited)8. 62829% (89) -06-oct-2021 22:37 (2 hours ago)103. 139. 242. 181HTTP (Mikrotik)NOAIN Pune (Maharashtra)!!! 103. 181 (Spectram Telecom Pvt Ltd)6. 90130% (3) +06-oct-2021 22:34 (2 hours ago)163. 53. 7SOCKS5HIAIN Modasa (Gujarat)163. 7 (Gujarat Telelink Pvt Ltd)2. 7234% (795) -06-oct-2021 22:34 (2 hours ago)139. 59. 1. 14SOCKS5HIAIN Bengaluru (Karnataka)139. 14 (DIGITALOCEAN-ASN)1. 92689% (1828) -06-oct-2021 22:27 (2 hours ago)103. 101. 100. 28HTTPS (Mikrotik)NOAIN Jhajjar (Haryana)!!! (SBR Telecom Pvt. Ltd)6. 79436% (13) -06-oct-2021 22:06 (2 hours ago)103. 48. 62HTTPS (Mikrotik)NOAIN Hyderabad (Telangana)!!! 103. 62 (Excellmedia)1. 76new -06-oct-2021 22:05 (2 hours ago)128. 199. 20. 88HTTPHIAIN Bengaluru (Karnataka)128. 88 (DIGITALOCEAN-ASN)9. 82613% (39) -06-oct-2021 21:33 (3 hours ago)45. 118. 114HTTP (Mikrotik)NOAIN Delhi (National Capital Territory of Delhi)45. 114 (Zapbytes Technologies Pvt. )5. 66322% (141) -06-oct-2021 21:02 (3 hours ago)103. 212. 93. 253HTTPHIAIN Mumbai (Maharashtra)!!! 103. 253 (Best Telnet Services Private Limited)2. 93320% (19) -06-oct-2021 19:49 (5 hours ago)150. 129. 52. 74SOCKS5HIAIN Bardoli (Gujarat)150. 74 (Gujarat Telelink Pvt Ltd)7. 75232% (903) -06-oct-2021 19:34 (5 hours ago)43. 224. 10. 8HTTPSHIAIN Khambhat (Gujarat)43. 8 (Gujarat Telelink Pvt Ltd)2. 06250% (1) -06-oct-2021 19:25 (5 hours ago)*NOA – non anonymous proxy, ANM – anonymous proxy server, HIA – high anonymous proxy. **Latency – lower = better. ***Relative to another servers. HTTPS – HTTP proxy with SSL support.
Indian proxy (6,982,419 IPs) for Business | Oxylabs

Indian proxy (6,982,419 IPs) for Business | Oxylabs

Optimize your scraping operations with an Indian Proxy and reach your preferred target website much faster. Get access to almost 7 million IP addresses all over the country. Datacenter ProxiesThe highest-performing Proxies in the market with Indian IPsLearn moreResidential ProxiesHuman-like scraping without IP blocking with Indian ProxiesLearn moreMassive pool of Indian ProxiesBoost your web scraping projects with Indian Proxies from 6M+ IPs. A large pool of Residential Proxies will ensure you get access to IP addresses from all over India to avoid blocks applied for certain geo-locations efficiently. Ethically sourced ProxiesAll Proxies Oxylabs provides are of premium quality and come from legitimate sources Reliable infrastructureWe ensure high uptime for your web scraping activities to run smoothlyThousands of Datacenter Proxies from IndiaIt might be a challenge to scale up your web scraping project with a limited number of concurrent sessions. Thanks to Oxylabs’ Indian Datacenter Proxies, no limits will be set for your sessions, avoiding bandwidth or target limitations. These Indian IP addresses are the best fit for market research and brand protection. Unlimited concurrent sessionsPremium quality Limitless bandwidthFast premium Indian Proxy serversIndian Proxies are known as rather slow and barely good. Yet, here at Oxylabs, we provide premium quality Indian Proxies with real IP addresses attached to them. Not only that, Oxylabs India Proxy is very easy to integrate and can rotate IP addresses whenever any Proxy fails. Oxylabs’ Proxies in IndiaSend an unlimited number of concurrent sessions with no bandwidth or target limits, and access geo-restricted content in 82 countries at a city or state-specific dedicated Indian IPs poolPremium performance for any size projectNo limitations for bandwidth and targetsPower your web scraping projects with rotating IPs from India. Keep track of your sessions and circumvent IP restrictions and CAPTCHAs with Rotating Proxies. Up to 99. 2% success ratesCollect a large number of reviewsObtain data without IP bansLimitless block-free scraping solutionLarge-scale dataOur Indian Proxies will not slow down your scraping activities, regardless of their sizeProxy RotatorSwitch between your Indian Proxy IP addresses without any additional implementation All statistics at one spotUse Oxylabs Dashboard to check your usage statistics, whitelist IPs, and manage subscriptionsAdditional benefitsEntire India coverageOxylabs’ Residential Proxies cover whole India at a city-levelLarge proxy poolThe Residential Proxy network has millions of IP addresses in IndiaLess CAPTCHAs or IP bansSurf the web without worrying about your IP address being blockedWhy you should choose Oxylabs’ Indian ProxiesOne of the fastest India Proxy serversOxylabs’ Proxies are among the fastest in the market, with a relatively high uptime. Oxylabs’ Indian Proxy server provides quick, stable, and almost unblockable proxies that allow you to scrape challenging targets at any scale. Complete your web scraping tasks faster and more accurately with Oxylabs’ Indian creased scalability with India ProxiesWith a large number of Indian Proxies (also known as an India IP address), you can quickly connect to the necessary data sources using your automated web scraping script. Indian Proxies allow you to collect information you need from a web server without surpassing the target’s request limit or being identified by anti-scraping nstantly updated India Proxy proolAt Oxylabs, we aim to expand our resources to meet even the most demanding business needs. As a result, we are constantly increasing our Residential and Datacenter Proxy pools. We grow the number of different types of Proxies, such as SOCKS5, HTTP(S), Static Residential Proxies, and many more. Simply said, whatever you require, we are likely to already have a solution. Certified data centers and upstream providersAll of our products are insuredAll of our products are covered by Technology Errors & Omissions (Technology E&O) and Cyber equently Asked QuestionsShould I use a free Indian Proxy? While free proxy service might sound like a great idea, it often brings you more issues than solutions. Each time you use a proxy, you entrust your information to a proxy provider. If it is free, why would they not take advantage of your data? Paid services such as Oxylabs’ Indian Proxies employ multiple measures like HTTPS between target servers and proxies to ensure your safety and anonymity while using proxies illegal in India? As our legal team would say – it highly depends on how you use proxies. There is no single answer to this question, as before engaging in any activities with proxies in India, one must make sure if scraping data does not breach any laws. For more details, head over to our blog post “Is web scraping legal? ” where we have this topic do I use a proxy? Before using any proxy, first, you will need to set up software and device to connect to the internet through a proxy server. To make the whole process easier for you, you can find our detailed guides on setting up proxies on our website. Scale up your business with Oxylabs®

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