InstantProxies | Web’s Most Advanced Private Proxies

offers private HTTP proxies that support:High-anonymity private browsing from major web content posting from proxy-supporting automation web crawling from custom of sketchy proxy providers? Get more with ’t wait days for delivery – test before you buy (and enjoy instant setup)Don’t accept flaky service – preview our uptime (get 99%+ uptime guaranteed)Don’t put up with slow support – chat with support (go ahead, test our response time)Learn about private proxies, browse our FAQ, or contact support.
InstantProxies | Web's Most Advanced Private Proxies

InstantProxies | Web’s Most Advanced Private Proxies

offers private HTTP proxies that support:High-anonymity private browsing from major web content posting from proxy-supporting automation web crawling from custom of sketchy proxy providers? Get more with ’t wait days for delivery – test before you buy (and enjoy instant setup)Don’t accept flaky service – preview our uptime (get 99%+ uptime guaranteed)Don’t put up with slow support – chat with support (go ahead, test our response time)Learn about private proxies, browse our FAQ, or contact support.
InstantProxies Review 2021 - Cheap & Worth Buying: Why is ...

InstantProxies Review 2021 – Cheap & Worth Buying: Why is …

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InstantProxies is a cheap private proxy service offer the Dedicated Proxies, You can run a ping test before you buy! This test support Amazon, Youtube, Craigslist, Facebook, Google, Pinterest, Twitter and Yahoo, If test passed, mean the proxies 100% works on those website.
Recommended for: Web Crawling & Amazon scraping & Social Media networks
Types and Pricing
Speed & Ping Test
Server ISP Test
IP compatibility Test
Easy to buy/Use
Our Verdict
A key element in many online businesses nowadays is having a proxy service. Proxy services give users the ability to pretend to be someone else since the IP address that is used to track users on the internet is no more the same as the original IP address. Nowadays many proxy services are in operation. Instant Proxies is one of these services from where you can buy high anonymity private proxies.
If you are new to using proxy services, you might find it difficult to choose the right proxy service that meets your specific needs. To help you choose from a never-ending list of proxy services, we are reviewing some of the best private proxies that are loved by the users. In this in-depth review article, we reviewed InstantProxies and presented numbers and figures for your convenience.
To review the overall performance and user experience of InstantProxies, we bought 10 private proxies from InstantProxies and tested the proxies ourselves. We used the proxies for around a week and performed a series of tests to determine the overall quality of their service which you can see below.
Fast and dedicated high anonymity HTTP/HTTPS proxies.
Straightforward and very inexpensive pricing plans.
Dedicated proxy control panel.
7-Days money-back guarantee.
Very responsive customer care.
Instant delivery of proxies upon payment.
On-demand IP refreshing
Unlimited bandwidth
Several payment methods are accepted.
No limit of concurrent connections.
Does not offer SOCKS proxies
Does not offer trial usage before buying proxies.
Username authentication is not available.
Undisclosed number of locations with servers located only in the USA and Europe.
SMTP emailing is not allowed.
Proxies Types and Pricing
InstantProxies offers proxies for general purpose use as well as specialized proxies for Amazon, Craigslist, Facebook, Google, Pinterest, Twitter, Yahoo, and YouTube. All of their proxies are private and have the same pricing plans. So you don’t need to spend your day calculating and comparing the pricing plans. All of their specialized proxies have similar features too.
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We liked the straightforward pricing plans offered by InstantProxies. You can buy a minimum of 10 proxies for as low as $10. Similarly, the largest package is 500 proxies, which can be bought for $500. For a price of $1 per proxy, this is the best deal we have found so far! It’s really cheap! The full pricing plan is given below.
If you require a custom plan, you’ll need to contact the support by issuing a support ticket. The support is very responsive and will get back to you soon.
Worth to buy InstantProxies or not? You can find out the features of InstantProxies and according to our test in this extensive review and decide whether they are a good suit for your needs.
Locations of proxy servers
InstantProxies have proxy servers located at multiple locations in the USA and Europe. They offer up to 7 different cities while buying their proxy plans, although they don’t let you choose the specific locations or even the continent.
We could not find a list of all their available locations. However, we did receive two different locations for the 10 private proxies package that we bought.
Ping Test & Proxy Speed Test
We purchased 10 private proxies from InstantProxies to perform our tests. We performed four standalone tests on the proxies to find out how suitable the service is for general usage. We choose the proxies for twitter!
Ping Test:
The first test we performed was to test the latency using to check the ping of the proxies in different locations. The result is relatively good. If the site you are visiting has a server near the proxy server, it’ll ensure a very fast connection with low ping.
This is evident from our test results. Most of the proxies in the USA have lower ping due to proximity to the server locations. All the proxies we received were in the USA and so had a significantly lower ping for the test locations in the USA and Canada. The ping result is acceptable for most of the businesses. You can see the test results below.
IPPing from Georgia, USA (ms)Ping from London, UK (ms)Ping from Quebec, Canada (ms)
196. 18. 19. 20464. 299. 439. 5
196. 16. 16563. 9101. 4
196. 21364100. 639. 17. 27. 1501. 4137. 675. 1
196. 146499. 240. 2
196. 7064103. 539. 9
196. 7063. 9100. 739. 8
196. 24. 981. 5136. 475. 1711. 613675. 6
196. 65. 4138. 775. 2
InstantProxies also have a Proxy tester on their website which can be accessed from the proxy admin panel. When we tested our proxies with the checker, we found all the proxies to be online and similar ping duration. However, it seems, the tester works only with the proxies by InstantProxies since when we entered a proxy list of other providers, the test results were failed.
Speed Test:
We performed a speed test on the proxies bought from InstantProxies. They don’t explicitly mention their network speed or the server speed. A speed test lets us determine whether using the proxies lets you have a good browsing experience while watching videos or sharing files. We performed our speed test using to test the connection speed.
According to the test site, our internet connection speed is 22 Mbps for downloading and 25 Mbps for uploading. After configuring proxies from InstantProxies, we found the new speed test to be similar.
Speed test without proxy
The proxy speed does not bottleneck at our moderately fast internet speed, and it shouldn’t cause any jitter on your daily usage and you can browse the internet, stream videos and share files with very fast connection speed.
Proxies Speed TestDetails of the speed test
IPs of proxiesPingDownloadUpload
196. 985815. 4537. 03
196. 1715816. 9514. 42
196. 65910. 132. 65
196. 1505817. 7943. 72
196. 705616. 7820. 95
196. 165456. 4141. 75
196. 144416. 9543. 37
196. 70456. 6522. 86
196. 204476. 0947. 48
196. 2134813. 2321. 91
You could compare instantproxies speed to other top notch private proxies providers, such as Myprivateproxy, Highproxies and stormproxies’ dedicated IP proxies.
GEOlocation Test / ISP Test
InstantProxies does not let you choose whether you want to buy proxies located in only the USA or Europe or in both regions. However, if you require any particular location, you can contact the support by issuing a ticket.
We performed a location test to verify the locations we received and whether they really did provide proxies located at 2 different cities. The result shows all of the proxies to be located in the USA, particularly in Miami, Florida and Los Angeles, California.
One thing to note is that the proxies are of sequential IPs. They also have the same ISP for both locations. This is not particularly good for a proxy service as sequential IPs may easily get banned due to other users. Again, sometimes an entire ISP may be flagged as a proxy server and hence often connections are rejected.
Here is the geolocation test of InstantProxies that we performed.
IPs of proxies
Test from IP2Location
Test from
196. 98
Location: Los Angeles, California, USA
ISP: Network and Information Technology Limited
ISP: Cogent Communications
196. 171
196. 150
196. 70
Location: Miami, Florida, USA
196. 165
196. 14
196. 70
196. 204
196. 213
IP address compatibility Test
We also tested if many high demand sites such as social media sites, amazon, craigslist, sneakers sites etc. are accessible after using proxies. Surprisingly, all the websites we tested were accessible with our general-purpose proxies. This is particularly impressive since many proxy services require specialized packages to access these sites and general-purpose packages usually have these sites blocked.
*. *. 98√√√√√√√√√√
*. 171√√√√√√√√√√
*. 6√√√√√√√√√√
*. 150√√√√√√√√√√
*. 70√√√√√√√√√√
*. 165√√√? √√√√√√
*. 14√√√√√√√√√√
*. 204√√√√√√√√√√
Again, We choose the instant proxies for twitter! The most important is the IPs which works well on the Nike and Adidas. But their proxies do not guarantee for those sneaker websites, You can find more proxies providers that are compatible with foot sites.
Features of Instant Proxies
Test proxies before buying
When you are buying new proxies from InstantProxies, you’ll need to check whether the assigned proxies work for your purpose and have an acceptable response time. You can restart the test if the result is not up to your expectations. In our tests, we have seen the proxies to have an acceptable response time for most of the proxies they issue. After a test, the batch is reserved for 30 minutes for you to order.
InstantProxies offers proxy refreshing as per request after payment of renewal. There’s no automatic refreshing available and you can submit a support ticket requesting a refresh of proxies.
You can authenticate up to 10 IPs in the control panel. There’s no username-based authentication system available for proxy authorization, but as you can add up to 10 IPs, this shouldn’t be a problem even if you have dynamic IP.
InstantProxies does not have a trial proxy policy, but you can test whether a batch of proxies is suitable for your purpose. They also have a 7-days refund policy that will be helpful if you find the proxies to be not suitable for your specific work. Please verify beforehand whether the sites you wish to visit are allowed by InstantProxies.
InstantProxies has a very responsive customer support to help you solve any issues that may arise. They also have a live chat option and are very quick in replying as well.
InstantProxies has proxy servers in both the USA and in Europe. However, they don’t disclose any more information than that about their server locations. They also don’t have servers in other continents, whereas many new proxy providers are setting servers in as many locations as possible. We feel that they need to add more locations to their fleet of proxy servers.
You can easily check whether the proxies you are assigned are currently online from the proxy admin panel. You can also visit the network status page on their website to see the overall network status of all of their servers at present, past 24 hours and in the past 30 days.
Signing Up on
One very impressive thing about InstantProxies is its very easy sign-up process. You can choose your desired package and usage purpose from the landing page of their website and test whether the proxies are suitable for your purpose. The proxy tester then checks if the selected proxies are online and show you the response time for the proxies. If you’re satisfied, you can then buy the proxies right away using PayPal or credit card.
How to get started with InstantProxies
As we have mentioned earlier, InstantProxies does not let you choose your desired server location. But if you need specific locations, you can contact their very responsive customer support by live chat or email.
How to authorize/use Instant proxies
InstantProxies allow only IP based authentication for their proxies. Authentication can easily be done from the dedicated proxy admin panel. After clicking on the client login from the right top of the website and then signing in with your control panel username and password, you’ll be taken to your proxy admin panel. There you can view your assigned proxies and the authorized IPs.
It also conveniently shows your current IP address which you can easily add to the bottom box and then save the settings. Please note that it might take up to 30 minutes for the IPs to be authorized and be usable.
How to authorize IPs
After authorizing your IPs, the first thing you need to do is to make necessary changes in your browser or other application where you’ll use the proxies. You can configure proxies for each application individually. The process to add proxies might be different for different applications but the general procedure is the same for all. You can find the proxy settings usually in the settings/network settings section of the application.
After opening proxy settings, you can enter your IP address and port number as provided by InstantProxies. Since InstantProxies does not require a username and password to authenticate, you can leave the username and password boxes blank, if there are any. You can also change the system proxy settings so that you don’t have to change proxy for all applications individually.
The control panel is so similar to squid proxies, and If you want to check the control panel of squid proxies, you can go to our full review here.
Smartphones are also capable of using proxies. Unlike PC, smartphones cannot have individual proxy settings for each app. Instead, both Android and iOS use a system-wide proxy setting. You can navigate to your mobile settings to find the network/proxy settings under the WiFI/WLAN option. You can then enter the proxy IP and port there. Keep in mind that you’ll need to authorize your mobile network’s IP in the InstantProxies to control panel to be able to use the proxies.
Editor’s Rating
Easy to Use
InstantProxies has been around for quite a long time and has some pretty good user feedback for their proxy service. Although InstantProxies does not offer a lot of packages or lots of features, they do the one thing they do pretty good. Their proxies are of high speed and lower pings and at the end of the day, those values are what matter.
On top of that, they offer the proxies at a very competitive rate which is very good for home users and small businesses. InstantProxies should focus on increasing their server locations and might want to add new features based on user feedback.
[Editor Updated on Jan 23, 2019]
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