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A Complete List Of Top Textbook Torrent Sites |

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From flicks to food delivery to fitness equipment, almost everything has digitized, so how could good old books be left behind? An ardent reader easily relates to the fact that, nothing comes close to print books, but we can’t ignore the convenience of e-books. Imagine a school where everything is digital; then every student would spend the night before the first day of school, finding and downloading tons of textbook via or best textbook torrents to get their whole course in their PDAs.
The biggest drawback of print books is the space; even e-books also need space but not physically at least and are cheaper too. The printing process of physical books make them expensive and bulky to carry while on the go, this is not the case with ebooks; you can even read the last chapter while driving to school, with an e-book reader. Download your desired books using best textbook torrenting sites in any part of the day.
Now, you know that your textbooks and all your favorite novels are online, but do you know where you’ll find all of them and how much you’ve to pay for them? No, it’s not a big deal especially when the best textbook torrents sites are evolving, let’s deal with it.
Why Download Textbook Torrents? Is Torrenting Safe? Yes, Only with a Torrent VPNExpressVPN Review 2021NordVPN Review 2021Surfshark VPN Review 2021CyberGhost VPN Review 2021IPVanish ReviewBest Textbook Torrent Sites Still WorkingTo Wrap Up….
Why Download Textbook Torrents?
Some books are very hard to find online especially for free; those are on sale on sites such as, can burn a hole in your pocket if you’re a book lover. So where do get them from? Well, there is best Torrent websites for textbook torrents that have long been serving as free sources for not only for e-books but also of a wide assortment of content say movies, software, music, TV shows, games, and everything in between. Recently, we have shared a working list of best Torrent sites.
However, not all the torrent websites are reliable for downloading eBooks. So to make things easier for you and your kid, we’ve sorted out ten best torrents for textbooks. Let’s have their Alexa ranking and a short description of each;
Is Torrenting Safe? Yes, Only with a Torrent VPN
If you’re a TorrentFreak, you must know that not all the things are rosy with all the available e-books sites for torrenting; means you can easily be traced by your ISPs while downloading copyrighted illegal textbook torrents.
In this case, the role of a torrent VPN for safer torrenting, comes in handy that allows you to anonymize your online presence; download your favorite textbook torrents from anywhere, without the fear of being snooped.
Best Textbook Torrent Sites Still Working
The Pirate Bay
Top 10 Best Textbook Torrenting Sites
Talking about the best textbook torrent sites, Extratorrent tops the list for many countries; download best college textbook torrents for free, while keeping yourself updated about information like available peers and seed with the size on a single line.
On the homepage, you will be exposed with torrents according to their categories like Books, Movies, Games etc; hit Books and download any eBook torrent for free. Or else search your required title, download or distribute torrents with your friends -same applies to different categories. In November 2016, the site was the second largest torrent site leading by The Pirate Bay.
Note: If Extratorrent is not working in your region, check the Alternatives for Extratorrents Website.
The world’s number 1 torrent site, not only for e-books but also for other torrents say movies, games, Music, etc; serving torrent-freaks from 2003. The Pirate Bay allows you to view, download, and even contribute torrents and magnet links on any site you like.
Being in hot-water, torrent sites are being banned on and off including The Pirate Bay. This site was banned multiple times, but thanks to it’s differentiated proxy sites that keep the passionate readers hooked, allowing them to access textbooks from anywhere; until and unless you’re locating in any torrent-friendly region.
Browse The Pirate Bay and download your desired textbook torrents anytime, without risking a single penny.
Founded back in 2008, RARGB has almost all the different eBook torrents to download coupled with magnetic and direct links. This torrent site in that known by much, but still this site can give you almost every reading stuff regarding textbook torrent.
From the tiny list of the torrent sites that are working, RARBG is one of them, holding the strong position in the list. It was developed way back in 2008 and still manages to survive without any hitches. You’ll find a legion of e-books including textbooks to download and convert into a file of your choice. Don’t be confused with the UI, that’s may seem a little confusing at first, but you’ll soon get used to it soon.
FreeBookSpot is another torrent site that specifically caters to the needs of book readers. It has more than 90 categories belonging to different genres like; fiction, architecture, engineering, audiobooks, computers, astronomy, DIY, graphics, psychology, hardware, etc.
Not this, it also has a decent collection of fiction titles, but it’s more famous for educational and non-fiction books. You can browse their genres or sub-categories like “Expired, ” “Most Popular, ” “Wanted, ” and “Selections. ” They do allow registering, but that’s not mandatory to get access to the content. Other than downloading ebooks, you can also even share and receive feedback from fellow users.
This is a Finland based site that incorporates different sources to download textbook torrents, and entertainment torrents as well. Back in 2012 and 2015, it was the second most visited site. The site is unique for eBook lovers, with different links to download textbook torrents of almost all the categories.
The user interface is quite simple with the list of latest torrents related to the latest eBooks, TV Shows and others; search your favorite textbook and hit in the search tool.
Note: If Torrentz website is not working in your region, check the Alternatives for Torrentz Website.
Good for eBook torrent download, this site has categories in Games, Movies, TV Shows, Books and more. Check out the website and find as many different links as you can and then to download your textbook torrent from different locations. Browse books category and select either from the menu or the list displayed in the homepage.
LimeTorrents is a public directory that allows you to download any torrent with one click.
As the name suggests, offers a massive library of free books including several categories including Academic, Classics, Textbooks, fiction, non-fiction, and Audiobooks. You can go in further subcategories like Mystery, Youth, Poetry, Drama, Beauty, Career, Business, Short Stories, History, Politics, Travel, Geography, Robotics, Fitness, Self-Improvement, Web Design, Engineering, Religion, and Science.
The best part about this site is the budding e-book writers, giving potential writers a platform to publish their work. Want more? Free-ebooks has an option to choose the format you wish to download a book; for example, Txt File, PDF, Kindle, and EPUB. Join their affiliate program and earn 25% commission on each sale.
Founded back in 2003, this site offers the best services to users for downloading free books and other content through torrents. Why it’s one of the best for eBook torrent download? Because of the safer links to download.
Browse its eBooks category and get a list of textbook torrents to get different links to download your desired torrent; no more buying heavy books. With fewer ads, this site provides a safe path to download eBook torrents for all the ardent readers out there.
E-Book Share
In our opinion, this is perhaps one of the best torrent sites if you’re seeking nothing other than e-books. Be it computing, history, cooking, fiction, biography, business, or self-help; you’ll find every genre under the sun on this torrent site. Moreover, it has an ideal list of categories for browsing; write a name of the author, title, or subject, to get the required book. Now, there are over 4, 00, 000 books; isn’t huge?
Manybooks is one of the best e-book torrent sites with creative user interfaces designed with the microcosm; easily navigate the site and categories/filters like Titles, Authors, Language, Popular, Genres, Featured Authors, and Recommended. Some of the sub-genres are Biographies, Children’s, Literary Fiction, Action/Adventure, Young Adult, Romance, Paranormal, and Non-Fiction.
As of today, the site hosts more than 33, 000 free e-book titles. Are you a writer? Use their platform to promote your masterpieces.
To Wrap Up….
We hope you liked our accurate list of the best textbook torrent sites, currently active with the highest number of feeders. All these one torrent sites have almost all the books of all the possible genres, ever released in the world. Please comment if we’ve missed any reliable textbook torrent/ s, but don’t forget to run a torrent VPN to protect your identity and stay safe while leafing through the downloaded book!
The best part is you do not have to pay to read any of your books and also no need to spend hours to search your favorite titles. Click one of these textbook torrent sites and start torrenting now.
The Best 17 E-Book Torrents Sites 2021 For Book Torrenting

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The Best 17 E-Book Torrents Sites 2021 For Book Torrenting

Looking for the best E-Book Torrents Sites in 2021? If so then you must have to land here. If you are Finding book torrents can be a real pain as most of the top torrent sites are getting blocked in various countries due to some reason behind or some privacy basis by governments.
Here, we have listed The best of 15+ free e-book torrents sites for you. There are Most of the ebook torrents keep on moving to a new web IP or addresses, while other popular torrent sites get blocked everlastingly. So I have come up with the latest ebook torrenting websites list 2017 in which all ebook torrents are active and I will research and after updating this list frequently to give you a good experience of ebook torrenting. You can ride out these book torrent sites and download an ebook for free according to your choice.
The Torrents enable us to download almost anything for free for you and so it is a help for teenagers or college students. So if you are also a torrent guy like me and want to download free of cost any paid books then you may want this post to bookmark in your browser as I am going to list down best ebook torrents which let you to easily download ebooks or read free eBook online.
Contents1 Top 17 E-Book Torrents 20211. 1 1#: eBook Share1. 2 2#: Free Book Spot1. 3 3#: Free Ebooks1. 4 4#: Online Programming Books1. 5 5#: iTorrent1. 6 6#: Wikibooks1. 7 7#: The Pirate Bay1. 8 8#: Bit Snoop1. 9 9#: Many Books1. 10 10#: Free Ebooks Canada1. 11 11#: Planet eBook1. 12 13#: E-Library1. 13 14#: Get Free eBooks1. 14 15#: Bookyards1. 15 16#: Dailylit1. 16 17#: E-Books Directory
Top 17 E-Book Torrents 2021
Best 17 E-Book Torrents Sites
is a powerful Torrent website that easies to download free ebooks by selected categories. Also too we will easily get access to your favourite book from using this website by selecting a category. While This free e-book torrent can easily search your favourite categories and explore unlimited ebooks to download.
2#: Free Book Spot
The is another most useful free ebook torrent download site. There are over 50 categories available on this website, This website through easy to download e-book according to your attention. While there are a lot of books available like you can find scientific, engineering, programming, fiction and many other books from this ebook torrent.
3#: Free Ebooks
ebook torrents
Free Ebooks is the most popular website for free ebook torrents download. There are over 50 categories available on website with easy to navigate all users. You can find all new and old authors, Independent writers also. You can find your ebook according to Fiction, Non-Fiction, Academic, Children Audiobooks and many more categories from this website.
4#: Online Programming Books
eBook torrenting sites
The can easy to get you all access to almost all popular programming books for free. Using this torrent website you can find all ebooks related to programming, web design, app development, Networking, Databases, and other programming languages. Here you can easily find all books related to their category and enjoy book tormenting.
5#: iTorrent
ebooks torrent
is also a well known and most useful free eBook tormenting site. It lets you to easily download your favorite book online. If you want to download new books that recently available on the market then here on this website available for free and you can download it easily. Most of the books are for educational purposes that are available in this repository.
6#: Wikibooks
ebook torrent
is another alternative of an iTorrent site. This can be easy to free ebook download from these sites. You can easily find any of your interested books from this website. You can download ebooks in different languages and different qualities. This is really a nice place where you can find any of the required ebooks according to your interests.
7#: The Pirate Bay
is a torrent site, where you can also get unlimited ebooks to download. And also it free for all users to book torrent will get you access to all of your favourite ebooks also download it. This site is totally free for all users and therefore you can easily download the ebook.
8#: Bit Snoop
Another Most popular ever free ebook torrenting site is There are over 2 million ebooks available on this website. The people will find out all readable books and downloads. The eBook in zip format and easily extract it after download it. You can easily get your favorite ebook from this site because of a huge collection of ebooks online.
9#: Many Books
through we can easy to get every useful ebooks. Here you can download ebooks and apply filters based on genres, titles, authors, languages, and others. It has the huge collection of more than 33, 000 free eBooks so you can easily download your favourite book from this site.
10#: Free Ebooks Canada
is free for all ebook users. On this website you can easily search the book according to your interest and according to searching for the next level of the book. In this free ebook torrent site, you can easily find free ebooks, reports, videos, graphics, software, and themes. Therefore this website is a multi-purpose site where you can get all of your stuff for free.
11#: Planet eBook
is a well known free e-book torrent site. On this website, there are more than 50k books available that you must have and many visitors visit this site and download books according to his/her interest.
12#: eBook3000
Go to and make sure it’s the best ebook torrents site for you. There is build cool user-friendly navigation for easy to download ebook for their interest and it can find any eBook of your interest and can easily download it. This is the best set where you can read and download any book online.
13#: E-Library
Try out this, it is one of the good places where you can search all your favorite ebooks. It has more than 8, 000 ebooks and more than 90 categories available. You can read reviews of any ebook as well of earlier book readers, in which you are interested.
14#: Get Free eBooks
There are many sites that You can totally get free books but is a wonderful structure and make sure that you like this eBook torrents website. In this website, books are available in various popular formats. You don’t have any registration for download the ebook from this website. Also, it gives you the best functionality that you have to prove yourself using write a book on this website as a guest writer.
15#: Bookyards
is another most popular and biggest online ebook torrent site. That you can use very easily and find any of your favorite books. It’s an alternative to the above Getfreeebooks site means You can also upload your self-written books. You can easily check the review of any book and give feedback also.
16#: Dailylit
is an outstanding website for free online e-book learning. On this website, you can easily search any legal e-book and also download it easily. You can browse every book, and can also upload your own books on this website. For more updates from Dailylit you can subscribe it as well.
17#: E-Books Directory
Looking for the best torrent site ever is called E-Books Directory. Using this site You can download all new and old books from this ebook torrent. You can search the top 20, popular, and new ebooks of the week. You can also see the review of any particular book of your interest.
Final Words
Well, there is the best list of 17 Best eBook Torrenting Sites To Download Free eBooks. If you liked this guide and found it useful then share it with others too. I know this guide is useful to share it and spread your love
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