Mysql User Is Marked As Crashed And Should Be Repaired

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I am getting this error in wordpress phpMyadmin
#145 – Table ‘. /DB_NAME/wp_posts’ is marked as crashed and should be repaired
When I login to phpMyadmin, it says wp_posts is “in use”
My website is currently down because of this.
I googled this problem, but I don’t see the “repair” button on phpMyadmin. Please let me know how to fix this. I am not sure where to issue PHP command. Please advise, my proficiency with PHP is very basic.
asked Dec 5 ’10 at 3:51
Here is where the repair button is:
answered Dec 5 ’10 at 3:53
NicanNican7, 4933 gold badges24 silver badges26 bronze badges
Run this from your server’s command line:
mysqlcheck –repair –all-databases
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I had the same issue when my server free disk space available was 0
You can use the command (there must be ample space for the mysql files)

for repairing individual tables
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answered Nov 13 ’13 at 13:39
Arun KilluArun Killu12. 1k5 gold badges30 silver badges57 bronze badges
Connect to your server via SSH
then connect to your mysql console
USE user_base
If there are a lot of broken tables in current database:
mysqlcheck -uUSER -pPASSWORD –repair –extended user_base
If there are a lot of broken tables in a lot of databases:
mysqlcheck -uUSER -pPASSWORD –repair –extended -A
answered Aug 21 ’14 at 23:23
NedudiNedudi4, 9382 gold badges37 silver badges33 bronze badges
When I got this error:
#145 – Table ‘. enginephpbb3_posts’ is marked as crashed and should be repaired
I ran this command in PhpMyAdmin to fix it:
REPAIR TABLE phpbb3_posts;
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answered May 8 ’14 at 6:05
RasoolLotfiRasoolLotfi2363 silver badges6 bronze badges
This means your MySQL table is corrupted and you need to repair it. Use
myisamchk -r /DB_NAME/wp_posts
from the command line. While you running the repair you should shut down your website temporarily so that no new connections are attempted to your database while its being repaired.
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answered Dec 5 ’10 at 3:54
DmitriDmitri30k8 gold badges32 silver badges52 bronze badges
Here is simple steps.
Go to phpmyadmin and checked that table which one crushed and then select Repair table option.
answered Mar 10 at 5:13
I had issues with my general log on my dev server. I was able to run the following in the mysql cli to fix the issue.
truncate table general_log;
Note, this will delete all the contents of the table.
answered Jun 29 at 7:48
Tyler MilesTyler Miles3392 silver badges13 bronze badges
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[Fix] MySQL is marked as crashed and should be repaired

[Fix] MySQL is marked as crashed and should be repaired

MySQL is an open source RDBMS backed by Oracle. It supports all platforms, for example, UNIX, Windows, and Linux. It is mostly associated with web apps and online publishing, but it is not restricted to that, and can be used in a wide range of applications. Its working model is a client-based server. The core of MySQL is MySQL server that handles all of the database commands. MySQL server is available as a separate program for use in a client-server networked environment. Though it is installed on one machine as a library that can be linked to separate applications, it is capable of sending data to multiple locations. It allows data to be stored on and accessed over multiple storage engines. To improve performance and durability, it also can replicate data. And you are not required to learn new commands for MYSQL; you can access the MySQL database by using standard SQL commands. Crashed Tables in MySQL While using MySQL, users may experience an error stating that “MySQL table is marked as crashed and should be repaired. ” This error can appear at any time, especially after a forced shutdown of MySQL database or due to the crash of the entire server. While the error may seem daunting, it can be resolved. MySQL can repairing the crashed tables by itself. You would need to follow a few simple steps to make that happen. Let’s discuss the possible reasons and MySQL repair methods for this error. The cause behind the error Low disk space could be a reason for MySQL table being marked as “crashed”. When you have low space on your disk, some of the tables in the database may get crashed. It usually happens when you get space issues on the part of the hard disk where your database is stored. Often it gets difficult to identify the specific tables that are affected by the error. Before starting the repair process, thus, let us quickly take a look at how to identify the corrupted MySQL tables. Identifying crashed MySQL tables You can identify corrupted tables through certain expected and observable errors in the queries, for example: Can’t find file (Errcode: nnn)Unexpected end of fileGot error from table handlerRecord file is crashedCan’t find file is locked against changeGot error ### from table handler. You can run perror to get more information about the error Recovering MySQL Crashed Tables MySQL server provides its own tool to diagnose crashed tables. This tool is known as myisamchk, and you can use it as shown below: # myisamchk -s /var/lib/mysql/*/* Running this command will list the crashed MySQL tables, with a message as follows: MyISAM-table ‘/var/lib/mysql/dbname/’ is marked as crashed and should be repaired Other than diagnosis, the tool can also help you repair the damaged table. In most cases, the problem is solved by running the myisamchk command. But if it doesn’t solve the problem, try stopping your web service, so that no new requests are generated, stop the MySQLd daemon itself and run the below-given command: # myisamchk -r –update-state /var/lib/mysql/dbname/ The “–update-state” switch tells MySQL to mark the indicated table as “checked. ” Once this has been done, restart your MySQLd and web service, and MySQL will repair the crashed table. As a result, the error will be removed, and your database will be safely restored. Recovering database by using backup Another way to deal with ‘MySQL table is marked as crashed and should be repaired’ error is to recover your database from a previously saved backup. Having a solid backup strategy for your data is essential. It helps you recover the data when everything else goes wrong. Instead of searching the methods for repairing MySQL crashed tables, you can restore data instantly from a backup, and that will surely save your time. That’s why your database, install directory, and home directories should be backed up and tested regularly by using database administration or any backup tool of your choice. Software tool for MySQL Database Repair Stellar Repair for MySQL is a powerful and convenient tool for MySQL database repair, which can save time while doing the repair more effectively. So, it can be your default first choice. Alternatively, you can use the software as a complementary solution to fill in for the manual method- if it doesn’t work, or if you don’t have the backup to restore your database. It is available for a free trial download so that you can test it out for repairing your MySQL database files. The software recovers all the objects including keys, views, triggers, tables, etc., in their original format. It can repair InnoDB and MyISAM tables and allows us to save the MySQL repair database in various formats like MySQL, CSV, HTML, and XLS. To summarize MySQL is one of the most trusted relational database management systems. But if you need to write queries in MySQL repair table or recover tables, you need to have deep technical knowledge about it. You cannot play around with MySQL without knowing the roots of it since that will increase the chances of you losing the data permanently. So, if you don’t have hands-on proficiency on MySQL, a safer option is to recover the corrupt database by using the backup. Next, you can use the built-in myisamchk utilityfor the database repair. A safer, convenient, and more effective MySQL database repair solution is offered by Stellar Repair for MySQL. It’s available for the free trial which offers to scan and preview the database so that you can ascertain the capabilities really well.
Fix Error “MySQL is Marked as Crashed and Should be ...

Fix Error “MySQL is Marked as Crashed and Should be …

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MySQL is an open-source Relational Database Management System (RDBMS), which is written in C and C++ languages and supports multiple platforms including Windows, Linux, macOS, UnixWare, etc. It is used by various applications for data storage, online publishing, and web apps. Also, it is supported by Oracle.
It works based on the client-server model with MySQL Server as the server. You can store, access, or retrieve the data stored in the server anytime.
About the “MySQL is marked as crashed and should be repaired” Error
In this blog, we discuss to get a brief introduction to one of the common MySQL error- MySQL is marked as crashed and should be repaired.
Table ‘. /dbname/table_name’ is marked as crashed and should be repaired
The MySQL error “MySQL is marked as crashed and should be repaired” may occur suddenly while you are accessing the MySQL. The frequency of the error is more after the forced shutdowns of MySQL Server. The other reasons could be the crash down of the MySQL Server, disk space shortage, hardware issues, power failures, etc. Whatever be the reason, you cannot access or use your MySQL tables anymore as it has been completely crashed.
What is the Immediate Remedy? – Restore from Backups
If you are a professional or a common MySQL Server user, you must have taken backups of the MySQL Server database files. With a recent backup of MySQL Server, it would be quite easy to restore the whole database again. But If you do not have backups for MySQL Server data, then you will have to find some other solutions on your own, which would take both effort and time. So, our suggestion is to take periodic backups of the MySQL database.
How to Fix Error “MySQL is marked as crashed and should be repaired” Without Backups?
Through myisamchk Tool
Users can find out the broken or crashed MySQL tables using the native tool provided by the MySQL application known as “myisamchk”.
Run this command on myisamchk command line.
# myisamchk -s /var/lib/mysql/*/*
It will list out the tables which are corrupted, and you would get to know where to make the fix.
Once you get to know the name of the tables that need repair, then you can execute the next command.
# myisamchk -r /var/lib/mysql/dbname/
In the above command, you need to provide the table name which was found out in the first command (broken or crashed).
If the table is not repaired yet, you can try another command. Before that, just stop the web services, stop MySQLd and then run this command.
# myisamchk -r –update-state /var/lib/mysql/dbname/
Next, restart the MySQLd and the web services and check if the error is fixed.
Even after executing these commands in myisamchk application, it might be possible that you get an incomplete recovery or no recovery at all. But we are here to help you.
What Should be Your Next Step? – Professional Third-Party Utility
If you want to recover the corrupt MySQL Server database completely and flawlessly, then you should go for the professional third-party utility which is reliable and efficient.
Here, we introduce you to the advanced Kernel for MySQL Database Repair tool for MySQL file recovery in very less time. It is designed with the latest technology and highly efficient programs to quickly fix all the corruption issues of MySQL database files and make the data accessible to the users.
It effectively repairs all the issues of the MySQL file and makes the inaccessible data available for preview. Now, you can select the required data and then save it to either MySQL Server directly or to a batch file. Moreover, the advanced tool is compatible with all MySQL Server and Windows Operating System versions.
Final Words
MySQL database is popular among database users as it is open sources and is supported by Oracle. However, there are a few errors that make its data inaccessible. Here, we have discussed some manual solutions to fix one of the MySQL errors. And in case of an unsuccessful repair, we have suggested a professional tool at the end.

Frequently Asked Questions about mysql user is marked as crashed and should be repaired

Is marked as crashed and should be repaired in MySQL?

The “–update-state” switch tells MySQL to mark the indicated table as “checked.” Once this has been done, restart your MySQLd and web service, and MySQL will repair the crashed table. As a result, the error will be removed, and your database will be safely restored.

How do I fix a crashed MySQL database?

Repairing crashed tables with phpMyAdminLog in to your SiteWorx account. … On the left, select Hosting Features > MySQL > PhpMyAdmin.Select the correct database from the list on the left.Select the check box corresponding to the corrupted table, and from the With selected list, click Repair table.Jun 19, 2020

Is marked as crashed and last repair failed?

“MySQL Table is marked as crashed and last (automatic?) Repair failed”. The error can be caused due to many reasons including zero disk space available on the server, a hard reset of server, forced shutdown of MySQL, or MySQL process crashing due to some reason.

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