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Avoid at all costs!
They took the renewal fee without my permission, and claimed it has been refunded. This organisation try to offer you 40% to stay, don’t fall for it. If my refund does not credit my bank shortly, I will be escalating this matter further. A fraudulent company that lies about issuing refunds, do better.
Good starter bot
I was new to the botting scene and I asked around from other experienced botters and they all recommended me NSB to try it. Relatively affordable and good starter bot. It’s easy to use and offers helps and guides on their discord. They offer updates on every drop. I was able to cop some sneakers with this bot. After using it and learned how to use this bot, it wasn’t for me. Not because of the bot, but it requires a lot of time for you to setup for the drop. With a new addition to our fam, I just didn’t have the time anymore. Also, customer service was actually really good. I forgot to disable the renewal and I was charged but I contacted their customer service and they refunded me back completely. I’m not sure if other bots have that. If I have the time again in the future, I would go back.
Man I forgot to turn off auto pay and…
Man I forgot to turn off auto pay and nsb was renewed. Ask for a refund, staff offered a compromise which would have been a pretty sweet deal if I had a decent laptop to run nsb. Took me a few days but I was able to get everything sorted out fully with no hiccups. The staff was professional and ultimately I’ve decided I’ll come back when I buy a decent laptop that’ll be able to run nsb
Cancelling a Subscription
After 10 days of trying to cancel my subscription (it had gone thru without my knowledge or consent) and trying to get my money back, NikeShoeBot () FINALLY refunded my money (I’ll give them a 6 for length of time it took – should have been within 24 hours of cancellation notice). On the plus side, the support staff was professional and pleasant to work with (I’ll give them a 10).
Easy to setup
Easy to setup, great staff and overall a good experience. For the price you can’t go wrong.
Only used NSB for a short time and…
Only used NSB for a short time and figured out botting wasn’t for me. But, NSB wasn’t the issue. Its UI and intuitive features were amazing and nicely put together. On top of that, their customer service it top notch. Any problem I had they fixed. Couldn’t have had a better experience.
I highly recommend NikeShoeBot!
I highly recommend NikeShoeBot to get started with botting! Over the last year, I’ve used NSB to make far more money than I spent on the product. NSB customer service is second-to-none, and their Discord server provides guides for nearly every drop you could ever you are looking to get into sneaker bots, but don’t know where to start, look no further than NSB.
Consistent Bot
Great consistent bot. Devs and mods are super helpful and updates are pushed regularly to combat changes on sites. Highly recommend especially for beginners.
Great product and staff
Great product and staff. Whenever I had an issue the support team was there to help. Very trusyworthy!
Great cooking bot
Great cooking bot! Had very few problems with it! Def recommend for someone who is starting out. Very easy to learn
Nsb is the best bot to start botting…
Nsb is the best bot to start botting with in the market. There team is so helpful and nice. They also have great members that helped me through my journey. Please don’t hesitate to buy this bot so you can start your journey. For the first few days you will be a little bit lost after you get more familiar is super easy and I guaranteed you will make your money back in the first 6 months.
This was my first bot
This was my first bot. Got this bot when covid barely started. This bot has user friendly interface that is great for new users. This bot easily pays for itself..
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NSB 2019 Success Recap, Future Plans, and More! - NikeShoeBot

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NSB 2019 Success Recap, Future Plans, and More! – NikeShoeBot

The Sneaker Industry: Off To A New Decade
We’re only a few days away from the beginning of a new decade!
And the deeper you dive into the sneaker game, the more you realize it’s here to stay. What we consider to be Nike’s jackpot deal with then-rookie Michael Jordan turned 35 in 2019 and we’re still counting! The fact that Michael Jordan’s sneakers, the same ones he wore on court, are available to the public made people go crazy over them! They’re so addicted they buy and run savage sneaker bots like NSB to help them secure their shoes and dominate the sneaker industry.
Sneaker Partnerships, Technologies, and More!
However, we can’t overlook the major impact other partnerships have had on the sneaker industry and reselling market. Big Names like Kanye West, Pharrell Williams, Lebron James, Kyrie Irving, and many more helped in creating what’s now one of the biggest collectors’ communities ever!
Aside from collabs and partnerships, innovation managed to take the sneaker collecting and reselling games to a different level. In 1995, online shopping became a thing with Amazon and eBay soon followed. But this evolution didn’t reach the sneaker industry at that point. Sneaker fans still stood in line and waited, sometimes for days on end, for the limited sneakers. And with nerves on edge and long waits, people’s patience started running out, which caused a lot of riots and violence!
Later on, the waiting in line became too mainstream, because footwear brands like Adidas, Nike and others started selling sneakers and apparel online. This helped decrease the violence incidents rate and was a fairer method of selling sneakers. You’d get a chance to buy a pair even if you’re living thousands of miles away.
Sneaker Bots
But the idea of sneakers being so easy to get appealed to too many fans, so much that competition grew fiercer on every release. And this increase in demand for limited sneakers meant you needed to seek the help of someone, or something to give you that extra push. And so we got Sneaker Bots and the rest is history!
Today, by the end of 2019, almost all sneakerheads have a bot or more to make sure they never miss out on any drop. So really, it’s a bot war out there with the winners being the sneakerheads! And no one is showing any sign of slowing down. In fact, more and more people are getting into the industry that it stopped being a subculture and got acknowledged by the world!
Finally, when you play the game of bots, you either win or you lose. That’s why we’re gonna go through everything NSB has done this year and you can decide for yourself whether you wanna have the best or not in 2020.
Introducing NSB2. 0
To keep up with the changes in the community and to cater to the needs of our users, NSB underwent some very big changes in 2019.
The first major event was NSB upgrading to NSB2. 0 and along with this upgrade came some new features that helped NSB maintain its position as the #1 AIO Bot in the sneaker industry.
NSB2. 0 was a breakthrough in the sneaker botting industry. But one feature that made all the difference was the Discord multi-monitor. Thanks to this new monitor NSB users got double the chance at copping limited items. Once on release time, and once again when an item restocks. And this helped our fam cop more than 2, 500 restocks since the monitor was implemented.
Adidas & Yeezysupply
One of the biggest additions to NSB2. 0 was Adidas. Supporting Adidas and actually copping successfully on every release, gave our users a major advantage over other sneakerheads. Adidas has always been a tough cookie, but NSB is now one of the very few sneaker bots that cop off Adidas, let alone eat most of the stock. And so in 2019 alone, NSB has had over 6, 000 successful cops on Adidas on major releases.
If there was one big event that had the biggest impact on the community this year, it was Yeezysupply’s shift from Shopify to Demandware. This move was a big hit to Shopify-only sneaker bots and their users who lost most of their chance to buy the most exclusive reflective Yeezys this year. However, NSB’s users remained safe and sound. Soon after this shift, NSB2. 0 supported the new Yeezysupply on Demandware, and nailed it!
The result was more than 22, 000 checkouts, out of which 1, 550 were reflective Yeezys. And here it’s not just the number of checkouts that counts, it’s how much profit our fam made flipping those reflectives. In this case, we’re looking at an average reselling profit of over $700. 000!
Supreme Success FW19
NSB wouldn’t really be an All-in-one bot if it didn’t support Supreme, would it?
Well, after facing several technical difficulties, NSB2. 0 is now one of the most successful Supreme bots you could ever run! But the most successful weeks this season were the most important ones.
NSB users scored more than 1, 300 Supreme Box logo Hoodies, Tees, and Beanies rounding up to a potential profit of more than $350K on only 3 weeks of the Supreme FW19 season.
The Best Drops
Although you can cop any item with NSB2. 0, not everything you like is guaranteed to make you money. But 2019 featured many money-making releases that our users scored on and cashed in millions of dollars reselling them.
By reselling only several of the biggest releases of 2019, NSB users could make an average profit of over $4. 5 Million, making NSB one of the most valuable investments you can make.
Checkout Numbers
In terms of success, NSB got the biggest slice of that cake in 2019. NSB’s performance was the most consistent among all bots in the community. Scoring on almost every single release. In addition to copping big time on the biggest Supreme weeks this season.
To sum up 2019, NSB2. 0 copped its users over 130. 000 items, from sneakers to Supreme, Funko, and much more.
Why NSB is the Best Investment to make in 2020
After all the success NSB users got in 2019, there’s no stopping now!
2020 will be the year of major updates, great success, and big surprises. First on our list is implementing auto-checkout on Yeezysupply and Adidas (Demandware).
As for now, we can’t reveal what’s in the works, but we’re taking cooking to a whole new level in 2020. So if you’re not a part of our fam yet, this is the best time to join. Our users make hundreds and even thousands of dollars reselling sneakers they copped using NSB2. 0, and you could enjoy that yourself.
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The Sneaker Bot War: Who is on the Front Lines? - Highsnobiety

The Sneaker Bot War: Who is on the Front Lines? – Highsnobiety

The easiest analogy to explain the reselling of sneakers is concert tickets; they often sell for more then their retail price, and some people use automated bots to buy them. The ticketing industry and the footwear industry are both plagued by the issue of tailers, brands, and designers often speak out about the issue, including KAWS who recently posted saying he was cancelling and blocking orders made by bots. Berrics tricked one bot user into spending $11, 000 on one shoe, while Kith used a similar bait-and-switch tactic to dupe someone into buying 21 pairs, or $1, 700 worth of “Wheat” Jordan the while, bot services abound, as well as YouTube tutorials on how to use them. It’s an ongoing grapple, with both sides consistently re-positioning to gain new who is on the front lines of the sneaker bot war? What are sneaker bots? A sneaker bot is an application, or an automated script, which is used to speed up the checkout process when buying products online. While any computer can run a bot, servers are commonly used for eaker bots facilitate the purchasing of extremely limited items; in some cases these products make their way to the aftermarket where they are sold for profit. Many of these items are nearly impossible to buy without using bots, given that others are simultaneously “botting” the same items, so they sell out very most commonly botted sites are Supreme, Footsites (Foot Locker, Champs, Eastbay and Footaction), and Shopify stores like YeezySupply and Dover Street Market, given that they regularly drop covetable do sneaker bots work? In a nutshell, you enter your information into the bot (like your credit card details, name, delivery address etc) and then instruct the bot what to buy – this can be done in multiple ways, but the most common is to enter a URL link or keywords into the bot. Buyers will often search for early information (like the product URL) from so-called “cook groups, ” which provide support to the bot is initiated, it will automate the checkout process and purchase items quicker than is humanly possible – bots can checkout items in as little as 0. 2 Erik Fagerlind from Sneakersnstuff previously pointed out to Highsnobiety: “In order for any release to actually be fair, everyone has to be using the same speed of internet. Moreover, everybody must be the same physical distance away from the servers, as that also effects the amount of time it takes to be first in line. “Although it sounds fairly simple, using sneaker bots can actually become quite complicated, as you usually have to use proxies and a server alongside the bot. A server is a virtual PC that you can use to run bots on, increasing their speeds and connection to the site. Proxies are unique IP addresses that can be used to make you seem like you are multiple people. If you wanted to mass-enter into an online queue to buy YEEZYs, for instance, more entries result in higher chances of completing your purchase. If you don’t use proxies to appear as multiple buyers, the site is able to identify all entries are coming from one source, resulting in an IP sneaker bots guarantee you success? No, they don’t, as botters are now competing with other botters. Some site, such as adidas, YeezySupply and Nike, release their products with a raffle-based system. Each buyer enters a queue and then a small amount of people are randomly selected to purchase the item. While this might sound like it could eliminate the success of bots, this isn’t the case, as they are also used to put mass entries into queues and raffles. So, while bots do not guarantee success, they drastically increase your chances of sneaker bots illegal? Bots aren’t illegal, but they do go against a lot of sites’ terms and conditions. Most sites actively make changes to try and combat sneaker bots. Supreme, Shopify, Nike, and adidas are very aware of bots, and regularly update their online protection against them. However, bots are usually quick to update their operating software, too, in order to bypass any new protective measures. These updates usually entail changes in coding that aim to tell the difference between a bot and a human user. Although sneaker bots are legal, this must not be confused with ticketing bots, which are illegal in the are retailers doing to combat sneaker bots? We spoke to Simon Lister, the marketing director at End Clothing, who says that sneaker bots are a “big focus” and that they’ve “implemented a number of solutions designed to make life more difficult for bots. ” When End release limited products, they do so through their new Launches Platform. Instead of having manic FCFS (first come, first served) online releases where bots will triumph, End have decided to let their customers enter a raffle – the lucky winners will be able to purchase the limited item. Simon asserts that releasing limited products like this is a way of “ensuring fairness for customers. ” A lot of other retailers have since followed Bone, general manager of Livestock, shares a critical outlook on sneaker bots, referring to bot users as “vampires” who “suck the life out of whatever it is they’re trying to make a buck off. ” Bone mentions that in-store releases and raffles are the way forward to combat the issue, stating that Livestock is constantly “working to get these releases into the right hands. ”Some retailers are now also implementing CAPTCHAs onto their site to try and stop bots. Supreme recently tried this tactic, though it wasn’t successful – bots now allow you to login to Gmail accounts, and if enough activity is monitored on the email account, the site will not ask you to solve a also spoke to Simon Bus from SNIPES, who mentions that the brand “uses a market-leading system to successfully block bots, ” and that “suspicious orders, which were classified technically flawless, are edited by our staff. ” This means that even if you manage to get passed their anti-bot protection, your order is still at risk of being cancelled. Highsnobiety also reached out to JD Sports, Dover Street Market, and Foot Locker, who all declined to comment on what measures they are taking to combat sneaker are bots staying ahead of retailers? The best sneaker bots are sold out. One well-known example retails for £300 and is one of the most popular and successful bots; it is so hard to get that you will probably end up paying at least £4, 000 to buy the bot from a reseller. Ironically, all of the best performing bots are extremely hard to get at retail – it is actually harder to purchase the best bots at retail value than it is to get an average pair of collectible sneakers like YEEZYs. Though the bots occasionally restock, due to the unprecedented demand for them, they sell out in tapped a UK-based bot developer who chose to remain anonymous, to ask what steps bot services are taking to stay ahead of retailers and brands. “I don’t think that retailers will ever truly win this cat and mouse game of anti-bot protection. I put it down to 2 main factors. The first being that it is difficult and time-intensive for retailers and brands to tackle “patching” the plethora of bot methods out there. People working on bypassing bot protection systems will all have their own unique take on how to get about cracking it. This is the biggest pain point for anyone providing security against bots. Secondly, where there is money… there will be a way. There is so much money to be made in the botting industry, and with bots like Cyber boasting the fact that their users collectively spent over 30 million dollars in the last year, the money is definitely there. ”

Frequently Asked Questions about nikeshoebot review

Is NSB bot successful?

In terms of success, NSB got the biggest slice of that cake in 2019. NSB’s performance was the most consistent among all bots in the community. Scoring on almost every single release. In addition to copping big time on the biggest Supreme weeks this season.Dec 30, 2019

Does sneaker bot really work?

Do sneaker bots guarantee you success? No, they don’t, as botters are now competing with other botters. Some site, such as adidas, YeezySupply and Nike, release their products with a raffle-based system. Each buyer enters a queue and then a small amount of people are randomly selected to purchase the item.Jan 10, 2020

How much does NSB cost?

And besides the awesome features that you can check out here, it’s in stock! NSB retails for $499/year, which means it costs about $125/3 months. Pretty affordable if you’re serious about the sneaker business! But word from the wise fam: don’t get into it unless you’re one of these people.Jun 12, 2021

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