Oculus Proxies Review

Oculus Proxies Review 2021

If you visit the Oculus Proxies website, you will see words like fastest, reliable, and flexible payment plans. Would you get all of these from them when you settle with them as your sneaker proxy providers of choice? Keep reading below to discover dicated Datacenter Proxies for Sneaker CoppingFlexible payment plans with weekly, monthly, 2 months, and 3 months planDiscord community supportHas support for many locations in the United StatesOur RatingRead User ReviewsOculus Proxies provides sneaker proxies for sneakerheads and retailers that want to cop multiple pairs of limited-edition sneakers. Oculus Proxies is one of the services provided by Oculus, a business that provides services such as proxies and servers. The Oculus Proxies have been engineered to be fast – thanks to the fact that Oculus situated its data centers in optimal areas that will make network speed fast and put latency a provider of sneaker proxies, they are aware that users of their proxies might not need them for long. For that reason, they have got flexible plans as you can buy proxies with a weekly validity period. Even with their good sides, I have got my reservations about their proxies because of their reliability and compatibility with many of the sneaker sites you will want to use them on. For this reason, you need to be sure you read the description for a particular plan before Oculusproxies worth it? That’s what we’ll discuss in this review. 15% OFFGet 15% Discount: put promo code “PRIVATEPROXYREVIEWS” to check out! Proxy Plans and PricingThe Oculus Proxies has 3 proxy plans with different packages. These plans include datacenter proxies, premium proxies, and residential proxies. Let take a look at datacenter and premium proxies, and they are the ones directly under the Oculus center Proxy PlanThe Oculus datacenter proxies make use of proxies gotten from data centers, the kind of IPs that proxy checkers recognize as hosting. You can use their datacenter proxies for YeezySupply, and SNKRS. They also stated that you could use it on Shopify stores that do not have bot protection and can also work on Supreme, but no guarantee is provided. Looking at the above pricing screenshot, all you can see are monthly proxies. Aside from monthly proxies, Oculus Proxies have weekly proxies, 2 months proxies, and 3 months proxies. For their weekly proxies, pricing starts at $emium Datacenter Proxy PlanTheir premium datacenter proxies are more expensive than their regular datacenter proxies discussed above. The proxies are actually residential datacenter proxies and can be said to be effective when compared to the regular proxies. These proxies work on Nike, SNKRS, Footsites, Adidas, Supreme, and Shopify. However, they provide no guarantee for Supreme and Shopify. The monthly pricing for Oculus premium datacenter proxies starts at $70, while their weekly proxies start at $50. back to menu ↑Customer ServiceOculus has many channels you can use to contact them if you run into any problem while using their service. They have got an email you can use to contact them. You can also make use of the contact form page to reach the customer support team. It is also important you know that Oculus Proxies has a Discord channel you can use. You can also engage them on Twitter. However, you need to know that you cannot contact for them to replace the IPs the sold to you or even give you a refund. According to the information on their website, all sales are final. back to menu ↑Location SupportThe distance between a proxy server and the sneaker sites it accesses has an influence on the connection speed. For this reason, sneaker proxy providers are strategic when choosing a location for their proxies. Oculus has proxies from 3 locations, all of which are in the United States. These locations include New York, Chicago, and Virginia. back to menu ↑AuthenticationThere basically two types of authentication common in the proxy market – username/password authentication and IP authentication. Oculus only has support for IP authentication and allows users to whitelist about 5 IP addresses. This means that you can register the IP addresses of 5 devices at a time and use the proxies on these devices. While you might see this as easy, I beg to differ. This is because a device’s IP can change, and then you will need to login to effect the change before it works. 20% OFFGet 20% Life-time discount: put promo code “privateproxyreviews” to check out! back to menu ↑Our verdictThere is no doubt that the Oculus Proxies network works. It has been engineered to be fast, but its reliability and compatibility with some sneaker sites (Shopify and Supreme) is not guaranteed. Except you are not trying to use it on the mentioned, we won’t recommend them for you. Also, we have a problem with the fact that they only have support for IP authentication as the IP of a device can change, and trying toeffect that from the dashboard can be sneaker copping, username and password should be supported, and users allowed to make a – 2021. 01. 27
Oculus Proxies Review 2021: Is It Works on Sneaker Sites?

Oculus Proxies Review 2021: Is It Works on Sneaker Sites?

Oculus Proxies claim can suit for sneaker sites, does it live up to its promises? Read our detailed reviews and find out the you visit the website of Oculus Proxies, you will see promises of fast, reliable service with flexible payment plans. But does the company live up to its promises? After our review, we gave the company a rating of 7. 9 – find out why below. Keep reading to discover their main features, pros, and Choose Oculus ProxiesFlexible plans: You can opt for monthly and weekly plans for three different locations on different stant delivery: Once you place a successful order, you can visit your order page to configure a Proxies: At Oculus, you can perform even during heavy traffic releases. The company promises 100 Gbps dedicated reliability: Oculus promises the proxies without the downtime and tells them that they always monitor their Support: You can use a community discord for private ticketing management. Professional staff will always help you to manage your Proxies OverviewOculus Proxies can provide you with sneaker proxies with different validity periods. They have flexible plans and pay for as little as a week if you need proxies for a short time. They are fast, and their data centers situate in optimal areas. This ensures low latency and fast network have three kinds of proxy plans for datacenter proxies, residential proxies, and premium proxies. You might contact Oculus Proxies via different channels if you have any problems using them. Their customer support team is helpful, but they cannot give you a Proxies Plans and PricingAt Oculus Proxy, you can get 3 plans with different packages. You can pick from residential proxies, ISP premium proxies, or ISP proxies. Please mind that at Oculus, you cannot get refunds, so choose your proxy with ProxiesYou can get ISP datacenter proxies at Oculus in Chicago, New York, and Virginia for as little as $25 for 25 proxies. Mind that for different locations, the pricing might be slightly different. This is a one-week plan with instant delivery and 5 authorized IPs that come with it. You get 100 GBPS speed, which is great for any proxy is dedicated and can work on Shopify, SNKRS, YeezySupply, Supreme, and Captcha. Also, you can opt for 1 month, 2 months, and 3 month plans with the same great functionality and Premium ProxiesOculus Proxies provides premium proxies according to Release premium, London premium, and New York premium plans. All of them are instant delivery, and you can get the plan for $2 per proxy. Your 1-week plan with 25 proxies will cost you $50. You get 5 authorized IPs and 100 GBPS plan has a wider range of places to work on, including Bestbuy, Footsites, Walmart, Amazon, YeezySupply, and Supreme. 1, 2, and 3-month plans are also sidential proxiesWhen you pick residential plans at Oculus, you can opt for Oculus premium residential or Standard residentials proxy. You get a pool of proxies that cater to certain sneaker sites. In the pool, there are more than 15M IPs. Still, mind that none of them are dedicated to pros of these proxies are that you can generate thousands of proxies. You can drop without an IP limit for 30 days while your plan works. You can get a minimum 1-month plan for 2 GB and get 2000 MB a month with residential IPs in the UK and US. With this plan, you get Discord and Email support. Also, 4 GB, 8 GB, and 15 GB monthly plans are Proxies LocationWith Oculus Proxies, you can choose from locations in the UK and the US. First of all, you can pick Chicago, New York, and Virginia if you need the US proxy. They are available if you go for ISP proxies. With Premium proxies, you can opt for London or New York proxies. If you choose servers from Oculus Proxies, you can also get locations in Proxies AuthenticationWhen you use a proxy, you can opt for either Username and Password authentication. It is easy and allows instant access to websites from any point. At Oculus Proxies, you can pick the User: Pass method of authentication if you find it convenient. This way, you will never worry about not having access to your proxies. If you prefer IP authentication, Oculus can provide it, and it will be eligible to your original Proxies Customer SupportYou can access the customer support of Oculus Proxies via email or Discord server. On the server, you can get all the up-to-date information and ask important questions. On the website in the FAQ section, you can find a link to the company’s Discord where you can reach customer support. This community Discord serves for private ticketing management. The professional staff of the company can help with Editors VerdictOverall, Oculus Proxies are fast proxies that boast 100 GBPS speed. They have plenty of flexible plans ranging from 1-week to 3-months plans. You can pick ISP datacenter, ISP premium, or residential lowest price you can get is $25, which is great if you search for affordable proxies. With both User: Pass auth and IP auth, this proxy is convenient for all. Pick among the company’s locations including London, Virginia, New York, Amsterdam, and Chicago for your sneaker proxy Updated on July 14, 2021
Pricing Plan - Oculus Proxies

Pricing Plan – Oculus Proxies

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How do you authenticate Oculus proxies?

When it comes to sneaker bots, the best proxy type to use is always residential proxies. They are the best because they feature real IP addresses.Nov 5, 2020

How do I use Oculus proxy?

Pricing. The cheapest package of residential sneaker proxies will set you back $90 per month and includes access to 10 ports.

What proxies should I use for NSB?

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