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Before proceeding with the proxy configuration you must have Test Studio Mobile Configuration successfully set up.
Configure Web Proxy On Mobile Devices
Test Studio Mobile uses a web proxy for injecting a web extension in every page that a web test navigates to. Before tests are recorded or executed, the web browser must be configured to route its traffic through Test Studio Mobile web proxy.
Android Browsers
Chrome (other)
iOS browsers
All browsers
On your mobile device tap Settings -> WiFi.
Long tap on connected network’s name.
Modify Network Config -> Show Advanced Options.
Type the Host into the Proxy host name field and the Port into to the Proxy port field. Take the Host and Port values from the TestStudio Mobile agent configuration page on your device.
Click Save in the settings dialog. Click the Next button in the browser.
Continue with Install Certificate procedure.
Type about:config in your FifeFox mobile browser.
Search for Proxy and enter the Host and Port in the corresponding fields. Take the Host and Port values from the TestStudio Mobile agent configuration page on your device.
– Host
– Port
Do the same for SSL connection and don’t forget to set Network Proxy Type to 1.
– set to 1.
After configuring the WiFI proxy settings click the Next button.
All Browsers
Tap Settings -> Wifi -> Tap the connected WiFi network.
Tap the Manual option in the HTTP Proxy section.
Type Host into the Server field and the Proxy into to the Port field. Take the Host and Port values from the TestStudio Mobile agent configuration page on your device.
Continue with Install Certificate procedure.
Proxy Phone Numbers |

Proxy Phone Numbers |

Proxy phone numbers are used to mask real phone numbers to enhance security for both customers and service providers.
Generally, businesses communicate with customers via phone calls or text messages. If you order pizza, a courier will call/text to verify the delivery address. Taxi drivers will call/text to specify a pick-up address when they can’t find you.
Using personal phone numbers poses potential risks for both conversation parties. For instance, the customer’s and service provider’s phone numbers may go to spam databases, which would result in robocalls or calls from suspicious numbers.
In order to maintain your brand image and protect the personal data of customers from fraudsters, businesses replace real numbers of customers and employees with proxy numbers.
What is a Proxy Number?
A proxy number is a cloud-based feature that connects conversation parties without revealing their real phone numbers. The caller dials a proxy number which shows up on the recipient’s end as a temporary number, hence the term phone number masking.
Implementation of proxy numbers doesn’t require any hardware installation. Backend operations are performed on the server-side while you manage and track calls in your account.
Proxy numbers facilitate secure and direct communication between two parties and enable companies to have an extra level of security for their customers and employees.
How do Proxy Numbers Work?
Proxy services mask real numbers using an intermediary cloud server. When you call a taxi driver using a virtual number, your call reroutes through the cloud. An API helps to switch calls from the real number to the proxy number and vice versa.
Once you receive a proxy number, you can use it to connect with a service. Then, the cloud server connects endpoints and acts as a bridge between them. To make it easier to understand how the proxy service works, take a look at this scheme below.
Let’s say Bob orders a taxi. He’s looking for a cab and calls a driver using his taxi app.
Bob calls a driver’s phone number displayed on the app as 111
Voximplant receives a call and requests a driver’s number from the service
Voximplant forwards the call to the driver’s real number, 222
When the driver’s phone rings, he also sees Bob’s number as 111 even though Bob’s real number is 333
The client and the driver are connected but neither’s real phone number is revealed
If they get disconnected, they can use this proxy number to call back. The proxy phone number feature is scalable for any number of drivers and customers.
How Can Proxy Numbers Help Your Business?
No matter what business industry you represent, trust is essential between your brand and customers. Besides customer loyalty, proxy numbers can bring you additional benefits such as:
Data security: Ensure the complete privacy of your customers by facilitating them to connect without revealing personal numbers
On-platform transactions: Avoid off-platform transactions and prevent revenue leakage by keeping the identities of buyers and sellers private
Call routing: If a customer has already used your service, Voximplant will automatically transfer the incoming call to the correct agent based on the customer’s input
Tracking and monitoring: Using proxy numbers allow you to record and transcribe calls so that you can analyze business communications and improve your customer experience
Various calling options: Call over the phone network, embedded VoIP calling in mobile apps, or on any webpage using a proxy number
Combined features: Combine the proxy number feature with other solutions such as prompts, smart IVR, or even interactive bots
Industries That Benefit Most From Proxy Numbers
See how leading companies in various industries use proxy phone numbers to enhance their customer service.
Cab aggregators
Secure communications between taxi drivers and customers is a crucial requirement for the taxi market. You don’t want a driver to annoy you with phone calls or texts after the service has been provided. Such a situation can make a customer feel harassed or unsafe and switch to another service. Instead of giving out their real phone numbers, cab aggregators use a proxy.
Uber and Lyft mask the real phone numbers of customers and drivers using a proxy service. This ensures that drivers and customers are still able to communicate regarding ride issues such as items left behind in a cab, but without revealing their real phone numbers.
The e-commerce industry sets new records in revenue each year. According to ACI Worldwide Research, global e-commerce retail sales had achieved 209% year-over-year revenue growth. This makes e-commerce attractive for scammers and cybercriminals. One of the most widespread e-commerce frauds is account takeover that occurs when customers’ personal data from online shops is leaked
Thus, online shops need to be able to mask the real phone numbers of customers and employees to not only avoid off-platform transactions but also to prevent data leakage and scams that harm the brand image.
Companies providing delivery services use proxy numbers to track conversations between couriers and customers. All interactions are performed through a proxy number that eliminates the possibility of false delivery updates from the courier and helps businesses monitor the ratio of on-time to late deliveries.
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The best Android VPN apps 2021 | TechRadar

The best Android VPN apps 2021 | TechRadar

Mobile Phones
(Image credit: Future)
With Android offering a haven for developers, there are a number of Android VPN apps out there – but we want to ensure you’re using the best VPN for your device, that offers top security and a great user oviding a secure connection online – especially when you’re using public Wi-Fi or cellular to surf the web – an Android VPN can encrypt your personal data, as well as allowing you to access otherwise geo-restricted apps, streaming content, and customer support to nifty security features, an intuitive interface and geo-unblocking capabilities, we’ve lined up the best Android VPN providers out there, keeping your mobile device as the while you’ll find these VPN services nestled in your Google Play Store, we’ve definitely recommend looking into them more closely and signing up directly as you’ll likely secure a far better offer on each provider’s website. Keep reading to find out more about rates and to choose the best Android VPN appA dedicated Android VPN app should of course be as user-friendly as possible. Ensure it supports your version of Android, with most going back at least to Pie and usually beyond. As you’re probably going to want to use your Android VPN on loads of other devices as well, you’ll also want one that works with your computer’s operating system and has enough licences to cover all your considerations are tight security – a kill switch is handy, so that you’re not left exposed if your internet connection drops – and of course a privacy policy and terms of service that make it clear what logs and details are kept by the provider. Some providers have now started verifying their apps with the ioXt Alliance, too, giving even more peace of a word of warning: avoid the dodgy ones on the Play Store as quite a few promise to provide free privacy but don’t mention the strings attached. Instead, go for one of the ace Android VPN apps that we’ve listed ‘s top 3 best Android VPNs:1. ExpressVPN – #1 best Android VPN app
ExpressVPN has the speed, security and simplicity of use that really makes it stand out from the crowd. That’s no different on Android, which makes using a VPN on your smartphone an absolute doddle – plus, it comes with a no-questions-asked 30 day money back guarantee and 3 months extra free.
View Deal2. NordVPN – VPN’s biggest name is ace on Android
Nord’s popularity (counting over 10 million Android users) is not unfounded. It may be a tad clunkier to use than Express’s in our view, but it really brings the goods when it comes to security and speed. And it’s really well priced, too!
View Deal3. Surfshark – simple to use and affordable Android app
This could well be your VPN of choice if you’re after something a bit more affordable. Go for its multiyear plan and get the price down to less than $2. 50 USD per month. That doesn’t prevent it from being a really strong and simple-to-operate Android VPN though, with a very friendly interface and added features.
View DealThe best 5 Android VPN apps in 2021:(Image credit: ExpressVPN)1. ExpressVPN Best all-round Android VPN – and for pretty much everything elseDedicated Android app: Yes | Integrated kill switch: Yes | Downloads: 10 million+ | Also available for: Windows, Mac, iOS. Linux | Maximum devices: 5 | Play Store review: 4. 6Delightfully designed Android appExcellent speedsNow with added kill switchSuperb support and Lightway protocolWould like more device connectionsBest Android VPN 2021 – Get 3 months free with an annual planThere are so many things to like about ExpressVPN and its Android offering. The dedicated app is extremely user-friendly and straightforward, but also offers lots of advanced installed, using the Express Android app is ludicrously easy to do – it’s really no different to the desktop version. So that means a nice, obvious On/Off button and an easy-to-navigate list of servers – over 3, 000 in all, across 94 countries ranging from Albania to Venezuela. What’s more, the app is now available in a mix of 16 app itself has some neat options like an excellent location picker, insecure network detection, split tunnelling, specialist privacy tools menu and a kill switch to improve security. Indeed, on the security front, it boasts AES 256-bit encryption and the Android app has now been certified by the ioXt Alliance (further details on that at the bottom of this page). While the speeds we witnessed using the mobile VPN were consistently fast. They’re only getting faster, too, now that Express’s proprietary Lightway protocol is the main reason you’re downloading an Android VPN app is for streaming, then once again Express excels. It flew through our tests with ease when we used it for watching Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, BBC iPlayer and more, as well as letting us watch our domestic sports coverage when you run into any difficulties at all with this VPN – whether that be when you install the ExpressVPN Android app or during use – its website features a wide array of handy content and video guides, as well as 24/7 customer support by live VPN isn’t the cheapest VPN out there, but there’s some excellent value to be had when you sign up for a 12-month plan: three months extra free and a whole year of unlimited cloud backup from Backblaze. So it may be worth the price for those who want the best Android experience, knowing that there’s a 30-day money-back guarantee in place to let you try it 100% risk the best Android VPN 2021 with 3 months FREE
TechRadar readers can get a little perk when you sign up to ExpressVPN, as it has agreed to give you three months extra together with free secure, cloud backup from the brilliant Backblaze. You could get started by grabbing it from the Play Store, but you’ll miss out on this offer if you do.
View Deal(Image credit: NordVPN)2. NordVPN One of the best rated apps in the Play StoreDedicated Android app: Yes | Integrated kill switch: No | Downloads: 10 million+ | Also available for: Windows, Mac, iOS. Linux | Maximum devices: 6 | Play Store review: 4. 3Double data encryptionGood performanceTons of app featuresAudited no-logging policyStill not keen on map-first interfaceThe NordVPN app is hugely popular with 10 million+ downloads, and a strong Google Play rating. And it has some notable strengths including ‘Double VPN’ technology which passes your connection through two separate VPN servers, as opposed to just the one, for an extra layer of security. The service also boasts a ‘zero logs’ policy (audited by PricewaterhouseCooperss no less) meaning it doesn’t track the user’s online activity, which has now been backed up on Android with ioXt Alliance the focus is clearly on security and privacy, NordVPN doesn’t lack in other areas. The Android app is easy enough to use and has a list of nice features like split tunnelling, enhanced CyberSec malware shield, the ability to automatically connect to NordVPN whenever you join a Wi-Fi network, and the speedy NordLynx protocol. The app also provides a live chat feature for 24/7 customer support. And although there’s no integrated kill switch as such, it’s really easy to implement a similar tool in the settings. It’s easy to access extra special features like P2P and obfuscated servers, far as we’re concerned, it’s time that Nord took a look at the presentation of the app and ditched the somewhat fiddly default map system for choosing your location (although we do note that you can do so via a more standard list format if you scroll down). And why not just implement a regular kill switch without the hoop jumping? But as far as ‘cons’ go, they’re pretty minor. And Nord’s overall strength when it comes to unblocking websites and getting around streaming restrictions is almost ‘s reasonably priced, too, and has a 30-day money-back guarantee if you just want to give the app a try before you commit. The multi-year offer is clearly the best choice in terms of overall our easy steps to download NordVPN on your Android(Image credit: Future)3. Surfshark So easy to use and at a very good price pointDedicated Android app: Yes | Integrated kill switch: Yes | Downloads: 1 million+ | Also available for: Windows, Mac, iOS. Linux | Maximum devices: Unlimited | Play Store review: 4. 2Really attractive pricesUse on as many devices as you likeIntegrated GPS spoofingPrivacy policy lacks scrutinySurfshark is an obvious first choice for many thanks to its market-shattering pricing (you’ll see it ranking around the top of our best cheap VPN guide). But don’t be deceived, as it really doesn’t lack in the quality department. And that applies to its Android app, a lot of other providers, Surfshark barely alters the user interface from desktop to mobile. We suppose that the sheer simplicity of its desktop offering means that its developers didn’t have too hard a time in translating to the smaller screen size. It means you can easily get to security features like the dedicated kill switch, split tunnelling and integrated malware such a crowded market, it can be hard to come up with something truly original, but Surfshark is certainly giving it a go. It’s the only Android VPN app we’ve seen that includes a GPS spoofing feature, enabling it to return the coordinates of your chosen VPN server. Not something everybody will use, but a handy feature if you want to, for example, get a location for fake GPS for Pokémon Go playing (although, even then, it requires some workarounds) you do need support, then it’s easy to raise support tickets right from the app itself. But in our experience, you won’t be using that function too much. Surfshark keeps things really straightforward on assuming you’ll want to use this VPN on your laptop, TV streaming device, router and other gadgets as well, then the fact one subscription covers unlimited devices will be music to your ears. (Image credit: Sharaf Maksumov /)4. Hotspot Shield Nice set of features on this Android VPN appDedicated Android app: Yes | Integrated kill switch: Yes | Downloads: 100 million+ | Also available for: Windows, Mac, iOS. 2Fast speedsNicely designedFree version lets you test itNo favorites systemJust to be absolutely clear from the outset, the reason Hotspot Shield has made it to the top five of our best Android VPN chart is due to its ‘Premium’ app rather than the free VPN version. They’re both one in the same app on the Play Store, but only upgrading to the full version will give you an smartphone security app really worth having (rather than slumming it with a 500MB per day limit and only one server to connect to) like others on this list, the designers have done a great job of taking Hotspot’s Windows 10 VPN version to the smaller screen. That means you still get the same fantastic UX and a whole host of features, including the ability to set up when you want the app to automatically connect (when you open certain apps, for example). Hotspot Shield has been towards the top of our tests when it comes to pure server speed for a long while now, thanks to its proprietary Catapult Hydra protocol. That’s good to know when it comes to your smartphone, as it means you can just have it running along in the background without having to worry about an adverse effect on provider has really improved its unblocking game of late, making it a solid recommendation when it comes to streaming VPNs. And if you’re willing to commit, its multi-year subscription pricing is among the best out there right now. (Image credit: Future)5. Private Internet Access Pulls of balancing act between performance and priceDedicated Android app: Yes | Integrated kill switch: Yes | Downloads: 1 million+ | Also available for: Windows, Mac, iOS. Linux | Maximum devices: 10 | Play Store review: 4. 3Great list of settingsCheap plansNo live chat supportNot the best for streamersPrivate Internet Access’s Android app is easy to use with an abundance of options and settings you can list of features is instantly impressive: auto-connection, kill switch. snooze, favorites lists, and a useful set of connection status details to help you keep a track of your own activity. Add to that port forwarding support, proxy support, UDP and TCP protocol settings, you can define local and remote ports, choose custom encryption and handshaking methods, even vibrate the handset to indicate when you’re connected. ‘Fully-functioned’ doesn’t even come close! As mentioned, the app is quite simple to use, with a big on/off button at the middle of the screen, and the region/IP address at the bottom. The performance was no slouch either, and the privacy policy is favorable does feel like PIA falls behind some of the other best Android VPNs out there with its lack of live chat support, however. And the once stratospheric user rating has fallen in recent times – some Android users have found the recent updates have had a negative impact on their experience with the there is no free trial, the subscription is fairly affordable no matter what plan you choose. Obviously, the multi-year plan gives you the best VPN FAQWhich is the best Android VPN? When it comes to the best Android VPN, ExpressVPN tops the lot. It’s a beautifully presented app that’s super simple to set up and operate, but is still jam-packed with handy features. Split tunneling, dedicated kill switch and access to over 3, 000 servers are all included, as well as the ability to unblock websites and get access to overseas Netflix can I do with with an Android VPN? First thing’s first, they act as an excellent first line of defence alongside Android antivirus in protecting yourself when online. As referenced above, the nature of their encrypted tunnelling and ability to keep your IP address secret makes them a wonderful way to keep cyber criminals at bay – no more worrying about online banking and shopping while using unfamiliar networks.
But it’s their shapeshifting, geo-spoofing abilities that have made the popularity of Android VPNs explode. The fact you can log into a server in another country elsewhere in the world means that you don’t have to miss out on the stuff you’d usually stream to your mobile/tablet when abroad on holiday or business.
And they’ve proved a great way of getting around blocked websites. Where mobiles are concerned, a fantastic example is using WhatsApp in China, as well as other sites and service. The state may have blocked some of the big hitters, but they can’t do anything about it when you use your Android VPN app to make it look like you’re in another country entirely! How can I fake my location on Android? While all good Android VPN apps will let you change location of your IP address to a server elsewhere, they don’t all include fake GPS technology.
In fact, of the big players out there, only Surfshark has an integrated GPS spoofing tool. That makes it the obvious choice if your main reason for getting a VPN is for use with Pokémon Go or similar mobile games. (Image credit: ExpressVPN)How do I setup a VPN on my Android phone? First thing’s ‘s reeeeeally easy. And you even have two options to choose from.
The first involves you scrolling back up this page, choosing the app that you like the look of best (and don’t forget, all these VPNs have free trials, so you really don’t have to worry too much about committing) and click the link to go through to the website. From there, you’ll be able to select your plan, sign up, download and install. Away you go!
Alternatively, get yourself over to the Play Store and search for your chosen VPN app. But it’s worth noting that if you go down this road, you might end up missing out on some of the awesome exclusive pricing and VPN deals that only TechRadar readers can get by clicking through to the provider from our I get a free VPN app for Android? Even a quick dip into the Play Store menu will show that there are ridiculous amounts of available free apps that you can download. Some will be fine, some will be far from fine, but none will really be excellent.
We’d suggest only going for a freebie if you really don’t tend to use your VPN app very much at all. Otherwise, you’ll soon bump in to annoying usage restrictions and realise pretty sharpish that free versions only tend to have a handful of servers each (unlike the 5, 000+ odd like providers such as NordVPN offer). And when you consider that downloading Surfshark costs less than $2. 50 USD per month, you may as well put your hand in your pocket for one of the very best Android VPNs around. (Image credit: Future)What is the ioXt Alliance? With their spelled out no-logging policies and growing number of independent audits, the challenge VPN companies face is it show that your private web usage is safe in their hands. A new way they have started to do this is by getting certification of their Android apps from the ioXt Alliance – an organisation that seeks to build confidence in the Internet of Things.
In order to get the certificate, providers need to show that their Android VPN apps meet eight strict criteria:
– No universal passwords
– Secured interfaces
– Proven cryptography
– Security by default
– Verified software
– Automatic security updates
– Vulnerability reporting program
– Security expiration date^ Back to topRead more:How to download and install the ExpressVPN Android appDiscover how to change your location in Google and Google is a VPN anyway?
Adam is the Editor-in-Chief of Subscriptions and Services at Future, meaning that he oversees many of the articles TechRadar produces about antivirus software, VPNs, TV streaming, broadband and mobile phone contracts – from buying guides and deals news, to industry interest pieces and reviews.

Frequently Asked Questions about proxy server for android phones

How do I use a proxy server on my Android phone?

AndroidOn your mobile device tap Settings -> WiFi.Long tap on connected network’s name.Modify Network Config -> Show Advanced Options.Type the Host into the Proxy host name field and the Port into to the Proxy port field. … Click Save in the settings dialog. … Continue with Install Certificate procedure.

What is a phone proxy?

Proxy phone numbers are used to mask real phone numbers to enhance security for both customers and service providers. Generally, businesses communicate with customers via phone calls or text messages. If you order pizza, a courier will call/text to verify the delivery address.May 26, 2020

What is the best Android proxy app?

The best 5 Android VPN apps in 2021:ExpressVPN. Best all-round Android VPN – and for pretty much everything else. … NordVPN. One of the best rated apps in the Play Store. … Surfshark. So easy to use and at a very good price point. … Hotspot Shield. Nice set of features on this Android VPN app. … Private Internet Access.Sep 21, 2021

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