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The standard for proxy testing
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The free FOGLDN Proxy Tester allows direct and accurate ping times to any website in the world, through any type of proxy.
Currently supporting: Domain IP’s, user:pass and IP auth proxies.
– The ability to test unlimited proxies at once.
– Sticky and rotating proxies.
– Direct and accurate results to any website in the world.
– IP authenticated proxies.
– User:Password proxies
– Domain IP proxies.
– Export working proxies to a txt file.
Free Proxy Checker from RSocks | Check Proxy for Free

Free Proxy Checker from RSocks | Check Proxy for Free

Free proxy checker by RSocks
RSocks Proxy Checker is a multifunctional and easy-to-use tool for proxy users. The program checks the proxy list and sorts them by parameters. You can configure a proxy checker using filters and built-in features of the program to work as efficiently as possible with our service, and to check any other proxies.
You can make a fast, reliable and intuitive check of the operation of your proxy lists for a whole range of parameters such as:
The availability of IP
The speed of the proxy
Presence of a proxy in Spamhaus databases
Definition of real IP
Country and city definition
Downloading the proxy lists
You can add a proxy list by any of the following means:
from the file (single or multiple)
by link (single or multiple)
from the clipboard (by copying the contents from any source)
The Software can automatically recognize the data format used by most proxy lists. For different formats the Editing Mode is available.
Request type: GET, TCP, SMTP
Request type is the method used to test if a proxy is working properly or not.
Software supports 3 types of requests:
GET (HTTP GET) – requests the data from entered URL through proxy. The result is HTTP response code such as 200 OK, 404 Not found, 302 Found, etc. Any response means proxy is functioning, while the lack of it indicates problems.
TCP – simple TCP connection to the entered host is proxied.
SMTP – connection to the selected mail server is proxied. A short SMTP dialog with the HELO (EHLO), NOOP and QUIT commands used. Test results are positive if the server responds to all commands and properly terminates the connection.
Maximum response time
The period in seconds given to the server to respond. If the time elapses, a proxy is considered inactive.
Maximum number of test connections
The maximum number of tests to be run concurrently. For good internet connection, the recommended value is – 200 – 300 connections.
Protocol support: HTTP, HTTPS, Socks4, Socks4a, Socks5
It is necessary to select at least one protocol to begin the test. When selecting multiple protocols tests are executed consequently, so tests will take longer to run. If the proxy list includes the proxy’s protocol (example: socks4127. 0. 1:1080) it will be selected automatically.
Real IP address
Displays the external IP address of the proxy server. External IP is looked up using trusted script Script also returns Geo-location and PTR record. Different script with the same response format may also be used (see Options → Additional requests).
PTR record
Using the script in point 6 returns the hostname associated with the proxy’s external IP address.
IP Geolocation: Country, City
Country and the city are deducted from MaxMind databases by proxy’s external IP address. The same script from point 6 is used.
The Software provides simplified and detailed Geo-location statistics: simplified displays the total number of countries in the Package, and detailed displays the number of Package’s proxies for every country and city.
Spam-list listing
Checks if the proxy’s IP is listed in ZEN, PBL and CBL databases.
File download speed
To measure the proxy’s speed you have to specify the resource or a file you want downloading in Options → Additional requests. Speed is calculated using the formula “Speed = size/time”. The bigger the target file is, the more precise the results will be. but testing time will also increase.
The recommended file size for this test is 300-500 KB.
Level of anonymity
Determines the level of anonymity of HTTP(S) proxy servers:
N/A – the level of anonymity is unknown.
Transparent – proxies forward detailed info about your IP address to the target server you are connecting to.
Anonymous – this type of proxy doesn’t reveal your IP-address to a server, however the server will know that the connection was made through a proxy.
Elite – the server has no idea that the connection was made through a proxy nor does it know your real IP address.
Remote DNS
Important feature to assess your anonymity. This option makes Socks 5 proxy perform domain lookups on the proxy server, avoiding local DNS lookups.
Proxy list test results
Results are displayed in statistics and in the form of the spreadsheet. The spreadsheet can be sorted and filtered using the Filters tab (for example, to show only proxies with the latency less than 1000ms).
Exporting test results
Results can be saved in the original proxy list format (only functional proxies will be saved) or in the selected format with any selected fields displayed. Sorting and filtering parameters will be preserved.
Unfx Proxy Checker

Unfx Proxy Checker

About Fastest and the best free proxy checker you can find. The proxy checker was focused on maximum usability, functionality and UX/UI design. We keep it in open source, and you can be sure what you use full clear software. Be careful if you downloaded it on another resource. Features
Light Dark Neon
Support protocols:,,
Data capturing:
All data Server data Retries
Multiple judges support:
Response validation Swap
Blacklists support:
Single ips Ips with mask
Country checking:
name Keep-Alive checking
Anonymity detection:
Sort by:
Filter by:
Search by:
Export formats:
port protocol
port Auto updates support Core Threads:
If selected 1 protocol, available
If selected 2 protocols, available
If selected 3 protocols, available
If selected 4 protocols, available
Data capturing: Capture Full Data
– Capture and save all response data
headers) for looking at the results page (click by proxy to show all data).
Capture Server
– Parses response body at server signatures:
Squid Mikrotik Tinyproxy Litespeed Varnish Haproxy Options: Retries
– Will retry to check the proxy multiple times, for each protocol separately. Keep in mind, it increases proxy checking time.
Max retries:
10 Judges If judge URL starts with “” will be used for HTTPS requests, with “” for HTTP. SOCKS4 and SOCKS5 will use all proxy judges. Validate Field:
If not empty – Enable response validation by text which you type. Response will be valid is this string was found in response body. Also support Regexes (Regex builds through Javascript RegExp).
Options: Swap
– Enable swap the judge url after each request, to minimize servers busy. Will split requests across all active proxy judges. If disabled – will use only one proxy judge with minimum response timeout.
Add new: Url
– Must be an unique.
Ip Ip address lookup: Url
– External server, which return your
in a raw data. Uses for detect proxy anonymity.
address will be cached before start the first check. If you are changed
address, press the
button for re-lookup and re-cache your new
Blacklist If you really no need filtering through blacklist, don’t enable this feature. This feature overload CPU, and need more time for prepare results.
Options: Filtering
– Enable filter through blacklists.
Add new: Title
– Must be an unique
Ip addresses can be as
(127. 0. 1) or with
mask (127. 0/24).
Blacklists loads every time before start the check,
without a progress overlay! Results Ports: Allow
– Allow only
– Exclude
Export in
port, always return proxies with protocols priority:
socks5 ->
socks4 ->
127. 1:1337 is socks4, socks5 proxy.
Will saved as:
socks5127. 1:1337 Double click
– select or deselect all countries
– may contain multi words, separated by
space Updates
Checking for updates:
For installed application update will be downloaded automatically and installed.
If you use portable application, you can download the update manually (will download through your browser).
IP Location database
This product includes GeoLite2 data created by MaxMind, available
Want to help improve our proxy checker? If you find a bug or want to suggest any feature, please create an issue on Github. Link to repository above. Don’t forget to ⭐ the repository

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