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SalesQL – Linkedin Email Finder & Outreach CRM

SalesQL – Linkedin Email Finder & Outreach CRM
Use SalesQL to find contact details for the people you want to approach on LinkedIn, even if you haven’t yet connected with themStart Now, It’s FreeGET STARTED WITH OUR BROWSER EXTENSIONTalk directly to 700M business professionalsFind all the address you needFind phone numbers and email addresses for your 1st, 2nd and 3rd+ LinkedIn moreExtract and enrich contacts in bulkDownload your LinkedIn connections and extract their contact details in bulk, direct from LinkedIn search pages – great for building prospect databases and networking startedPrevent emails from getting mixed upSwitch from recruiting to sales with a single button, and keep your emails clearly separate. Decide what information you want to see and in which & FASTBoost your productivity by managing your leads like never beforeDESIGNED FOR YOUSalesQL is made for recruiters and salespeople across the globeReach out to your future customers with SalesQL’s enhaced B2B contact detailsReach top candidates’ personal email using SalesQLYves Concepcion, IBMRecruitment Sourcing SpecialistToni Edem, Johnson & JohnsonTalent Solutions ExpertVictor Ferrer, ComcastEnterprise Sales ManagerKat Lewczyk, NerdwalletRecruiter
How to Install In Google Chrome - SalesQL

How to Install In Google Chrome – SalesQL

Make sure to remove the current version of the extension. Right-click on the extension’s icon and then click “Remove from Chrome” to download the latest version ( Version 4. 3. 1)Download NowYou can do it anywhere on your computer. In mac, double click on the zip file. If you are using Windows, you can unpack the file using on the extensions icon (puzzle) on the top of your Chrome window, then click on “Manage Extensions” to the top right of the extensions manager page and click on “Developer Mode” to activate on “Load unpacked” and select the folder you previously unzipped. Keep the folder in that directory because if you delete it, the extension will not work.
SalesQL Pricing, Alternatives & More 2021 - Capterra

SalesQL Pricing, Alternatives & More 2021 – Capterra

SalesQL ReviewsShowing 5 of 24 reviewsVP – Business DevelopmentComputer Software, 11-50 employeesUsed the software for: Less than 6 months“A Great Tool for Sales Enablement”Pros: SalesQL never the less the best tool for contact information identification, company info for get a grip of insights of the prospect you are going to connect with, email and contact numbers of the chosen contacts etc., Its LinkedIn contact data collecting tool helps to reach out up to 3rd level of connections. We use it daily at our BD as well as for HR During our last 6 months usage, we have not come across any nging PartnerStaffing and Recruiting, 1-10 employeesUsed the software for: 6-12 months“Excellent Product, but poor customer service”Overall: Even with the complete lack of customer service and inaccurate email validation functionality, the tool is still worth using because it’s super easy, fast, and does provide good quality contact information (even if you need to validate it outside the tool).
If the company would make a few improvements, they would be unstoppable! Pros: The product is super easy to use and provides contact information for most contacts. The pricing is in-line with other lesser quality The customer service is very poor. I’ve sent in a number of email support requests and often get no response at all.
The tool also provides email validation and shows which emails are valid and which may need more investigation. This feature of the software is completely inaccurate. If you are going to use those emails and you don’t want to hurt your email domain reputation, you need to check those emails against a service like NeverBounce, which will cost additional ternatives Considered: ZoomInfoReasons for Choosing SalesQL: SalesQL was orders of magnitude cheaperReasons for Switching to SalesQL: SalesQL provided much more information, was easier to use, and provided better quality ResponseBy SalesQL on August 20, 2020Hi Henry, thanks for your feedback, we know that we need to improve our email validation system, we are working on this regard and we take your support emails into account to improve our product and your experience, you will see some improvements in this regard Marketing and Advertising, Self-employedUsed the software for: I used a free trial“On Trial after the first use”Overall: Was not even real to me, in a matter of an hour this compay has show no customer support and for sure, a bulling way of business. Pros: Would help find people, but not very good. Cons: After my first use of the app, I got hit with an email: said I was not going to get to use the app as they originally implied they cut me down to 5 searches because I had too many Free apps? Hmmm Testing for apps to use oh yes I have a few to see what works best… But then I get a second email Threatening to Block me if I don’t show them my drivers license or passport ummm your free app is way out of line but I just want everyone to know the knid of company you will be dealing with, so be careful. Reasons for Choosing SalesQL: I did not, I was testing it. But I would not tell anyone to get this app… Vendor ResponseBy SalesQL on August 20, 2020Hi David, sorry for your bad experience, unfortunately as we have a lot of abuse on our free accounts, we have limited the free plan on new or inactive Linkedin accounts, but we are improving this process to remove the limitations if you contact us, I’ve removed the limitations on your account.
I hope you can give us another chance and try our system.
Best regards, Tanishq rketing AnalystInformation Technology and Services, 11-50 employeesUsed the software for: Less than 6 months“Great tool for email hunting ”Overall: We’re trying to find contact emails for our outreach campaigns and SalesQL is a great addition to the tools we use Pros: 1. Ability to search for personal as well as official emails
2. Ability tonsearch for contact numbers
3. Automatic profile reading when on LinkedIn profile of the prospect
4. Similar suggestions of other profiles Cons: 1. The focus is more on personal profiles of the person rather than official emails. This can be ahifted to official emails as personal emails are not encouraged in a professional setting FormateurInformation Technology and Services, 201-500 employeesUsed the software for: Less than 6 months“a surprise one”Overall: It gave us a boost in our commercial process, it does the jobPros: When we buy this tools, we didn’t know what we were getting into, the results were tested, and we had quite a bit of opportunity… that was not a bad oneCons: It give a phone number but not in every contact, there are too few mobile numbersAlternatives Considered: AeroLeads and LushaReasons for Choosing SalesQL: It’s the middle between and LushaReasons for Switching to SalesQL: The phone number option

Frequently Asked Questions about salesql extension

How do I install SalesQL browser extensions?

Make sure to remove the current version of the extension….Right-click on the extension’s icon and then click “Remove from Chrome”.Download the extension. … Unpack the file. … Go to extension manager. … Activate developer mode. … Load the unpacked folder.

Is SalesQL free?

SalesQL pricing starts at $39.00 per user, per month. There is a free version. SalesQL offers a free trial.

How do I add SalesQL to Linkedin?

When you first login in Linkedin Recruiter lite, you can start the search, and click on the SalesQL button: The profiles will be shown as you scroll down, and you can add them directly from this view, without having to open it individually.

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