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The ScrapeBox RankTracker plugin allows you to track where your website or web pages rank for an unlimited number of keywords on the three main search engines Google, Yahoo and Bing.
If you have ever manually typed your keywords in to a search engine and clicked through the results looking for your website to see where you rank, you will know how slow and time consuming this process can be, especially when you own a number of websites and want to check numerous keywords for every site.
However with the Rank Tracker plugin after your project has been added this can all be done by simply clicking a button any time you wish to check your rankings. All your historical records are saved, and you can see how your rankings are improving over time, be able to tell at a glance how many positions each keyword has improved or fallen since the last check and see the average rank of all your keywords over time.
There’s 2 main ways to track your rankings, one is to offload the task to a company who provides you a login to their server to check your rankings. The other is by using a desktop software such as the ScrapeBox Rank Tracker. The benefits of using a desktop software is your domains, keywords and ranking data remain entirely on your PC, securely saved in zip files and nobody can access this information besides you!
Your information will always be available to view and you will not need to rely on a server being online, or even worse the company vanishing along with the server containing years of your rank tracking data. With a desktop software, you stay in control of who accesses your information, when your rank checking is performed and when if ever your data should be deleted.
Also by checking your rankings from your PC, you get to see more accurate results like you would see in your browser rather then checking from a server possibly on the other side of the world which gets served different geo-targeted search results.
Scrapebox Rank Tracker - Worth it? | BlackHatWorld

Scrapebox Rank Tracker – Worth it? | BlackHatWorld

Scrapebox Rank Tracker – Worth it? | BlackHatWorld
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Jul 28, 2016
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As you may know, there are many different types of rank trackers ranging from SerpBook, SerpLab, and other keyword checkers.
SB-R-T is a one-off payment compared to others which have a monthly fee.
I was wondering if anyone uses Scrapbox Rank Tracker on a consistent basis? If you have what’s your opinion on it – in terms of effectiveness and accuracy compared to other rank checkers?
May 8, 2013
6, 263
1, 013
I’ve been using it for quite some time now and it does the job well. However, you can never expect any tool to be 100% accurate in what it gives you.
Just keep in mind that SERPs change according to the proxy location.
Serpbook and others allow you to say what google version should be queried.
Scrapebox of course runs on your PC or a VPS, so you control what google you query and if your proxy is in Europe you’ll see different SERPs from USA or China.
Feb 24, 2011
1, 267
You need very good proxy in order to get some ranking. I suggest you can just use serplab. It’s cheap and accurate enought
Good point. But in comparisons to other similar rank-tracking tools, would you say it’s just as good?
Another good point. That would give +1 to SB since proxies are controllable while other services aren’t.
Serplab is cheap but SR-R-T is even cheaper.
Serplab: (minimum) $5 * 12 (months) = $55 (USD)
Scrapebox Rank Tracker: one off $20 (USD) (unlimited keywords), +/- proxy quality. Which is still cheaper overall if the only cost is decent proxies.
Dec 14, 2013
yes it is worth every penny
1. No Limitation of keywords/domain
2. You can check as many times u want
3. It is one time payment and affordable too
Oct 7, 2012
1, 001
Scrapebox Rank Tracker is not excellent but good enough. It gets the job done and worth the price you pay for.
Jul 29, 2011
Isn’t the best tracker, but helps a lot, and is worth for the money.
The 2nd poster said you can never expect complete accuracy and that is because there is no such thing, I say that because you can vary results all over the place with results. I wrote about it here:
But the short answer is I have used the scrapebox rank tracker for years and its consistent and does a good job.
I understand that no rank tracker is fully accurate but wouldn’t your opinion be pretty biased since you’re like the creator or part of the SB team (no offense intended with tone)?
That was what I was thinking but I wanted a general overview before purchasing it. I know it’s not that much but I wanted some feedback beforehand.
May 1, 2010
3, 019
4, 701
Scrapebox rank tracker works just fine. I paid $25 (was it $25? about that) for it when Scrapebox 64 bit came out a couple of years ago and it’w worked very well ever since. Yeah IP counts. So factor for that. Or use a service that has IP choices. I check around 5, 000 keywords over a month on Scrapebox using 20 proxies. Costs me nearly nothing as I already have private proxies for other purposes. 5, 000 keywords on a decent service is going to cost me a fortune. Cheapest I could find from a reliable service was $147 a month or $1499 per year as a one off payment for that number of keywords.
So it might depend on the scale. The number of keywords you track,
Jul 29, 2009
2, 919
2, 110
The issue with any desktop/server apps is that it will depend on your location and if you want to grab another state/country you’d have to get solid proxies that work properly. One time + ongoing proxies (if you want different locations etc)
Thread Cowved? What a strange thing to say
Its not meant as what the cow is, but what it says. Cows say “moo” so the thread is “moo”ved.
The premise of my post was my write up of why rank trackers are as accurate as they can be and most people have a misconception of how SERPs work, and that applies to 100% of rank trackers.
The fact that I use scrapebox and tout it is not biased because I am Not part of the team and I do Not work for them. I am an expert user sure, I love scrapebox sure, when I was broke scrapebox helped me make a lot of money, sure. I didn’t want scrapebox to die as a project as so many SEO tools do/did, sure. So I tried donating money, they said no. So I said well hmmm how can I help?
Well I watched and they spent all day answering the same questions in the sales thread, its still here on BHW, go read it, you can see. So I started making videos to save them time so they could develop and everyone wins.
That was 9 years ago and you may think I work for them because I made so many videos, but the truth is that tons of the stuff in scrapebox was added at my request. It was like having my own personal programmer for free, and the license was cheap, why would I not support it in every way possible? They still add features at my request, the most recent update has stuff I asked for, why? Because that still will help me make money.
Its a win win win.
I support scrapebox with videos and posts etc.. and scrapebox wins because they don’t have to do that work and answer the same question like a broken record. I win because I get features at my request and I use those to make money. I further win because people see my videos -which will hit 1 million views this year – and then people come to me and there are a select few I wind up working with in 1 capacity or another and so I make more money. Same as anyone else putting out content.
The last win is the community, people get help they need, which makes me feel good. People tell me all the time they appreciate what I do, its nice. But then because of it they tell their friends and their friends by scrapebox and people buy plugins, which takes us back to the first win, where Scrapebox makes money and they win.
So its a perfect circle.
So being an avid user doesn’t make me bias, if anything it lets me give an accurate opinion because I have tested the software to death. Trust me, when there is new beta stuff, they give it to me and I try and break it, which is good for everyone.
At any rate, everyone else in this thread says the same thing and I was most posting to give the link, but since we are here, there you go.
Lastly on the notes of ips, with the google october 2017 update where google displays results from the country that the ip is from not from the google you put in, thats important.
That means if you have a France IP and you put in to check your going to get results from not Or thats how it works in a browser.
The rank tracker in scrapebox found a way to get around that so you get what you put in.
However as noted above, getting some good ips or at least 1 proxy/ip from the geographic location that you want to rank track for is going to be ideal.
You can typically use a 60 delay and stop at 100 results and use 100 results and connections at 1 and then use 1 ip and rank track a good bit of keywords daily without having to worry about ip bans.
I do not rank track 5000 keywords daily like @Scritty does, but even 20 proxies, I mean you can get that for $20 give or take, (probably shared proxies are fine, probably dont’ need dedicated, but maybe, you can try. I use shared) is way less then the $147 he talks about.
But yes ips from the geo local you want to rank track is the most ideal way to go about it.
Apr 30, 2018
Yes, I do use SBRT and it works just fine. I like the fact that you can update the ranking whenever you like, and that is a good feature, as sometime I feel I just need to refer to the ranking ASAP.
I have over 10 projects that are being tracked by the plugin, and so far it is working great.
Just that there are some time when the Yahoo or Bing tracking were broken – just message their support, and it usually gets updated within a week (or days if it is an easy fix)
StormProxies has rotating proxies that pass Google and also let you pick your location. In case anyone needs a good rotating proxy provider, been using them for years now.
I also took that into consideration. Overall SB-R-T seems like the best-cost effective option out of all the rank trackers. It might be the best overall but I can’t say without trying it out.
Yeah, if the only thing that someone has to pay for is the proxies after the one time payment, it’s well worth it.
My bad. I thought you were at least part of the SB team since most, if not all the videos were created from you.
Thanks for your input. It’s much appreciated.
I’ve heard good things about them. Might give them a try.
Quit boosting your post count!
This is classic, took me back to my childhood! lol
All good, cheers!
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Why are my results not showing properly for my given google ...

Why are my results not showing properly for my given google …

On October 27th 2017 google made changes that will affect rank tracking in Scrapebox Rank Tracker, if you are tracking google ranks.
The basics is that Google used to let you input any google you want, like or and it would give you results from that google. So if you used you get UK results and would give you results from France, including local results.
That is no longer the case. Google now gives you results based on the geo location of your IP, REGARDLESS of what google you choose.
So if your IP is in Paris, France and you go to and type in food. You will now get results from Paris, France. If you go to, you will still get results from Paris France.
So the google you choose is irrelevant now, they are only returning results from the ip you choose. So you can go to any google around the world and get the same results.
You can read more about it here:
#! topic/websearch/AzcsFmuFPEg/discussion
While you can still manually adjust your location results in a browser, this uses javascript. Scrapebox uses raw sockets and threads, as these provide many advantages, however they do not support javascript.
So the only way to get localized results in the Scrapebox Rank Tracker, is to use an IP from the local you want.
So if you want French results you need a IP from France, if you want German Results you need an ip from Germany etc..
Yes I agree, google is just making it more and more difficult for all of us.
I have had some people ask where they can get various ips from specific countries. I wrote up a review of a service that generally can give you fixed ips from a given country (as long as they have ips from that country) and they have a lot of different countries.
The ips stay fixed for the life that you pay for them. Meaning if you buy them and keep paying for 10 months you keep the same ip for 10 months. So once you set it up you don’t have to keep messing around with it. For the private proxies you “can” request a new ip every 30 days, but by default the ips stay fixed.
I also asked them to make a discount for my readers and they did. Further note, this is a good discount, which is why this is NOT an affiliate link:
Discount Code: loopline20
Unfortunately the below applies to Scrapebox for Windows Only, this method will Not work on the mac version of Scrapebox, due to how mac works.
If you are wondering how to make rank tracker use different ips for different projects, there is no way to do that specifically in Rank Tracker.
So the way you would do it is to simply run multiple instances of it.
So say you want to rank track from 3 different countries. You setup 3 different scrapebox folders, 1 for each country.
Install rank tracker in each of them and then setup a given countries project(s) in that. So we could do
Google France
Google USA
Google Germany
Setup a folder for each and then in the rank tracker that is attached to the Google France one, you put in the French IP(s).
For the Google USA, you put in the USA ips and for the google Germany put in the German ips.
Then when you run each, it will be using its own ips. Here is a video on how to setup more then 1 instance:

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