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Holiday insights, tips and tools to help you sell more
The 2021 holiday rush has begun. And our Seller Holiday Shipping Guide can help you sell more items and ship them more smoothly during the busiest time of year.
Know your holiday carrier cutoffs
Make sure it ships on time. Check our carrier cutoff table to help your orders arrive by December 25.
Get 0% final values fees now
Drive traffic to your ebay listings and increase your earnings.
Sell watches with confidence
Reach more buyers and get return protection. We’ll cover the costs.
Source BULQ® lots right here on eBay
Purchase wholesale lots — everything from clothing to electronics — to resell on eBay. It’s fast and easy.
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eBay’s your selling partner, every step of the way.
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How to Sell on eBay
From listing to getting paid—learn the selling skills to help you sell and earn more.
Learn How to Sell
Fees & Features
Choose the combination that fits your business.
Simpler Fees
Know Your Options
Ship the Way You Want
Choose the shipping option that fits your business.
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What to Sell
Learn what buyers want, what it’s worth or what sells at a premium.
Explore What’s Selling
Simple to Get Paid
Getting paid is predictable, flexible, and convenient. When items sell, we send your payouts directly to your bank account.
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Did You Know?
The number of active eBay buyers worldwide
$21. 3B
Marketplace GMV in Q1 2020
Valet Seller: Home

Datacenter proxies

  • unlimited bandwidth
  • Price starting from $0.08/IP
  • Locations: EU, America, Asia


Valet Seller: Home

Instant Marketplace Access
Launch your brand and products across multiple sales channels utilizing Valet Seller’s reputable storefronts. With our managed marketplace network, you can immediately start selling on Walmart, Amazon, Kroger, eBay, and other leading marketplaces.
Upload your products with our easy to use import products tool
Price your products to sell. You control how much you get paid
List your products on 10+ online marketplaces
Manage orders and shipments from a single dashboard
When do I get paid? At the end of every month, Valet Seller will send you a report of your sales and a bank transfer of your is the commission fee breakdown? The marketplaces charge 15% of sales. Valet Seller charges an additional 10%. If you generate $10, 000 in sales each month, your distribution is $7, much does this cost? We charge a 5%-10% commission on sales and have a low monthly fee for managing your listings. The monthly fee varies based on the number of products that you sell with Valet I sell a bunch of random products? As much as we love unique and innovative products, we do need to have a quantity of at least 25 of the same are the benefits of using Valet Seller to ship my orders? If you decide to use Valet Seller’s fulfillment solution, all orders will be delivered to customers within 2-3 days. This option also qualifies you to receive an ‘Amazon Prime’ badge on your listing, which can further incentivize customers to buy your I open my own seller accounts?
When making the expansion to marketplace e-commerce, business owners typically decide whether they will open their own seller accounts or utilize resellers & wholesalers to distribute their product on the marketplaces.
With Valet Seller, you can do both. Access a network of established online retailers and connect your existing channels for a centralized experience.
We started as a small family-based fermentation company selling at our local farmers market. Listing our products with Valet Seller helped us scale internationally and almost tripled our sales.
Cori Deans
Valet Seller has been exceptional for my brand and online presence! I never thought I would be selling such high volume on marketplaces like Walmart, Amazon, and WISH so quickly and with such ease.
Christopher Russell
I didn’t have to make a million mistakes to learn all the ins and outs of Amazon and instead we could just hit the ground running, which is exactly what I wanted. Valet Seller will save you time and money.
Oak Atkinson
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Amazon Seller Extension

Amazon Seller Extension

Amazon Seller Extension
On-Page Estimator and Variation Viewer for Amazon Sellers
Credit card not requiredFor Free Trial
“RevSeller has become my go to Chrome extension for sourcing online. Being able to see sales rank,
category and profitability at the top of each product page drastically cuts research time, and allows me
to make quick, smart buying decisions.
The Variation viewer functionality is something I have wished for for years. After only using it for 2
weeks, it would be impossible for me to source clothes and shoes without it any more. ”
What they’re saying
“Almost immediately, I found it to be as indispensable as my Keepa extension. ”
“I love it and its made my life so easy. ”
“Using this now and I LOVE it. Saves a ton of scrolling and clicking. ”
“Revseller is a huge timesaver and an integral part of my online arbitrage process. Great support
makes this tool a no-brainer. ”
“The best FBA tool I have used. Saves me tons of time and allows me to work much more effectively. ”
“This is the tool that new sellers (as well as veterans) have needed for SO LONG! ”
“My It, use it and train everyone on your team how to make smart, fast, profitable
purchases when they use it! ”
“And I see they are updating the product as well, which is great support. Very good product!! ”
“I wish I could give this thing 10 thumbs up. ”
“I especially like having the flexibility to manipulate the selling price and my cost of goods to
see how that affects my bottom line for that item. ”
Displays Below the Product Title on Amazon Product Detail Pages
Our pricing is a free trial for 30 days with no
payment information required
for the free trial. After 30 days the price is
$99. 99/year.
Try out the full extension free for 30 days. No credit card required.
$9999 /year
Annual subscription including product updates and support.
Frequently Asked Questions
The purpose of this extension is to help you make faster and more informed product
decisions using our Product Calculator Estimates and the information we make easily
available on the page. While we strive for accuracy, sometimes there is not enough
available from Amazon for an exact estimate of fees or other data. We encourage you
check the data with Amazon’s calculator or in the manage inventory page fee
before making product decisions.
Yes, as long as you are using it for the same Selling account, you can use it on
multiple computers. Just go to on the 2nd device and login with your
RevSeller login info. Then go to “My Account” and “Download Extension. ”
We follow Amazon’s MWS policies which require sellers to authorize our
access in order to make calls on the seller’s behalf.
We only call product information for the page you are currently visiting, and do not
request any seller-specific data.
Services that use the Amazon API to estimate fees can estimate fees accurately for a
large portion of products, but they also all have limitations on accuracy because of
limited data from the Amazon API. We have worked hard to create accurate estimates,
encourage you to check with Amazon Calculator or other Amazon sources before making
Right now Google Chrome extensions do not work on the mobile versions of Chrome. The
extension works on a laptop/desktop version of Google Chrome.
The extension is currently available for use on the and
marketplaces. It will not yet work for, etc.
Currently it is only available for use in the Google Chrome browser.
Yes, as long they are doing work for your Selling account, they can use the
extension as
well. To set it up on more than one computer, just go to on the 2nd
and login with your RevSeller login info. Then go to “My Account” and “Download
Extension. ”
We think it is helpful for the beginner and experienced seller alike. As a beginner

having net proceeds estimates pop up automatically, and then being able to adjust
numbers and immediately see the results can help you learn these numbers faster. For
experienced sellers, anything that saves time like this tool does is really helpful
If you want to cancel your paid account, sign in or click My Account in the top right.
Find the Cancel link at the bottom of the page. Click the link and then confirm,
and your renewal should be canceled. Uninstalling the extension or disabling MWS access
in Seller Central does not cancel the auto-renewal. If you want to cancel, you must
do that on our website.
Free trial accounts will simply expire and will not be charged unless you choose
to make a payment.

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