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Description from extension metaPage monitor for incoming products or restocks with IP Proxy. You can be warned by sound and/or email.
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This extension allows you to monitor e-commerce or web pages by refreshing them up to a maximum of once every 3 seconds. The system is equipped with a configurable IP Proxy to avoid ban. You can select the maximum latency in milliseconds and the country of the IP Proxy you prefer.
You can search for words in the page and you will be notified when they will be found, you can set a number of products and be notified when it increase and/or you can be warned when sold out decreases.
You can select the types of alerts you prefer: a sound, the focus on the page and/or an email to the address you’ll enter.
You can automatically scroll pages to detect lazy loaded products.
To use, simply go to a page you would like to monitor, click on the Sneakers Page Monitor icon and select “Watch This Page”. You have to select your preferences and then you’ve done! Now whenever this page changes, the monitor will alert you as you prefer. Of course, you can repeat this for any number of pages.
The page tabs must remain opened in background in order to be reloaded and analyzed but you can work on other tabs without any problem.
Latest reviews
(2019-06-15) david 1: sono riuscito a prendere i restock di kaws su uniqlo con questa estensione! ottima
(2019-06-05) Jayden Lin: Initially thought it was a scam however, its pretty easy to use TBH. It gave me notifications for the Yeezy Boost 350 V2 Black Reflective shock drop. Not a bad extension
(2018-07-26) pietro viscardi: Ho provato diversi plugin per intercettare articoli proprio nello specifico, questo però è di gran lunga il migliore degli altri e personalmente trovo ottima la funzionalità email che mi tiene in costante aggiornamento quando sono fuori, mentre se sono al pc il segnale acustico mi avvisa quando sono immerso nelle mille pagine del browser. CONSIGLIATO!
(2018-07-24) Ross Jay Dev: Ottimo plugin per intercettare l’articolo che desidero quando è disponibile togliendomi il disturbo di andare a controllare ogni volta:)
Latest issues
(2020-11-07, v:1. 1. 0) Lim Terry: Im from malaysiaMalaysia Nike also can monitor?
(2020-09-08, v:1. 0) Mohsin Raja: webhookcan you add a discord webhook?
(2020-06-05, v:1. 0) Henrique Telles: Problems buying itWhy can’t i buy it? Is it available?
(2020-03-25, v:1. 0) Stella Ambrosino: installazionema l’installazione ha un costo di 1. 49 Euro? oppure è gratis?
(2019-08-14, v:1. 0) Bogdan Andrushchenko: Monitor any siteHi, can I monitor any site?
For example, is there a site that needs to monitor a block for new links, your add-on will show “that two new links are added in this div block, for example, in green”? Or the add-on will simply notify, and I myself will see what has appeared – and what has already happened?
(2019-06-19, v:1. 0) Lorenzo Papi: problema avviso quando metto in monitoraggio una pagina ( nel mio caso quella di off-white) il suono di avviso va in loop all’oè metto le impostazioni di monitoraggio e non appena salvo, parte il suono e iniziano ad arrivarmi mail che la pagina è cambiata
(2019-06-14, v:1. 0) Peter Blandeburgo: IP Proxy’s Not LoadingHello. I just purchased your product and when I click IP Proxy, nothing happens. “Search for IP Proxy” is greyed out. It says “You need to refresh countries” and under that is a button for “Load countries” which is not greyed out but when I click it nothing happens. I don’t want to get banned. Any suggestions?
(2018-11-20, v:1. 0) boris: Porpostaciao sei italiano?
(2018-11-04, v:1. 0) JULIA NICKLIN: double chargeHi I was charged it possible to refund one of the two amounts?
Google Chrome Page Monitor Extension: Sneakers - Reddit

Google Chrome Page Monitor Extension: Sneakers – Reddit

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1Posted by7 years ago
Just set one up, hoping it will me help me catch those silent restocks. What pages are you guys monitoring? 2 comments60% UpvotedLog in or sign up to leave a commentLog InSign Up
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yasserqureshi1/Sneaker-Monitors - GitHub

yasserqureshi1/Sneaker-Monitors – GitHub

Logo developed by lustratesz
Sneaker Monitors
A collection of web monitors that notify of restocks or updates on sneaker related sites through Discord Webhook
Report Bug
Request Feature
To be notified of changes, please star or watch this repository.
This will also increase the awareness of the project for others to use or add to.
Check out the docs here
About the Project
This project is aimed at providing web-monitors for various sites to the sneaker community for free.
The monitors currently notify if a restock or release occurs via Discord Webhook.
Today, competition to purchase sneakers is getting increasingly difficult with resellers using paid automated tools to give them a massive advantage over everyone else.
As such, I have and will continue to develop monitors that will help those members that struggle to finally get the sneakers they want.
This project is continually expanding, and I would greatly appreciate any contributions.
When contributing please fork the project and open a Pull Request.
However, due to popular demand, I am developing a paid (but competitively priced) set of hosted monitors. These will be released on my Discord Server that you can join in #Contact.
Below is a screenshot of the SNKRS monitor in action…
Set Up
Currently the sites that have monitors are:
All Shopify sites (e. g. Palace Skateboards, Hanon Shop, OVO,, BDGA Store, Noir Fonce, Travis Scott, etc. )
Nike SNKRS (Supports 42 countries – see the associated README file)
Footsites (Footlocker UK, US, CA and AU)
Zalando (UK)
Off-Spring (UK)
Ensure you have Python 3+ and pip installed.
To install the dependencies, navigate to the cloned directory in Terminal or Command Prompt and use the command:
pip install -r
Video Tutorials
Click on the image below to watch a YouTube tutorial on setting the monitor up locally…
Click on the image below to watch a YouTube tutorial on setting the monitor up on a server…
Basic Steps
Clone or Download the repository
git clone
Download: Click on the green Code button and click on Download ZIP. Then unzip this folder
Perform the installation described in #Installation.
Start editting the file to your specifications. You will only be interacting with the file.
Add Webhook: Paste your Discord Webhook URL under the WEBHOOK variable. It should look like this:
(Optional) Add Proxy: Paste your proxy under the PROXY variable. There are two structures:
PROXY = “:
PROXY = “:@:
You can also edit other details within the file as you see fit
Run the Python file. You can use the following command:
NOTE: The script needs to be running continuously for it to keep monitoring websites. As such, you should host it on a server. I have a YouTube tutorial on this here. However, I suggest testing this out on your PC before using a server.
If you find an issue, please open an issue here.
I will try to respond fairly quickly and try to come up with solution.
I may ask you to provide the log file that is produced by the monitor.
It contains no personal data but may help me diagnose where the issue arises.
Distributed under the MIT License. See LICENSE for more information.
For help join my Discord server here and post a question in the #questions channel

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