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SquidProxies Review 2021 – Is worth to buy Squid Proxies?

Squid Proxies is a trustworthy private proxies provider, that offers Good customer support. Its proxies are well-known and used by many BHW ovide Great private proxies for SEOWorldwide servers with with fast speedsProxies are Immediate delivery24/7 Access to proxies20% Recurring Discount – Read to end! Squid Proxies offers elite anonymous HTTP/HTTPS proxies. This means they can access websites using all of the popular browsers, such as Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, etc. They also offer a high level of anonymity and support both HTTP and HTTPS web are great for marketing and use with social media sites, most notably Instagram! Many users have reported great success and reliability while using the Squid Proxies servers for Instagram It’s great for Proxies for SEO, Especially who using Scrapebox. Here is a fantastic place for you to choose Scrapebox Proxies! have specialized the connections on their server to get fast speed. So if you’re looking the specially Proxies for Scrapebox, Here may be a right place for you to check out! By the way, Xrummer – Another SEO tools by Russian for posting backlinks on forum is not allowed. 10 proxies cost $24 (Now 20% OFF – Code at end! )Pricing & PackagesPrivate Proxies PlanSquid Proxies only have 2 type of proxies Packages, The private proxies and shared proxies. The proxies are good for just about any legal use. They are specifically targeted at marketers, with shared and dedicated proxies centered around marketing. They offer unlimited bandwidth, super fast server speeds up to 1, 000+ Mbps, high anonymity, and all at an ultra affordable are the private proxies packages that Squid Proxies service provides. It should be noted that they do not offer specialized Packages for the special purposes. But guarantee that these proxies will work for the legal purpose, and if you aren’t fully satisfied you can get a full refund within 3 Proxies PlanPackage of shared proxies starts from 100 proxies at $1 per proxy, Yes. Its Cheap, but you must take note on the shared proxies packages. back to menu ↑Network PerformanceSquidproxies offer the Non-Sequential IPs with a fast connection. The servers they offer are incredibly reliable, with fewer errors than many other services. For their private proxies, they have a guarantee that it will work for your purposes and meet your satisfaction. For the shared proxies, however, there is no such offer. They are less reliable and likely to work, so we recommend you upgrade to the private proxies option to maximize your value. They offer 24/7 access to your proxy servers all year long. back to menu ↑Server LocationsOverviewUSAInternationalYou can get Multiple GEO Locations. Here are Locations of networks that squid proxies service provided, Offering exclusive USA & Europe (Bern, Switzerland, Canada, UK, Sweden, Zurich) Proxies, India Proxies, China Proxies and locations are available for both private and shared proxies, so either one offers a great selection for member! If you need a specific location/locations for your proxies, you have to submit a ticket after you check out. Otherwise, proxies will be allocated randomly in the United States, and you will not be able to get access to the locations you lanta, GA
Chicago, IL
Dallas, TX
Hawthorne, NJ
Los Angeles, CA
Kirkland, WA
New York, NY
Tampa, FL
Phoenix, AZ
Scranton, PA
Seattle, WA
West Hollywood, CAZurich, Switzerland
China back to menu ↑Authentication & UseAfter paying for the proxies, You can get a login information of from your email, You can easily get your IP:Port from their Only IP authentication available! back to menu ↑Customer SupportSquidproxies offer the email and ticketing customer support, You can get the touch to them 24/7. It’s a great proxy service that has an ever-growing reputation for taking good care of its customers, But their owner looks like a little lazy to add more new features for on their their Website NavigationThe Squid Proxies website is very easy to navigate and pleasant to use. They have an abundance of helpful tutorials to aid in set up, an FAQ section, and a simple customer service section. All throughout the site are helpful tips and information to help you better understand the service and how to use your proxies. Their website and servers are also free of advertising. I found their resource section to be the most helpful. There you can find step by step tutorials for any questions you might have, including how to use your proxies across any platform and browser, how to troubleshoot connectivity issues, and how to use HTTP proxies in PHP code. These tutorials are very easy to follow, with pictures accompanying the instructions. There is also a section offering articles for various topics. I went through a few of these articles, and they are complete and packed with lots of useful information to help you better understand your you are already his consumer, Pleas share your review at! 20% discount, Use coupon: privateproxyreviewsSample PackagePricemultiple cities/Subnets10 Proxies $242 / 4 50 Proxies $874 / 8 100 Proxies$1605 / 10 200 Proxies $2906 / 12 500 Proxies $5758 / 1620% OFFYou can get 20% recurring discount, Use coupon: privateproxyreviews. back to menu ↑Our Verdict9. 2 Total Score Squidproxies is a really old proxy provider, Offer the Anonymous IP service from 2011, Maybe not the Best, But trusted. Add your review | Read reviews and commentsSquid Proxies Features Proxies Protocol:HTTP/HTTPS Proxies Update Frequency: Fresh IPs Monthly Multiple Cities, Multiple Subnets(Order more than 10 Proxies) Unlimited Bandwidth Full refund within 3 days Allowed: Scrapebox, SeNuke, TweetAttacks, Webmail. Not Supported: Craigslist non-verified accounts, Xrummer
SquidProxies Review & Rating - Pros & Cons - Best Proxy ...

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SquidProxies Review & Rating – Pros & Cons – Best Proxy …

If you’re in the market for proxies, you’ll find a number of private, shared, and public options available online. It could be challenging to wade through it all, even if you’re up to speed on the technical side of the process. OverviewsOne of the most well-known providers of private and shared proxies is SquidProxies. Below you’ll find a comprehensive review of the products SquidProxies after my favorite cephalopod, SquidProxies manages to have its many hands (they’re tentacles, really) embedded in the center of the proxy world. SquidProxies’ prevalence in the proxy world is due to many components, but the two highlights are top-notch customer service and the most competitive prices in the I get into the details of this review, I want to note that proxies can be used for many things. Some are nefarious, others completely legal. SquidProxies offers up its services in the legal domain and states that right on its website:“We provide private proxies and shared proxies for just about any legal use. ”The company will work with you on a variety of projects, but know that outright misuse of proxies will likely result in termination of your Pros & Cons Our Expert’s Review Price – 8/10 Speed – 9/10 Security – 8/10 Quality – 9/108. 5/10 Add your own review to ’ll start with what really matters. For the past years, SquidProxies has been the most competitive priced proxy provider in the market, at least when it comes to private and shared you’re unsure, “private proxies” mean those used solely by you. “Shared proxies” in this context means a proxy you pay for that is shared with other Difference Between Shared and Private ProxiesSquidProxies does not explicitly state how many people you are sharing with, so while this is an interesting option, it’s not as useful (or safe) as an entirely private proxy. Public proxies mean free proxies, and these are riddled with thousands of users, frequent bans, and will likely scrape your iceSquidProxies’ price tiers for private proxies range from $24 per month to $1500 per month depending on the number of proxies you need. The minimum order is 10 proxies per month, which should be enough for your basic it comes down it to it, $2. 40 per private proxy is lower than most competitors in this small-batch number and makes SquidProxies a great choice for the budget-conscious. And $. 75 per proxy at the high-end limit is ridiculously price tiers for shared proxies are technically ’s $1. 00 per proxy for the minimum purchase number — but you’ll need to buy 100 proxies per month, which means $100 per month. You can order in increasingly high ranges with shared proxies, but, as I said earlier, these will be shared with an unknown number of people, which will lead to slower internet speeds and more frequent IP bans. (And maybe insert the shared proxy price chat here. )Look around, you won’t find many cheaper proxy services out there. Some services offer different subscription models, and one has slightly less expensive rates such as instantproxies, that’s use the same control panel as the SquidProxies. With SquidProxies the lowest batch of proxies you can purchase is 10, so for those that want one or two proxies use you will need a different ymentSquidProxies takes most major forms of payment, including a host of your typical credit cards through 2CheckOut. Its preferred method is PayPal, and you will be prompted with PayPal logins to purchase your batch of proxies. This makes sense, because PayPal is often a direct payment and is one of the more verified services in the the tech entrenched, SquidProxies also takes Bitcoin. The website states that if you want to pay in Bitcoin, you should send in a customer service ticket to make sure the team knows you are using that it comes to reviewing proxy companies one component is critical: a quick delivery. SquidProxies is known for its almost immediate delivery of your proxies after purchase. Some companies require hours or days to verify, assemble your unique IPs, and send them over. SquidProxies often dial this down to minutes after your one minor flaw in the payment system is that canceling your account takes a bit of effort. You have to cancel with SquidProxies, and if you have recurring payments through 2CheckOut or PayPal, you’ll need to double-check and make sure those are specifically stopped. SquidProxies has excellent service (which I’ll get into below), but this has caused a few users to be dissatisfied. SpeedTheir service is cost-effective and takes Bitcoin! Speed won’t deter you, for the most part. SquidProxies states that it has “worldwide servers with 1, 000+ Mbps dedicated speeds, ” which should be plenty for most online proxy company also gives you unlimited bandwidth on your proxies, so you can use them for as much or little content at that “worldwide servers” are accurate as well, and viewable on a scalable world map. In the U. S. SquidProxies has 12 servers:Kirkland, WASan Jose, CALos Angeles, CAAnaheim, CAHenderson, NVPhoenix, AZCheyenne, WYDallas, TXChicago, ILAtlanta, GATampa, FLMadison, METhis is great for users that need proxies with a U. IP address. For those that need one outside of the U. S., SquidProxies has 8 servers in as many countries:United KingdomZurich, SwitzerlandRomaniaIsraelIndiaEstoniaSwedenChinaI’m listing all of these because access to these servers will change your speed, depending on the country you are in. SquidProxies boasts on its home page that it’s the largest proxy network on the web, and this huge number of server locations live up to speed gets more complicated is in actual usage, as reviewers on sites like Black Hat World and Warrior Forum note. There have been a number of complaints over the years that SquidProxies IPs are slow or laggy. Most often, this is due to a misconfigured setup on the user’s end. SquidProxies has stellar customer service (details on this below), so if this is the case, they should be able to help you other issue is just the nature of proxies. Putting a secondary point of contact between you and the internet is bound to reduce speed. But this shouldn’t factor for more than a second or two of load time. This is normal for nearly all proxies, and levels SquidProxies with its curityThe whole point of using a proxy is to be anonymous and secure in your internet usage, so this is a pretty important factor. When it comes down to it, the elite and private SquidProxies offerings are just that: high quality and very proxies hide your IP address when used correctly, preventing other sites to see your data and location. Many proxy services require you to use a username and password combination to access and enable your proxies. Not SquidProxies. The company has an IP-based authentication system. This means that once you have authorized your proxies, you can use them this is a nice feature, there’s one loophole. In order to authorize your IPs you need to create a username and password with SquidProxies, then log into their you don’t technically need to enter your login information every time you use a SquidProxy IP, you’ll need to have one to set everything up, and to continue to log into that dashboard. Only 10 proxies can be authorized at a given time, so if you need to rotate proxies, you’ll be logging in and out it comes down to it, SquidProxies has secure private proxies that will protect your identity. Its shared proxies are another matter. I won’t address them here, because it defeats the purpose if multiple customers are using a single IP. QualityQuality often refers to many different aspects when it comes to proxy providers. For this section of the review, I’ll focus on the actual quality of your IP, and a few other quality-based services offered by QualityThe biggest concern with proxy providers is that they will sell you a “private” proxy, but actually rent that IP address to someone else, either at the same time as you, or sometime previous. This is a problem because IPs get blacklisted or banned from sites if used in certain ways, so if your IP addresses have been previously used, they might already contain some stigma from major companies. SquidProxies claims that all of its proxies purchased on the private plan are, indeed, private. This has certainly been true for a long time, but there are comments out there, on sites like Black Hat World and Warrior Forum, that complain about proxies from SquidProxies not working, or being active when they shouldn’t my experience, the quality of these proxies has been solid. They work most of the time, receive few errors, and seem (as far as I can tell) to be truly private. It’s a complicated proxy world, and you’ll never truly know what’s going on behind the SquidProxies didn’t get to be the largest and cheapest network by hosting malfunctioning proxies to everyone. Fresh and Non-Sequential IPs To further improve the viability of their IPs, SquidProxies has two features that are robust when it comes to IPsThis means that if you purchase a batch of 50 proxies, they won’t come in numbered bunches that look similar. This will assure that when you start using those proxies, sites like Google and Facebook will be less likely to recognize all of your proxies as coming from one user, and therefore not send up any red IPs every monthThis is a great feature that users love. Every month, upon request and just generally, SquidProxies will refresh all of your IPs. You can ask them not to do this, but for most users, this is extremely helpful. It reduces the risk of your IPs getting flagged or banned, and increases your sites does squid proxies works on?Quality of proxies is often linked with what services you can scrape and harvest data from. In the case of SquidProxies, you can perform these functions easily for many social media sites, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and means that in general the IPs you are given will not cause a stir when used correctly for these sites, and the SquidProxies team will be able to troubleshoot your you don’t see here is dedicated Ticketmaster, Nike, or Craigslist proxies. SquidProxies doesn’t claim services it can’t provide reliable, and if you need proxies for these sites look elsewhere. All of this equates to high-quality, for those that need more from their provider, we’ll get into the last and best section of SquidProxies. Customer Service It’s been said that to make a truly great company you need two things: a fantastic product and amazing customer want helpful, real people on the other end of a purchase. This is especially true with a proxy provider, especially when complications get highly excellent proxy providers have great customer service, and SquidProxies is among the best. The site has a ticket system in which you submit your issue, and fairly quickly a representative will contact you with specific help for your problem. SquidProxies states that their support hours run 7 days per week, 24 hours per day, excluding major U. holidays. And, when put to the test, the service is extremely only downside of this is that there’s no live support. But the SquidProxies customer service team usually gets back to users very quickly, so it’s not considered a major downfall. Really, the whole business model is built around this customer service. All of your purchases on SquidProxies are subject to a 3-day money-back guarantee, and everywhere on the site you are encouraged to test their IP packages. They want you to purchase a small batch, run them through your programs, and make an informed decision about if their service will work for is paramount because proxies are complicated. There are so many applications of proxies that yours may not fit with their batch IPs, and that’s just fine. Test it out, ask your questions, and make an informed decision. The service team will be helpful and precise, so you should get exactly the high-end product you pay for. Also, for individuals who need extra help setting everything up, the support is I recommend SquidProxies? Recommendation Index:SquidProxies is great for beginners because of the customer support, and the low budget. All of this is coupled with an interactive admin panel, which makes for a seamless experience on all ’s a healthy dollop of verbiage on the merits and realities of SquidProxies. When it comes down to it the service is excellent, the price is low, and the applications are almost fine about jumping in, testing everything out, and making sure these proxies work for you. If not, keep hunting. But if they do, you may have found your proxy other user reviewsSubmit your reviewName: Email: Website: Review Title: Rating: 12345Review: Check this box to confirm you are CancelHTTP Private Proxies sold by Squid Proxies. Average rating: 0 reviewsSquid Proxies alternativesMy Private Proxy: MPP offers the best alternative to, the same HTTP private proxies, our detailed MPP review stant Proxies: The same proxy control panel as squid proxies, looks like a sister company, more details Private Proxy: YPP offer socks5 proxies, read our unbiased review to Yourprivateproxy hereMore HTTP(s) Private Proxies Providers…
SquidProxies Review & Rating 2021 - Why 4.4 Stars?

SquidProxies Review & Rating 2021 – Why 4.4 Stars?

(4. 4 / 5)
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Squidproxies is a dedicated proxies providers provide both HTTP/HTTPS private proxies and shared proxies, Datacenter locate in USA, Europe, Asia and Australia, Offer 7-Days money-back guarantee and Note Only Support IP authentication.
Recommended for: SEO automation Tools – GSA Search Engine Ranker & Scrapebox
Types and Pricing
Server Locations
Proxy Speed Tested
Geo-location / ISP Test
Proxy Features
How to buy/Use
Rating & Verdict
Proxies have become one of the most crucial assets in many online based businesses. For their versatile features, many people consider buying private proxies. But most of the newcomers in this area face problems in choosing the right proxy service for them from a pool of many available options.
We set out on a mission to help you choose from these various options and make the right choice while buying. Today, we will introduce you to Squidproxies, which has been around for a pretty long time and has garnered very positive feedback from the users.
With more than seven years of service, Squidproxies is surely one of the most experienced proxy services currently in operation. With their vast experience, they have already placed themselves in a respectable position. However, we wanted to try out the proxies ourselves and bought 10 private proxies to test. After a thorough testing process, we have found both positive and negative sides of the service which you can see below.
Fast and dedicated HTTP/HTTPS datacenter proxies.
Fast and automatic delivery of proxies after payment.
IP based authentication, does not require username and password while setting up proxies in applications.
Dedicated proxy control panel.
7-Days money-back guarantee.
Quick and responsive customer service.
The vast network of proxy servers across four continents.
Refresh of IP can be requested every month after payment of renewal.
Up to 10 IPs can be authenticated. So, it can also work with dynamic IP.
Payment via credit card is accepted through 2checkout.
Does not offer SOCKS proxies.
Does not offer special proxy packages for specific purposes.
Does not let users choose proxy locations while purchasing and is only available through a support ticket.
No trial period and the lowest package for shared proxies is $24 USD.
Shared proxies do not allow IP refreshing
Unlike most other proxy services, Squidproxies does not offer a long range of packages for specific purposes, which can often make customers confused. Instead, Squidproxies offers only two different sets of proxy services – Shared Proxies and Private Proxies. While having special purpose proxies are convenient for business, and targeted marketing, the proxies offered by Squidproxies are all-purpose proxies, so most suitable for general users.
Also, when a certain IP gets banned on a website, they cannot reuse it for another specific site and so if you’re assigned that IP, you won’t be able to visit the banned website. However, Squidproxies guarantees working proxies for all private packages and will give a refund if the purpose is not fulfilled.
Squidproxies does not guarantee working shared proxies for special purposes, you can learn why it not much cheap but not reliable from this guide written by Richard Adrian. They also don’t allow refreshing of IPs in shared proxies and suggest buying private proxies for special purposes. Shared proxies also come at larger packages, the minimum being a package of 100 proxies. Another negative side of shared proxies are, they have fewer locations and subnets compared to similar private proxies.
Price and feature comparison of various plans offered by Squidproxies:
The lowest shared proxy package is at $100 for 100 proxies. Squidproxies has four different shared proxy package, the maximum being 1000 proxies for $650 USD. They also support custom packaging for 2000 to 5000 proxies, but for custom packaging, you’d have to contact support first so that they can understand why you need the proxies.
Since Squidproxies specializes in private datacenter proxies, they have several versatile packages for private proxies. The smallest package is of 10 proxies, priced at $24. The maximum available package that can be bought on their website directly is 2000 proxies at $1500 USD.
If you are new to buying proxies, you might be disappointed to know that Squidproxies does not offer test proxies for you to try before actually buying them. This is done to prevent misuse. However, you can buy the lowest package, and if the proxies don’t suit your purpose, you can claim a refund. Squidproxies has a 7-day refund policy and will try to sort out the problems you’re facing with the proxies and will refund you in case they fail.
Private proxies plansShared proxies plans
No. of IPsNumber of citiesNumber of subnetsPrice (USD) (Billed monthly)Price per Proxy
10048$100. 00$1. 00
200510$225. 00$0. 90
500612$400. 80
1000714$650. 65
1024$24. 00$2. 40
2536$48. 92
5048$87. 74
100510$160. 60
200612$290. 45
350714$455. 30
500816$575. 15
1000918$910. 91
20001020$1, 500. 00 $0. 75
Locations of proxy servers
Squidproxies has one of the most diverse proxy server locations. With data centers in USA, Europe, Asia and Australia, Squidproxies is almost all over the world. Although they don’t reveal much about their servers, they provide an interactive digital map on their website where you can see all their server locations. Squidproxies has a vast network of proxy servers across the USA and Europe to meet the demand of the customers. Apart from the USA, Squidproxies has servers in Australia, China, India, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Sweden, Estonia, Romania, and Israel.
We purchased 10 private proxies from Squidproxies to perform our tests. We used to check the ping of the proxies in different locations. The result is not particularly mind-blowing, and we’d expect Squidproxies would work on improving their ping since this is a crucial criterion for buying proxies.
IPPing from Georgia, USAPing from London, UKPing from Quebec, CA
89. 32. 67. 66189. 856. 2135. 3
89. 76189. 657. 8134. 6
89. 113189. 554. 5126. 1
89. 131179. 952. 6124. 3
173. 208. 46. 8679. 879. 931. 15686. 491. 444
173. 103. 2048. 588. 141. 6745. 586. 469. 1
192. 126. 164. 1527. 8154. 774
192. 12527. 4159. 274. 2
Geo-Location Test / ISP Test
Squidproxies does not let you know the server location of the proxies that you are given. Neither do they let you choose the proxy locations while you are buying the proxies? They have mentioned on the website that the package SPP-10 (10 private proxies) has two cities locations and after verifying the proxies through, we found this to be true.
Here is our IPs test, you can check ISP of Squidproxies’ Proxy servers.
IPs from
Test from IP2Location
Test from
89. 66
Location: California, Pennsylvania, USA
ISP: XT Global Networks Ltd.
Location: San Francisco, California, USA
89. 76
89. 113
192. 125
Location: Seattle, Washington, USA
ISP: Bigtip Inc.
Location: New York, New York, USA
ISP: Bigtip, Inc.
89. 131
173. 86
Location: New York City, New York, USA
ISP: CyberGate Web Solutions
Location: Parsippany, New Jersey, USA
ISP: Leaseweb USA, Inc., CyberGate Web Solutions
173. 156
173. 20
173. 67
192. 15
Features of
Squidproxies does not offer new proxy IPs every month by default, but you can ask for refreshing your proxies after the payment of renewal is complete every month. However, please note that they do not refresh proxies for shared proxies.
All private proxy packages of Squidproxies come with unlimited bandwidth facilities. But the shared proxies are shared across multiple users and due to usage of other users, the network may seem somewhat sluggish. This should not have an effect on total bandwidth.
The proxies are distributed automatically within five minutes of payment via Paypal. So there’s no delay after the registration process is complete and the proxies can be used with no further delay, And proxy IPs can be applied instantly using the given username and password.
Squidproxies has a generous seven-days refund policy. Since they do not offer a trial period before buying proxies, customers often hesitate before investing. The 7-days refund policy will come in handy to many customers who need to check whether their proxies are a good suit for the need.
MPP proxies and Highproxies and others, usually only support 3 days money back!
To keep the users happy, one of the most crucial things is to fix as soon as an issue arises. Squidproxies has focused on this and has built very good customer support. They reply to all support tickets within 24 hours of filing and are very helpful as well.
Squidproxies has a very detailed knowledgebase so that new users can easily understand how to use their service. The knowledgebase also contains answers to some very frequently asked questions so that as a potential customer can know everything you need to know without knocking them.
Squidproxies offers some tools for the convenience of the users. A downloadable software provided by them is the Proxy Manager, from which you can manage the proxies as well as authenticate the proxies.
There’s an online proxy tester available as well. This tool lets you check whether the proxies are working properly.
Their proxies control panel is the same as instant proxies.
The website of Squidproxies is very organized and a potential customer won’t be deterred after visiting the site. You can easily find the Private/Shared proxy details from the top navigation menu and can buy the desired package right away.
Another great thing about Squidproxies is that they accept credit card payment along with Paypal and Bitcoin. During the registration process, you won’t be able to select the desired countries or cities. But after your payment is complete, you can file a ticket stating the required location and they will reply to you within 24 hours.
How to install/use the Squid Proxies
Unlike many other proxy services, Squidproxies does not offer username and password based authentication and instead offers an IP based authentication system. This is somewhat easier than username based authentication and requires one less step.
On their knowledgebase, Squidproxies has detailed tutorial articles on how to install and use their proxies. After buying the proxies, you will be given a list of proxies and ports as well as a username and password. Since Squidproxies uses IP based authentication, you’ll need to authorize your IP first. To do this, simply login to and enter the given username and password. From there, click on IP authorization and add your present IP address.
Now, you’ll need to add the proxy IP to your web browser or other applications. As proxies can be configured for each application individually, the exact process might be different for each application.
However, most of the cases, the option to add proxy settings can be found in the settings panel by searching or usually under the Network panel. Due to IP based authentication system, the proxies don’t require password verification. If you want to use the same proxy IP for all applications, it’s a good practice to configure the system proxy configuration.
You can also configure proxy in smartphones. However, they still do not support individual configuration of proxies for each application. Instead a system proxy needs to be added from the settings panel. This can be done on Android or iOS devices by going to WiFi or WLAN from Settings app and then clicking on the connected WiFi.
The option of entering the proxy IP and Port address can be found by scrolling down from there. Since the proxies offered by Squidproxies are authenticated based on IP address and not password, you need to add your mobile internet’s IP address to the authorized IP list.
Editor’s Rating
Easy to Use
Being one of the earlier proxy services, Squidproxies knows how to best serve their customers. We liked their service due to their simplicity and straightforward business policy. They do have some scopes to improve and we expect they’ll bring those changes soon enough.
Their positive user feedback in forums is already enviable to many other services. We’d recommend the Squidproxies to the new proxy users. As a new user, you will love their support and ease of use.
User’s Reviews & Rating
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