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Best Ways to Fix Gmail Error Connecting Apple ID
Most of the user has complained of "verification failed" error when they try to sign in into iCloud or the iTunes and Apple Store on iPad, iPhone or Mac. the notification indicates verification failed. It means something is wrong to connect with Apple ID server.
Look that many iOS and macOS operators run into this verification error when they, when want or operate iTunes, or the Apple Store. This error makes some users reviews that it may be their Apple ID user name or password wrong. You have to note that it is highly authentic; there is nothing with Apple ID. You observe this error due to other causes like low network signals. It is a new issue. You cannot be capable of reaching all Apple services consisting of iCloud, iTunes, or the Apple Store if you until facing this issue then in this article we explain to you how to solve it.
You have to follow some instructions concerning the test in steps to verify if your problem is resolved. So, here are some tips to follow for solving error connecting your Apple ID;
Take an overview of Apple's system to confirm Apple Servers not the reason for this issue.
Verify your Wi-Fi connection is working or not:
You have to try a different Wi-Fi network or connect to your mobile data network.
Suppose you have owned another Apple device such as iPod, Mac, or iPad, which create a verification code to enter into another device. You have used an Apple ID for full Apple services or turn out any service that uses various Apple IDs. You have to set an Automatically Date and time.
Restart your Apple device.
Log out of the Apple ID in setting and again login.
Verify Your Internet Connection:
You have to confirm that your Apple device connected to the Internet. You can use a Wi-Fi network or cellular service. Check to verify that your device appropriately connected to the Internet. It is too easy for you. Just open a web page and then type See this site is open or not? If it opens then go the further process. If not empty, then it is a connection problem.
Restart your Device:
Restart your device; it is too easy but effective. It may resolve your problem. Here is the way how to restart your Apple device.
iPhone X, 11 or Latest model and iPad with Face ID Products; you have to press volume up and hold side bottoms combined until you identify the power off slider. Then switch its slider. The process takes one minute. And repeat the same process for turn on.
iPhone and iPad model with Home button: Press and hold the top and side bottom until the power off slider displays. It will also take time and process.
Mac: You have to click on the Apple menu and then select the Restart function.
Is Device Updated?
You have ensured your device up-to-date or not. If it not updated then you can easily do update your device to the genuine version of the iOS, macOS, or iPad OS software;
If you have an iOS device, go to setting of devices General, after that tap software update. If update software is available there, then follow the instruction which is displayed on-screen to install the update. Update your device by connecting it to your computer. If you want to automatically update then go to the setting than General and click on software update.
If you have a Mac device, then click the Apple menu and system leading software update if an update is available. Follow the instruction to download and run the updated software.
Code Verification:
You receive a verification code that can help you log in. If more device belongs to you, then you can do this on Apple device. The process is given below:
Verify that your Apple ID is login into other different devices.
Ensure that your device is connected with a good Wi-Fi network.
You can create a verification code from your other devices:
iOS, iPad OS: go to the setting then insert your name> password and security after this get the verification code.
macOS: go to Apple menu open system preferences then click Apple ID. After this process goes to security and the password finally get a verification code.
Check VPN Service:
If your device connected with the VPN server, then you have to turn it off and then try again:
If you have an iOS device, go to device setting and disable VPN setting or Setting to General and VPN. If you have Mac Computer, then click the Apple menu, to go preference steeling then open network and disconnect VPN server if you are working with an application to connect and verify the setting of other application to disconnect from t system.
You have to disable antivirus software if it is running in your device and try again.
We hope one of these tips will fix your issue around the verification failed error message. If you are until facing these problems after you have tried all the above-discussed tips. Then contact Apple support center. Apple company offer:
Live chat support.
Reservation of Genius Bar.
Check your warranty status.
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How to Sign in to Microsoft Account in Window 10
Are you looking for how to sign in to your Microsoft account in window 10? Then you are at the right place. Here we let you know about the Microsoft account; starting with Windows eight and continued with Windows ten, Microsoft has offered you the power to line up either a neighborhood account or a Microsoft account. There are a unit some professionals and cons to every. And Windows ten is a smaller amount obsessed with a Microsoft account than was Windows eight.
However, a Microsoft account is that the thanks to going if you wish one login for all of your Windows 10 devices and want to stay your visual themes and colors, browser settings, bound passwords, and alternative key settings in synchronizing across every device.
A Microsoft account allows you to sign in to your Microsoft account in window settings and alternative content across multiple Windows ten devices. A neighborhood account is restricted to only one computer. If not, it's simple to form a free account together with your email address or number at
Your sign-in to your Microsoft account in the window provides you access to apps and games from Microsoft Store and allows you to see your settings and alternative stuff across multiple Windows ten devices. Browse a lot concerning the advantages of a Microsoft account.
Sign in to Microsoft Account in window 10 online:
Manage your account data online together with recent activity, asking choices, and family settings. Here's how:
Go to the Microsoft account page and choose register with Microsoft.
Enter your email address or telephone number and identification.
To save your Microsoft account and identification on your computer so that you don't register anytime, choose the Keep American state signed within the check box.
Method to sign up for a Microsoft account:
First, search and choose 'Create one! ' to begin the method.
Fill in your name and cognomen. The name you use here will be displayed across all the Microsoft services you employ and visible to friends, family, colleagues, and alternative Microsoft users.
Enter the email address you'd like, e. g., firstname_lastname, and choose between the drop-down list whether or not you'd find it irresistible to finish with or Outlook can currently check to envision if that distinctive email address is on the market. If it's already taken, it'll counsel some offered email addresses. Otherwise, you will attempt one thing different till you discover an appropriate email address you're proud of.
Once you've chosen your email address, you wish to line up a secret. Microsoft needs your secret to be a minimum of eight characters long with a minimum of 2 out of lower and graphic symbol letters, numbers, and symbols. Your Microsoft account secret is case-sensitive; therefore, ensure you're taking note of wherever you've used capital and minuscule letters.
Fill out your country/region, date of birth, and gender.
Now add either your signaling, another email address, or both. If you have got a retardant and your Microsoft account, Outlook can use these contact details to verify your identity to safeguard your account.
Finally, sorting in the random characters displayed at an all-time low on the screen. There's AN audio possibility if you like.
Choose whether you would like to prefer promotional emails from Microsoft, so click on 'Create account' to complete fixing.
Add a Microsoft account to Windows 10:
Now, Windows ten opens a brand new dialog window, within which you're asked to "Enter the email or telephone number of the person you would like to feature. " this can be wherever you need to enter the main points of the new user's Microsoft account. Sign in to Windows ten victimization the Microsoft account
When you install Windows ten or set it up for the primary time, the software package invites you to form a Microsoft account. However, throughout the setup method, you get to assemble one Microsoft account. What if you wish to use quite one Microsoft account on your Windows ten computer? What if you would like to form another all-new user account on your PC, employing a Microsoft account? If this can be what you would like, here's the way to add a Microsoft account to Windows 10:
Open the Settings app:
The first issue you've got to try to do is open the Settings app. a fast thanks to trying this is to click or faucet on the gear icon from the beginning Menu, or by at the same time pressing the Windows + I keys on your keyboard.
Go to Accounts to "Family & different people" within the Settings app, click or faucet on the Accounts tile.
On the left side of the Accounts panel, click or faucet on "Family & different users.
On the proper aspect of the Settings window, explore the section known as people. That is wherever Windows ten can tell you that you will "Allow people that don't seem to be a part of your family to register with their accounts.
Then, it provides you with and button is known as "Add somebody else to the current computer. " Click or faucet thereon.
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How to Log into Facebook with Multiple Accounts at Once?
Suppose you want to know How to log into Facebook with multiple accounts at once. In that case, you have various ways to discuss in the following steps. You will be finding it helpful while logging in to Facebook with numerous accounts, nevertheless, if you are maintaining or managing multiple Facebook accounts. Therefore, you might know that you can't just log in to them instantaneously in the same browser.
Although, browsers keep personal and login data or "cookies" to detect you in your particular session. Then these cookies validate you to review all the related websites, services, and pages without going through to log in at any moment while logging out from multiple Facebook accounts. Nevertheless, suppose you want to login into multiple accounts of Facebook at the same time.
In that case, we will notify you How to log into Facebook with multiple accounts at once by following methods, pick out one and follow the given steps in the following methods to log in to multiple accounts on Facebook.
Procedure #1- Utilizing Unidentified Mode on Google Chrome:
Instigate Google Chrome. Then search for Google Chrome on your computer and further double-tap it to launch its browser. Thus, login to Facebook. Then visit Facebook. Com. Later, enter your first Facebook account, user name, or email address and at last password in the login space located in the upright corner of the page. The next step is to tap the login button to begin.
However, then open the browser menu, click the button that has three horizontal bars on the upper right corner of the browser. Further, this will bring down its menu. Hence, open a new incognito window, and foremost tap on that new incognito window from the menu. A new incognito window will appear in incognito mode.
Once you reach the incognito mode that spies a cartoon at the upper left corner that you can enjoy private browsing without Chrome collecting data on you. Furthermore, you can also open the new incognito window by pressing the short cut key, i. e., Ctrl + shift + N for windows.
In addition to log into another Facebook account, use the incognito browser window to visit Facebook various accounts that you can make concomitantly. It was the first method that shows How to log into Facebook with multiple accounts at once.
Procedure #2- Using Different Browsers:
Step one is, launch a web browser. Moreover, this procedure works with any of you desire web browsers. At least two you will need for that, likewise, Google, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer or others, and then search for a browser on your computer. Secondly, login to Facebook, then visit Facebook. Com and Despite this, use your first Facebook account and a password to log in.
Moreover, the login fields or spaces are present in the upper right corner of the page. Tap on that "Log in" button to proceed. Thirdly, launch another web browser; if you want to log in to multiple accounts without disputing the cookies, you must log in individually using various browsers. In comparison, look upon for the second browser on your personal computer and open it. This one is another method different from how to log into Facebook with multiple accounts at once.
However, Log in to another Facebook account. Besides this, enter face, in the login field to go to the Facebook website. Alternatively, uses your second account on Facebook and your password in the login field located at the top right again. Click the "Log in" button to proceed. Further, now you have two Facebook accounts simultaneously.
Procedure # 3- Using Several Mobile Apps:
Many people question how to log into Facebook with multiple accounts using various mobile apps. So, the simple procedure is first, launch Facebook, search for the Facebook app on your phone device, and click on it. Nevertheless, log in to your Facebook account. Repeat the same process that uses your first Facebook account and password to log in to the account. However, you will observe a login field on the welcome screen.
As soon as you have entered your details to log in, click the login button to begin; if you are already logged in, skip this step and proceed further. Apart from this, launch a mobile browser, then tap a web browser app that you can see on your device, whether it is Safari, Google Chrome, etc. Whereas going to Facebook. Then enter Face in the address bar to ingress its mobile website.
At the last step, log in to the second account of Facebook. With that Facebook account and password approach to the login option, click "Log in" to start. As a consequence, you can now view and can utilize both accounts of Facebook instantly.
Steps to Create Login Screen in PowerApps
Microsoft released new Power Apps portals in late 2019, joining the Power Apps family of Canvas apps and model-driven apps.
The work of adding the Power Apps portal to the suite was long overdue. While Canvas and model-driven apps make it much easier to develop apps than InfoPath, they can't be used to build public apps for anonymous users. This void has now been filled by the Power Apps portal. What exactly is Power Platform?
In other words, Power Platform is a collection of no-code/low-code tools. Power Apps, which are made up of Power Apps portals, canvas apps, and model-driven apps, are among the tools available on the platform.
Apps for Microsoft Power Platform
Power Platform has tools:
Power BI is a program that allows you to create business intelligence dashboards and reports.
Power Apps – To create applications that collect custom information.
Canvas apps are used to create apps from a blank canvas.
Model-driven apps are used to build apps that are based on your data model and business process.
Portals are used to create websites that are accessible to external and/or authenticated users. Power Automate – for creating information processing workflows.
Power Virtual Agents are used to build chatbots.
What are we learning today?
We will learn the following in this blog post:
When should the Power Apps portal be used?
Architecture for the Power Apps portal.
How to create a Power Apps portal for the first time.
When to use Power Apps Portals
The Power Apps portal has two primary applications:
You want to create a public-facing website that anonymous and/or authenticated users can access.
You may want to combine other Microsoft technologies, such as embedding Power BI dashboards and/or reporting into your website, to create a unified experience.
When a user fills out a form on your website, the workflow is triggered. To store documents, use Azure Blob Storage and/or SharePoint.
To keep track of how your solution is being used, use Application Insights.
Architecture of Power Apps Portals
The Power Apps portal is not a new concept at all. It's been around for a while, but it was formerly known as "Dynamics 365 Portals" and was only available as an add-on for Dynamics 365 model-driven apps. Appearance of the solution is governed by the Bootstrap 3. 3. x framework as well as the Liquid template language. Common Data Service is the foundation of the Power Apps Portal (CDS). All data on your portal, such as pages, page templates, forms and form data, will be stored in the CDS database.
Important: There can be only one portal in each Power Apps environment. If you need to create a second portal, you will need to create another environment.
Before we start building the portal we will need two things:
An environment for Power Apps
Power Apps environment with CDS database
In the Power Apps portal, create your first portal.
In this tutorial, I will combine my interests in the personal health and power platform. On top of the Power Apps portal, we will create a gym signup form. When you submit the form, the information will be saved in our CDS database. This is how the final product will appear. :
Signup Form in Power Apps Portal
To get there, we'll take the following steps:
Create a CDS database in the new Power Apps environment.
As a CDS entity, create a gym signup form.
Build a portal for Power Apps.
Add the form to the portal.
You must have at least one Power Apps environment when you can log in to. If you haven't already, you can use your existing environment to create a new portal. However, if you need to create a new environment, follow these steps: To get started, visit Go to the top right corner of the page and click on the gear.
Then choose Administration Center.
Getting a new Power Apps environment up and running
In the left navigation bar, select Environments.
In the top navigation bar, select + New.
Create a new setting.
A new environment form will appear on the screen.
Fill in the blanks:
Choose a name for your environment.
Type: Experiment Choose your location.
Fill in the blanks with the objective of your environment.
Is it necessary to create a database for this environment?
Next should be selected.
A form will appear for adding a database.
Choose your preferred language.
Select the currency of your choice.
Apps for Dynamics 365 must be enabled: No (this option should be grayed out because we selected "Trial" for the trial period). environment type)
No-click deployment of sample apps and data
Your environment should be ready in no time.
Create a CDS entity for gym signup form.
The next step is to create our gym signup form while the Power Apps environment is ready. To begin, we will create a new CDS entity called Gym Membership. After that, we'll add our Lastly, we will add fields to the entity and create the form. The entity can be compared to a database table.
Roblox Login Tips – How to Use It on Both PC and Mobiles
In this Roblox login guide, we'll show you how to create an account, get your Roblox, and log in, as well as how to change your username!
Roblox is a large gaming platform with thousands of video games created by both individuals and businesses. Most of these video games are free, all of them are kid-friendly, and customers can both create and play their own video games. game, or simply play one of the many video games available. Despite the fact that Roblox is a bigger platform than Minecraft, there is no upfront cost to play on it.
The platform has tons of tools for you to create your own custom gadgets for avatars like you. You become a part of video games and create your own personalized video games that you can share with your peers. Despite all those options for making it your personal gadget, the Roblox is a finely-tuned platform, which shows that when your kid is enjoying on stage, you don't have to fear, because the space with sensors is a tremendous hair- is pleasant All video games will have chat to keep people safe.
Roblox games are also completely cross-platform, which means you can create an account and save all of your information for use on mobile, Xbox, PC, and even VR. When it comes to playing these video games, you will need a controller. Roblox accounts are easy to create, and they're fun to play.
Creating a Roblox account
It may be easier to create an account on your computer than on your phone because there's more room to type, but that's entirely up to you.
Step 1: Visit the Roblox website.
Step 2: On a computer, press the inexperienced Sign-Up button in the upper right corner, or on a smartphone, press the white button in the middle of the display screen. Step 3: Fill in your gender, username and password, as well as your birthday (gender is available optionally).
You will notice that there is no option to enter an e-mail address when creating an account.
Step 4: You will see your profile page, in which you should now add an e-mail address or phone number. You can do this by selecting Settings on PC from the cog in the top right corner. If you're on a mobile device, tap the… button at the bottom right of the display screen and scroll down to the Settings cog. After that, you'll want to click on Account Information.
5th step: Then confirm the gadget by clicking Add email or Add phone.
You must do this because if you are locked out and you do not have a device associated with the account, you will be unable to regain access.
Downloading Roblox
When it comes to playing on PC, you will not need to download Roblox Launcher as you will be able to access all the games through your web browser. You'll want to get this system, which can take you straight from the website to the game.
Roblox is available for mobile devices for free on the Google Play Store, Apple Store and Amazon Marketplace. After that, you will have After downloading the app, you will be able to log in with your existing account!
Roblox mobile login
Signing in to Roblox Account for the first time
If you're looking for the Roblox login for your mobile account, simply tap the big "Log In" button on the home screen, type in your information, and log in. After that, you will be able to participate in the game! It is an easy course to complete.
Changing your Roblox Username
If you decide you need a new username, you can change your Roblox username. It is worth noting that it costs 1000 roblox (premium currency), so think about it before proceeding with the modifications. On a mobile device, all you need to do is follow these steps:
Step 1: Open Roblox and log in.
Step 2: Tap on the… icon in the lower right corner of the screen..
Step 3: Find and tap the Settings icon.
Step 4: Select Account Information from the drop-down menu.
Step 5: Next to Username, tap on the Paper & Pencil icon.
Step 6: Tap on Buy and type your username.
How to Set a Status on Roblox
On your Roblox profile, you have the option to set a standing. This is a small area where you can write a few phrases about yourself so that people who see your profile know a little bit about you. This field can be difficult to find, so let's take a look at how to find and change your location from your mobile device. Step 1: Open Roblox and log in.
Step 2: On your display screen, below the Home phrase, tap your username.
Step 3: On your profile, tap on the… button next to your username and then update status.
Step 4: After typing your message in the field, tap on Save.
This article should have helped you grasp everything there is to know about creating and utilizing your Roblox account on both mobile and desktop.
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Twitch Poll Overlay

HTTP Rotating & Static

  • 200 thousand IPs
  • Locations: US, EU
  • Monthly price: from $39
  • 1 day moneyback guarantee


Twitch Poll Overlay

Add a poll overlay to your twitch streamLike Straw Poll but embedded in your stream with themesLet’s ask chat about LasergunTakes less then 30 seconds to get it up and running in OBSExamples of streamers using the pollUpdates1. 33. 0FIXAdded feature that saves the most recent poll so you can reuse it1. 32. 1FIXFixed issue where clearing saved polls didn’t work1. 0FIXAdded error message for when Twitch chat is broken and the bot can’t connect1. 31. 4FIXAdded ability to translate help text1. 3FIXHighlight the fact that users can hide the overlay after a poll has finished1. 2FIXFixed bug where current game was not being used1. 1FIXReset voting bars when poll finishes instead of when starting1. 0FEATUREAdd Night and Bubble Gum themes1. 30. 0FEATUREAllow users to vote on multiple options, manually set in admin1. 29. 1FIXFix issue where poll “time active” text was not updating on inactive polls1. 0FEATUREAdd The Binding of Isaac & Enter the Gungeon themes1. 28. 0FEATUREAdd Final Fantasy XIV Online theme1. 27. 1FIXFix issue where chat bot would announce multiple times1. 0FEATUREAdd ability for pollMapeBot to announce the question, and when poll was closed, in chat through text (must be enabled manually)1. 26. 0FEATUREAdd Darkest Dungeon theme1. 25. 0FEATUREAdd Elite: Dangerous theme1. 24. 0FEATUREAdd Stardew Valley theme1. 23. 0FEATUREAdd Dead by Daylight theme1. 22. 1FIXFix issue where edges of the poll sometimes had artifacts1. 0FEATUREAdd updates notifier to dashboard1. 21. 0FEATUREDisplay themes in a wider grid and don’t grey them out for easier browsing1. 20. 0FEATUREAdd Rocket League and Stonehearth themes1. 19. 1FIXImprove matching (4head is not a vote for 4)1. 0FEATUREAdd ability to create presets that can be re-used1. 18. 1FIXSolve issue where using ‘)’ in a poll option would break1. 0FEATUREAdd ability to quickly add poll though Chrome addressbar, just type + Tab. Then enter Question;answer1;answer2;etc. 1. 17. 0FEATURENotify user when chatBot has connected to Twitch chat though the chat preview log1. 16. 0FEATUREUpdate page title to show the option that is currently winning in the tab text1. 15. 1FIXOptimize repaint on scroll1. 0FEATUREUpdate frontpage1. 0FEATUREMove from png/jpg to webp1. 14. 0FEATUREAdd chat preview when running a poll. Show current viewer count alongside unique votes count. 13. 0FEATUREAdd Twitch avatar to dashboard. Add vote count in dashboard poll overview. 12. 0FEATUREAdd twitter card meta tags1. 11. 3FIXDon’t use import for CSS fonts to lower request count1. 2FIXDon’t load youtube embed until it is hovered to improve page speed1. 1FIXFix issue were icons would show incorrect graphics sometimes1. 0FEATUREShow warning if connection with server is lost and add server error page1. 10. 0FEATUREHide the overlay link by default in case dashboard is visible on stream1. 9. 0FEATUREAdd ability to hide extra information in bottom like ‘Unique votes ‘ count and ‘Time active’1. 8. 0FEATUREAdd themes for ‘Starcraft ‘, ‘Ancient ‘, ‘GoldSwivel ‘, ‘Spikes ‘, ‘Golden ‘, ‘Medival ‘ and ‘Metal’1. 7. 0FEATUREAdd button that suggests theme based on the currently active game on Twitch1. 6. 0FEATUREAdd suggestion field in bottom of dashboard1. 5. 0FEATUREUpdate frontpage and create video showing how to set it up1. 4. 0FEATUREAdd themes for ‘H1Z1: King of the Kill’ and ‘Star Citizen’1. 3. 0FEATUREAdd themes for ‘Overwatch’ and ‘Path of Exile’1. 2. 0FEATUREAdd themes for ‘League of Legends’, ‘Dota 2’, ‘Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft and Counter-Strike’1. 0FEATUREAdd green screen popup1. 0. 0FEATURESite goes liveAlso check out for better Twitch browsing
Xoyondo: Schedule events the easy way with a poll!

Xoyondo: Schedule events the easy way with a poll!

Xoyondo is the fastest way to schedule your meetings and events.
It’s free! No registration required.
Find a date for your event that works for everybody.
This is how it works:
Select dates and times
Select several possible dates for your event or meeting. Additionally different times (e. g. 2-3pm, 4-5pm) can be specified for each day.
Invite participants
Invite the participants to your meeting poll by email or directly via Xoyondo. They will obtain a link to your personal poll website.
Get the optimal date
Each participant indicates which dates and times are suitable. The optimal date for your event can now be easily determined.
Start your own meeting poll!
Easy scheduling and polling
Easily schedule meetings, create polls and message boards.
Unlimited polls and participants
Create as many polls as you want. Invite as many participants as you want.
Personal Xoyondo page
Publish your polls on a public personal page with a URL of your choice.
Request additional user information
Collect additional information from your participants when they vote in your poll (e. their email address)
Attach files
Upload documents and images and attach them to your polls
Individual branding and poll design
Replace the Xoyondo logo with your own, create custom poll designs.
View all features
Xoyondo can do more for you…
If you don’t want to plan a meeting, we offer two more poll types that can be useful in various situations.
Opinion polls
With opinion polls you and your participants can easily choose the best option.
View example
Anonymous polls
Anonymous polls let your participants decide on an option without specifying their names.
All your polls in one place
With a free Xoyondo account you have all your polls in one place. The Dashboard offers direct access to your polls and lets you know about recent activities.
Create free account

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