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The best free torrent clients of 2021: faster, safer downloads

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The best free torrent clients are perfect for downloading exceptionally large files – such as a video or a large piece of software – quickly and managing them such large files, downloading directly from a host server will likely lead to a slow experience, particularly if other people are trying to grab the same file. But with a free torrent client, you can download pieces of the files you want from different people who already have them, leading to faster download times. It will do all the hard work for you as well, piecing together those files like a of the best free torrent clients will have their own strengths, with varying features to help manage these large files. With this in mind, we’ve collated all the biggest names and put them to the test to see which of the best torrent clients on the market would best suit your needs. Whether you need something that just gets the job done, or something more advanced that can be extended through the use of add-ons, you’ll definitely find something here. Our ranking for the best free torrent clients considers everything from user experience and adverts, through to how well it can integrate with other applications so regardless where your preferences lay, we have you covered with our in-depth reviews. A YouTube downloader for PC will let you save your YouTube playlists on your PC. Are torrents legal? Torrents have a bad reputation due to piracy, but they aren’t illegal in themselves and have lots of legitimate uses, including downloading open source software and material that’s in the public all depends on the content you’re downloading. Provided the copyright holder has given permission for the file to be shared this way it’s fine, but using torrents to download content you’d otherwise have to pay for is not best free torrent clients at a glanceqBittorrentVuzeDelugeuTorrentBitTorrentWe strongly advise you get a great VPN for torrenting
The only way to keep yourself safe and anonymous when torrenting is to use a VPN. A VPN encrypts all your internet activity and passes it through a secure tunnel so that no one can see what you’re reading or downloading – not even your ISP or the VPN service itself. One click and you’re protected. This also allows you to unblock sites like The Pirate Bay, or access foreign versions of Netflix. The best VPN service according to our tests is ExpressVPN which effectively costs just $6. 67 per month and has a risk-free 30-day money back guarantee.
View Deal(Image credit: The qBittorrent Project; Shutterstock)1. qBittorrentA balance of speed and simplicity: the best free torrent clientOperating system: Windows, macOS, LinuxNo advertisementsHandy extra toolsNo bundled softwareFewer extensions than someSome torrent clients offer every function imaginable. Others keep things as simple as possible. qBittorrent sits right in the middle, aiming to “meet the needs of most users while using as little CPU and memory as possible” boasts an integrated torrent search engine, media player, encryption, prioritisation of torrents and the files within those torrents, IP filtering and torrent creation, and it’s the closest open source, junk-free equivalent to you’re looking for a cross-platform torrent client that covers the essentials without getting overly complicated, qBittorrent is our full qBittorrent review(Image credit: Azureus Software Inc; Shutterstock)2. VuzeA feature-packed torrent client if you don’t mind the adsOperating system: WindowsClear, well designed interfaceExpandable via pluginsContains adsBundled antivirus trialVuze (formerly Azureus) claims to be the most powerful BitTorrent client on Earth. We’re not sure how it ranks on other planets, but it’s certainly a serious contender for that are two flavours: the stripped-back Vuze Leap, and the fully fledged Vuze Plus. Both offer torrent download, media playback and support for magnet file links, but Vuze Plus adds integrated virus protection and the ability to preview media of Vuze’s key selling points is its interface, which slices through jargon and makes even the more advanced features accessible to new also offers bandwidth limiting, IP filtering, and all the other features you’d expect from a robust torrent client. Definitely one of the first options to our full Vuze review(Image credit: Deluge; Shutterstock)3. DelugeA customizable client that can be as lean or powerful as you wantOperating system: Windows, macOS, LinuxCross platformExpandable via pluginsBrowser integrationInterface is a little sparseDeluge has been around forever, and it can be as simple or as powerful as you want it to be, making it one of the most versatile free torrent clients out there. That’s because it’s extendable via plug-ins, which effectively enable you to build your own personalised version of something that resembles uTorrent without the unwanted software? No problem. Want to add alphabetical downloading, move downloaded files to specific directories according to the file type, adjust speed according to network conditions, create pretty graphs, schedule everything, integrate with Chrome or Firefox, or batch-rename downloads? That’s not a problem our full Deluge review(Image credit: BitTorrent; Shutterstock)4. uTorrentAn incredibly lightweight client maintained by BitTorrent itselfOperating system: Windows, macOS, AndroidDownload schedulingVery smallRuns on the webContains adsAdditional bundled softwareuTorrent, also known as µTorrent, has been around since 2005 and it’s the most widely used free torrent client outside China. It’s attracted some criticism over the years, however: it’s ad-supported and many users argue that the most recent versions are a little too heavy on the advertising and bundled software front. Make sure you read each step of the installer carefully and uncheck any software you don’t want to aside, uTorrent is useful, effective and doesn’t gobble up too much of your system’s resources: the entire app mainly runs in your web browser. Although it isn’t the official BitTorrent app, it’s been maintained by BitTorrent for the last ‘s worth noting that uTorrent has a record of security problems, the most recent of which had the potential to let hackers control key functions of the client and spy on users’ downloads. BitTorrent has since released a patch for the our full uTorrent review(Image credit: BitTorrent; Shutterstock)5. BitTorrentBitTorrent’s own client, with web-based seeding and commentsOperating system: Windows, macOS, AndroidSimple to configureDownload schedulingVery smallContains adsYou might be wondering why BitTorrent has its own torrent client when it also maintains uTorrent – especially when the BitTorrent app is a rebranded version of uTorrent. Are you still following us? However, while the apps are functionally identical there are a few key differences: BitTorrent offers web-based seeding, commenting and reviewing, and you may find that the BitTorrent client is welcomed by private trackers that don’t like ‘s very simple to use as well, and could be a good choice if you’re new to torrenting and want a client that will give you an easy our full BitTorrent reviewJust want videos? See our guide to the best free YouTube downloadersWindows 11 is hereStay anonymous online with the best torrenting VPN
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Top 10 BEST Torrent Clients [Free Torrent Downloader 2021]

Top 10 BEST Torrent Clients [Free Torrent Downloader 2021]

In this tutorial, we review and compare the top free Torrent Clients to help you select the best Torrent downloader as per your requirement:
Large files are difficult to download from the Internet, especially while capturing them from a host server directly. This results in a snail-paced download speed that is frustrating to sit through. The file is finally saved on your device after waiting for hours. This is where a Torrent Client comes into play.
It is hard to imagine a proper way of downloading giant files from the Internet without a Torrent Client. Great Torrent software has helped many people quickly download large-sized files and manage them in an efficient manner. Torrent expedites the downloading process by capturing only pieces of the files from different people online who already possess them. Ultimately, it combines all the pieces together to present you with one cohesive file.
There are several good torrent software available today for your downloading leisure, each distinguishing itself from the other with a list of unique features. So you are bound to be overwhelmed by the choices in front of you.
In this article, we have narrowed down your options to a few torrent download software. All the programs mentioned below are some of the best torrent clients in wide use today.
What You Will Learn:Torrent Client – Facts and StatsFrequently Asked QuestionsList of The Best Torrent ClientsComparison of Popular Torrent Downloaders#1) qBittorrent #2) BitTorrent#3) Vuze#4) Deluge#5)) uTorrent#7) Tixati#8) BiglyBt#9) Transmission#10) WebTorrent DesktopOther Best Torrent ClientsConclusionRecommended Reading
Torrent Client – Facts and Stats
Best torrent Clients should possess a clean and comprehensive user interface. It should be impervious to clutter and not assault users with unnecessary adware.
The downloading process should be very simple. The torrent client should pick up a file to download with just a few clicks.
For faster speeds, it is imperative to download files that are not corrupt and have a good seed-to-leach ratio.
A torrent client must exhibit imperative information about your downloaded file while the process is taking place. This info includes data on download and upload speeds, the time elapsed, download time remaining, the number of seeds and peers, and share ratio among many other things.
A torrent client must allow you to customize your settings and download/upload preferences, thus allowing you to set a cap on both download and upload speeds.
Finally, the best torrent clients must be free or cost an affordable price and should be compatible with all platforms, irrespective of the device or operating system being used.
Fact Check: According to the market share report published by Torrent Freak, uTorrent occupies the first position by a long mile with a whopping 68. 6% market share. uTorrent is followed by BitTorrent in the second position with a 6. Libtorrent comes in at number three with a market share of 6. 3%.
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Frequently Asked Questions
Q #1) What is a Torrent Client?
Answer: A torrent client is software that allows you to download large-sized files by using the peer-to-peer system. The software finds files for you to download, captures them quickly, and helps you manage them in one place.
Q #2) Are Torrent Clients legal?
Answer: It is a misconception that torrent programs are illegal, as they are often associated with piracy. However, they are perfectly legal to use when downloading a large file that isn’t protected by copyright law or affiliated with pirated content in any way.
Q #3) What is a p2p network?
Answer: The p2p network i. e. peer-to-peer network refers to a swarm of users sharing pieces of file data with each other online. The swarm consists of seeds and leeches.
Q #4) What are Seeds and Leeches?
Answer: Seed refers to a user that has already downloaded the torrent file and is now allowing other users to download from him/her. On the other hand, a leech refers to someone who only possesses a section of the file and needs to download from the seeder to get the full version. Together they determine the download speed of a file.
Q #5) Can torrent software infect your system with a virus?
Answer: Torrent software only acts as a mediator. As such, they do not possess any viruses in themselves. However, your device may get infected if the file you are downloading or any piece of it contains the virus.
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List of The Best Torrent Clients
Here is the list of popular torrent software:
WebTorrent Desktop
Comparison of Popular Torrent Downloaders
Let us review the above-listed best torrent program below.
#1) qBittorrent
Best for free Torrenting without ads and malware.
qBittorrent is an open-source torrent program that is not only free to use but also comes with no adware and malware. It is simple to use despite being filled to the brim with tons of advanced features and customized setting options.
The software works fine across all devices and operating systems with ease. It features a seamlessly integrated search engine that instantly gives you access to the torrent file you need. Moreover, you can simultaneously search for multiple files at once.
You can initiate a category-wise search or even partake in sequential downloading to save time. The tool also features a UI lock, which can be established to prevent unauthorized access to the software.
Polished UI
Open-source with no ads
UI lock to lock unauthorized users out
Intuitive search engine
RSS Feed support
Verdict: qBittorrent’s clean UI, advanced features, and the fantastic search engine will satisfy users who seek a hassle-free downloading experience. You can easily set preferences, schedule your download list, and essentially let the tool run on auto-pilot as it competently finds and helps you download the files you desire.
Price: Free
Website: qBittorrent
#2) BitTorrent
Best for easy Torrent downloading with a plethora of setting options.
One of the oldest torrent clients on this list, BitTorrent, has gone through several changes to become one of the most powerful torrent software in existence today. The software comes with a plethora of features that cater to both amateur and advanced users of the tool. It comes with an intuitive search box that can initiate a search for your desired files on the basis of categories.
You can tweak its setting to schedule downloads, limit bandwidth usage, put a cap on download and upload speeds, and manage paired devices. The software comes in a free version that includes ads.
One can get rid of these ads with the alternate Pro version of the tool. The Pro version comes with its own set of advanced features, which includes the ability to stream torrents as the download is in progress and getting access to the built-in media player.
Schedule downloads
Search based on categories (music, movies, software)
Set cap on download/upload speeds
Limit bandwidth usage
Verdict: BitTorrent is still relevant despite being one of the oldest tools on this list. This torrent client has managed to garner a loyal user base by facilitating them with advanced features and a sleek, yet simple UI. Users will find advertisements in the software. If they bother you, then one will benefit by paying a small fee to subscribe to its pro version instead.
Price: Free, $4. 95- Ad-Free, Secure Torrenting- $19. 95
Website: BitTorrent
#3) Vuze
Best for an easy-to-use torrent client for Windows.
Vuze is a torrent client that is designed to prioritize simplicity, which is exemplified by its basic UI. Searching and downloading torrent files is hassle-free with Vuze. There are advertisements, but they are minimal and do not hinder one’s user experience.
You can get rid of those advertisements anyway by switching to its paid version – Vuze Plus. Vuze is one of the earliest BitTorrent clients, thus you will notice some similarities between its UI and other popular torrent clients that have existed over the years.
Vuze offers features like a crucial integrated search option, magnetic link support, and the ability to remotely control the software via a mobile app. Its Premium version goes a step further and allows users to preview files in its in-built media player while they are being downloaded.
Simple and clean UI
Remotely control tool via mobile app
Magnetic link support
Integrated search option
Verdict: Vuze is simple to use and comes with a free version that uses minimal ads. It is also populated with all the necessary features one expects from some of the best torrent software. Users willing to pay a small amount for its Premium version can also enjoy it’s in-built media player to preview their files while they are being downloaded.
Price: Free, $3. 99/month
Website: Vuze
#4) Deluge
Best for an open-source Torrent client.
Deluge may come off as a little unusual for a torrent client, as it barely has a UI. However, it compensates for that with software that is lightweight and extremely simple to use. The open-source tool is designed to download torrents quickly, and it performs this task with spectacular efficiency.
The software supports multiple first and third-party plug-ins, which can be used for a more personalized user experience. Furthermore, Deluge features a robust encryption mechanism, the ability to discover peers locally and set global and per-torrent bandwidth limits.
Lightweight and simple to use
Local peer discovery
Set Global and Per-Torrent bandwidth limits
Supports first and third-party plug-in support
Verdict: Deluge works mainly because of its exceptional simplicity and will satisfy users who prefer a torrent client that focuses on easy torrent downloading. It is an effective cross-platform tool but works exceptionally well as a torrent program for Windows.
Website: Deluge
Best for cloud-based BitTorrent client.
caters to those users who do not want to install additional software on their device. This is software powered by Cloud and runs its operations solely on it. As such, it can download files from its cloud UI.
The downloaded files are stored automatically on the cloud and can be accessed from any device, any time. also provides robust security to all the files it stores online. You can create custom folders to store your files without worries.
Clean cloud-based UI
Easy management of Torrent files
Stores files securely
Find and add torrent files with ease
Verdict: can be used if you are concerned with downloaded files occupying unnecessary space in your computer or mobile device. It presents users with a complete cloud-based UI, wherein you can download files, manage, and store them securely for easy access from anywhere at any time.
Price: Free, $5/month – Basic, $10/month – Standard, $15/month – Big
#6) uTorrent
Best for quick torrent download and management.
uTorrent is undoubtedly BitTorrent’s premiere torrent client. Introduced by Bittorrent in 2005, it has been the most widely used program ever since. It shares almost all of its features, including its UI design with BitTorrent.
So if you’ve used BitTorrent, then you basically have a gist of how uTorrent works. It comes with an in-built search engine that easily finds torrents for you to download. The software can be tweaked to set a cap on download and upload limits, set limits on bandwidth usage, and schedule multiple torrents for download all at once.
It comes with adware that is minimal. However, one can get rid of this by upgrading to uTorrent’s paid version.
Detailed and simple to use UI
Download scheduler
Set bandwidth limits
In-built search engine
Verdict: uTorrent zooms past its competitors with a massive market share. Its success can be attributed to its simplistic design, free-to-use torrent downloading and tons of advanced features that enhance the user experience.
Price: Free, $19. 95/year
Website: uTorrent
#7) Tixati
Best for ultra-fast p2p torrent downloading.
Tixati is a free and easy-to-use BitTorrent client that packs no ads or malware while serving its purpose. It features a super-efficient peer selection system that ensures you phenomenal speed when downloading a torrent file. The tool is compatible with Windows and Linux OS only.
It features DHT, PEX, and magnet link support for enhanced user experience. Users can also benefit from RSS feed support, IP filtering, and event scheduling. Moreover, the tool also allows users to set bandwidth limits and set caps on both upload and download speed.
Basic UI
No spyware or adware
Complete Bandwidth Management
DHT, PEX, and Magnet Link support
Verdict: Tixati works best as a simple, free-to-use tool that can be installed easily on your Linux and Windows device for superfast torrent downloading. It manages to help users find files with a good seeds-to-leech ratio in order to facilitate ultra-fast downloading of quality files.
Website: Tixati
#8) BiglyBt
Best for open source BitTorrent client.
BiglyBt is yet another free torrent client that uses no ads despite being absolutely free to use. It is populated with all the features one needs to have a satisfying downloading experience. You get acquainted with a ton of customer preferences and setting options to personalize your experience with the tool.
The software also facilitates seamless integration with many first and third-party plug-in supports. Apart from this, you can schedule your downloads, set bandwidth limits, filter your search results and get important info on your downloaded file in an instant.
Open source and free to use
No ads
Tons of third-party plug-in support
A plethora of custom setting options
Verdict: BiglyBt will satisfy users who seek a torrent client that is ad-free despite being free of cost. It comes with all the same features present in the best BitTorrent clients. Plus, the fact that you also get to use third-party plug-ins makes this software worth a try.
Website: BiglyBt
#9) Transmission
Best for BitTorrent client with the cross-platform back end.
This is a Torrent client that comes with a variety of user interfaces along with a cross-platform back-end. Transmission is open-source software that doesn’t employ any form of ads to offer its free services. It is a smart tool that can set you up and running with advanced configurations by setting its defaults to the option – ‘Just Work’.
It allows you to block bad peers and keep a list of them for future references. As far as features go, Transmission facilitates encryption, magnet link support, peer exchange, setting global and per-torrent speed limit DHT, webseed support, and much more.
Easy OS integration
Set global and per-torrent speed limit
Verdict: Transmission should satisfy users who seek an ad-free torrent client that is also free to use. It is simple, integrates seamlessly with any operating system, and possesses tons of useful features to make sure users have a satisfying experience.
Website: Transmission
#10) WebTorrent Desktop
Best for streaming torrents.
WebTorrent Desktop is a different beast altogether. Instead of downloading torrents, it focuses more on streaming them. Currently, in its Beta mode, WebTorrent hinges on the premise of capturing torrents, whether it is music, movies, or an e-book, and playing it right away without the need to download.
It connects seamlessly with peers from other torrent clients such as uTorrent, Transmission, and more. The software has a long way to go before it realizes its full potential, but it does look promising. It integrates seamlessly with Windows, Mac, and Ubuntu operating systems.
Stream Torrents without downloads
Free to use
Seamless integration with Multiple OS
Peer exchange
Verdict: The idea of directly streaming a torrent before downloading it isn’t a novel one. WebTorrent just intends to make the process more mainstream. The software is in its beta mode, so we won’t be recommending it. However, it will be interesting to keep an eye out for this one, as it may turn out to be the next big thing.
Price: Free
Website: WebTorrent Desktop
Other Best Torrent Clients
#11) BitLord
Best for free and easy application and media downloader.
BitLord is a free-to-use torrent downloader that facilitates the download of large music, movies, and applications. You get all the features popularized by BitTorrent with the comfort of a basic UI. The in-built search engine makes finding torrents very convenient. The software can now be downloaded in both desktop and mobile versions.
Website: BitLord
#12) BitComet
Best for previewing downloaded files.
BitComet is a cross-platform torrent client that is exceptionally powerful despite being free to use. It features intelligent disk caching and long-term seeding capabilities that make for a satisfying user experience. The software also facilitates the previewing of a file while it is being downloaded. You also get Magnet links, HTTP support, and DHT Network support.
Website: BitComet
#13) FrostWire
Best for cross-sharing file sharing app.
FrostWire works as a file-sharing software before being a torrent download. It is free to use and employs a simple search engine within its interface to find files to download. It is a competent cross-platform software that works smoothly on multiple computers and mobile operating systems.
Website: FrostWire
#14) ZbigZ
Best for secure Torrent download.
ZbigZ positions itself as a secure downloader that facilitates the easy download of files across multiple devices. This is a completely cloud-based software. You simply need to feed it with a magnet link and it will start downloading the torrent. It is protected with HTTPS protocol, thus helping you stay anonymous while downloading a file.
Price: Free, $5. 99 for five days, $ 9. 9 for 1 month, $ 25. 9 for 3 months
Website: ZbigZ
#15) Halite BitTorrent Client
Best for super seeding.
Halite BitTorrent Client is yet another open-source tool that is more powerful than one expects. It is populated with a number of advanced features like super seeding, protocol encryption support, IP filtering, Disk cache support, and much more. You can easily manage your downloads and even queue them to initiate the download of multiple files all at the same time.
Website: Halite BitTorrent Client
Torrents have gained a lot of notoriety because of their unfair association with piracy. In fact, they are incredibly useful platforms to download large files from the Internet in a very short span of time. All of the above-mentioned tools equip users with the tools needed to download video, audio, and software files from the Internet, irrespective of their size.
As for our recommendation, if you are looking for software that truly embodies the nature of a free torrent client, then look no further than the veteran BitTorrent. If you don’t want to install software on your device, then the cloud-based will fit you best.
Research Process:
We spent 12 hours researching and writing this article so you can have summarized and insightful information on which Best Torrent Client will best suit you.
Total Torrent Clients Researched – 32
Total Torrent Clients Shortlisted – 15
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10 Best Torrent Clients That Work in 2021 (Safe and 100% Free)

10 Best Torrent Clients That Work in 2021 (Safe and 100% Free)

Torrent clients all have different features and characteristics and some are safer options than others. It can become overwhelming to know which is the best option for you.
To help you choose the best one, I shortlisted the 10 best free torrent clients that are safe, fast, and reliable. Whether you’re after a basic interface or a full range of customization options, you’ll find the best client for you in this article. But torrenting can expose your data to cybercriminals, which is why it’s best to use a trusted VPN with your torrent client.
My favorite is ExpressVPN because it effectively hides your IP address, encrypts your data, and prevents bandwidth throttling on a torrent client. On top of that, it has world-class security features and fast speeds. The best part is you can test ExpressVPN out yourself completely risk-free because it’s backed by a money-back guarantee. If you’re not happy with it, you have 30 days to claim a full refund.
Important! Torrenting itself is not illegal in most countries, but downloading torrent files that are protected under copyright is. My team and I don’t condone illegal torrenting, so be sure to check the rules and regulations in your country before you download anything that might be protected under copyright.
Torrent Safely With ExpressVPN!
Short on Time? Here Are the Best Torrent Clients in October 2021
uTorrent — Lightweight app, easy-to-use interface, and excellent features.
BitTorrent — Drag and drop feature and customizable interface, but shows ads
Deluge — Open source client and plenty of plug-ins for extra customization, but not the easiest to use
qBittorent — Doesn’t display ads and has customizable features, but no plug-in support
Vuze — Simple interface and powerful search engine, but slows your device
5 more great torrent clients | Best VPNs for safe torrenting
The Best Torrent Clients in 2021
1. uTorrent — Lightweight Torrent App That’s Easy to Download and Use
Year founded: 2005
Compatible with: Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, Linux
Price: Free or $19. 95/year (Pro plan)
Pros: Lightweight app, plenty of customizable features, simple interface
Cons: Contains ads and bundled software
uTorrent was developed by BitTorrent in 2005 and is the most widely-used torrent client. Its app is lightweight and uses a simple and organized interface, making it great for beginners and advanced users. When I downloaded and installed it on my MacBook, it only took me about 30 seconds, and I could download torrents straight away.
Just note that you’ll need to download uTorrent Web for Mac Catalina, as it isn’t compatible with uTorrent Classic. uTorrent Web runs entirely off your web browser, which means it won’t consume a lot of your resources. When I used uTorrent Web on my MacBook Pro, I noticed it was much faster than the uTorrnet client on my old Windows laptop.
But what I liked most about it is its wide range of customization options. I could schedule downloads to prioritize files, set bandwidth limits, verify seeds, manage the client remotely, and find torrents with its built-in search engine. Also, I was able to install third-party plug-ins and stream torrents while they were being downloaded, thanks to its media player.
Keep in mind, though, that uTorrent contains ads and comes with bundled software. But it’s possible to opt out of the bundled software when you download and install the app. In addition, you can block ads by using a VPN with an ad-blocker like CyberGhost.
Visit uTorrent
2. BitTorrent — Drag and Drop Feature That’s Great for Torrent Beginners
Year founded: 2001
Compatible with: Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, Linux, FreeBSD,
Pros: Small file size, plenty of customizable features, simple configuration
BitTorrent is a well-established torrent client that’s available in 70+ different languages. I could make my interface as simple or complex as I wanted to. I particularly liked its drag and drop functionality, which made it much easier to download torrents. Also, it consumes less than 20% CPU at all times, meaning it won’t slow your device down.
Its range of features is impressive. Most notably, it comes with a built-in bandwidth booster that lets you set limits on upload and download speeds. This means you can download torrents faster. Other features include being able to schedule torrents, stream torrents, support magnet links, and remotely manage paired devices.
For advanced users, BitTorrent allows IP filtering for added security. It lets you control the IP traffic that runs through your network so you can torrent safely. While this is great for security, it’s still best to pair BitTorrent with a VPN so your own IP remains anonymous to other users.
You can also search for torrents without going to a torrent site, thanks to its intuitive search bar. This reduces your chances of downloading malware or spyware from a dangerous site.
But like uTorrent, its free version contains ads and bundled software. Again, you can decline the bundled packages, upgrade to the Pro plan, or use an ad blocker to overcome these problems. Unfortunately, Mac Catalina users can only use its web client.
Visit BitTorrent
3. Deluge — Highly Customizable Torrent Client With Plenty of Plug-Ins
Year founded: 2006
Compatible with: Windows, macOS, Linux, Chrome, and Firefox
Price: Free
Pros: Supports lots of plug-ins, open-source software, no ads or bundled software
Cons: Takes time to learn how to use it properly
Deluge is an open-source client that’s lightweight and easy to use. It can be used as either a standalone app or through a client-server, which means you can run it in the background or control it remotely. It also works well on old devices since it only uses around 25% CPU. As soon as I added a torrent file, it began downloading right away.
What really impressed me with Deluge is its large number of first and third-party plug-ins. This means you can fully customize your client by adding unique features to boost speeds and security, such as alphabetical downloading, bandwidth adjustment, and IP blocking. Other features include robust encryption, torrent stats, and the ability to discover local peers for faster downloads.
Just keep in mind that using the torrent app’s encryption feature doesn’t protect your entire device. Using a VPN with military-grade encryption adds an extra layer of security that helps keeps your internet connection as a whole anonymous, even in the app.
But having lots of plug-ins means that it can take a fair bit of time to get used to it. On the other hand, it’s a free client and doesn’t come with ads or bundled software, which is a big plus.
Visit Deluge
4. qBittorrent — Open Source Torrent Client That’s Ad-Free
Compatible with: Windows, macOS, Linux, freeBSD
Pros: Open-source software, no ads or bundled software, user-friendly interface
Cons: Limited to simple customizations
qBittorent is an open-source client that is free of ads and malware. This means that it’s transparent with its coding, so you can see exactly how it’s built. Its interface isn’t too simple or complex, so it can serve most needs without consuming many resources. There are also frequent updates, which prevent any bugs or glitches.
I found its customizable features to be handy, too. It enables RSS feed support, extensions, sequential downloading, torrent creation, media playback, IP filtering, bandwidth scheduling, a UI lock, and more. These features help you download torrents faster and manage them better. Another helpful feature is its search engine, which made it easier for me to access and search for files.
But even with all these features, your activity will still be visible to unwanted users. Since this can leave you open to online threats, I recommend using qBittorrent with a top-tier VPN (like ExpressVPN) to stay anonymous. It adds extra encryption to your connection, too.
Where qBittorent falls short is that it doesn’t support any plug-ins, so you’re customization is limited. But this shouldn’t be a problem if you only want to download torrents.
Visit qBittorrent
5. Vuze — Simple Interface and Advanced Search Features
Year founded: 2017
Compatible with: Windows, macOS, Linux, Android
Price: Free/ $9. 99 per month (Vuze Pro)
Pros: Clean interface, powerful search engine, customizable features
Cons: Contains ads and resource-heavy
Vuze is a new torrent client that descended from Azureus, which is now defunct. It’s mainly focused on providing a clear and easy-to-use interface. Additionally, its powerful search engine gives it an edge. By entering some simple tags and titles, I found the exact torrent files I wanted without having to search through hundreds of similar files. There’s also the option to change your user proficiency to either “intermediate” or “advanced”, should you want increased functionality.
You can also expand your Vuze client by installing plug-ins that add extra features. It also provides bandwidth scheduling, IP filtering, media playback, magnet link support, and the ability to manage your torrents from your mobile. To maximize your safety while using Vuze, it’s best to use it alongside a trustworthy VPN service.
Unfortunately, Vuze comes with ads and uses a lot of resources on your device. Therefore, you shouldn’t use it if you have an older computer because it’ll make it much slower. Also, it’s geared towards power users
Visit Vuze
6. Transmission — Simple Torrent Client for Mac Users
Compatible with: Windows, macOS, Linux, browser
Pros: Optimized for Mac, easy to use, appealing user interface
Cons: Not very customizable
If you’re a Mac user, then consider using Transmission, which is an open-sourced client. As an optimized torrent client for Mac, its lightweight and minimalistic interface resembles the macOS operating system. I downloaded it on my MacBook in under a minute and liked its drag and drop feature. There weren’t any unnecessary toolbars or pop-up ads either, which made using it a pleasant experience.
Its other features include encryption, remote management, magnet link support, webseed support, and the ability to find more peers or block them. You can even set global and per torrent speed limits, too. Another plus is that it doesn’t take up many resources and runs smoothly in the background.
The only issue is that it doesn’t allow much customization, so it’s not suited for advanced users.
Visit Transmission
7. BitComet — Powerful Torrent Client With Intelligent Disk Sharing
Year founded: 2003
Compatible with: Windows, macOS
Pros: Regular updates, files previews, intelligent disk caching
Cons: Very basic and annoying user interface
BitComet is a simple torrent client with a long history. Despite being an old torrent client, it’s very powerful and makes downloading and creating torrents easy.
The main feature of BitComet is intelligent disk sharing. It increases your speed by reducing the need to read and write on your hard drive. BitComet also gives you DHT network support, HTTP support, magnet links, and the ability to preview files while downloading them. Your user experience will also be improved because it enables long-term seeding capabilities.
Even though its interface is simple, I found it to be too basic and annoying to use. It didn’t help that it looked really old either.
Visit BitComet
8. Tixati — Open Source Torrent Client That’s Ad-Free
Year founded: 2009
Compatible with: Windows, Linux
Pros: Simple UI, No spyware or adware, bandwidth management
Cons: Not compatible with macOS
Tixati is a full-featured torrent client with everything you need. These include torrent prioritization, magnet links, IP filtering, encrypted chat rooms, drag and drop capabilities, and event scheduling. It also has its own peer selection system, so I could select local peers to increase my download speeds. I found it straightforward to download, and it didn’t install anything extra when I downloaded it. Also, it’s free of ads and malware, making it a safe choice.
It differs in its ability to provide in-depth data on what you share with your peers and your bandwidth usage. Unfortunately, no versions of it are available on macOS.
Visit Tixati
9. BitLord — Adaptable Torrent Client With Search Engine
Year founded: 2004
Compatible with: Windows, macOS, and Chromecast
Pros: Built-in search engine, password protector, easy to share files
Cons: Outdated UI and lack of updates
BitLord is an old client that still has some neat features. Since it’s highly adaptable, it’s suitable for both beginners and experienced users. Both desktop and mobile versions are available, and it comes with a built-in search engine, download organizer, automatic subtitle feature, and password protector. You can even create torrents, too. I especially enjoyed playing content while my torrent was still downloading. Another plus is that it lists download speeds in the top and bottom menu bars, making it much easier to track.
But be careful when you install it as it sometimes contains unnecessary software. In addition, it took a long time to download and I found its user interface old and clunky.
Visit BitLord
10. WebTorrent — Good Torrent Client for Streaming Media
Year founded: 2013
Compatible with: Windows, Linux, macOS
Pros: Polished AI, watch media while downloading, open-source software
Cons: Too focused on streaming media
WebTorrent has a special focus on streaming, as you can enjoy media while you’re downloading the file. Not only could I play the file, but I could control the volume, adjust playback speeds, add subtitles, and more. I found its interface to be visually pleasing, too, and it’s very lightweight.
The desktop version can connect to other apps like uTorrent, BitTorrent, and Transmission. But its downside is that it’s more focused on streaming than torrenting.
Visit WebTorrent
Tips on Choosing the Best Torrent Clients
While all of the best torrent programs I selected are good options, you’re never fully safe when using them. You should always use a VPN with your torrent downloader to hide your real IP address so that no one can see your personal information and use it to target you. I use ExpressVPN to protect P2P connections since it’s super secure and has fast speeds for downloading big files.
When I tested the best torrent software, I mainly looked at usability and customization. Usability takes into account the app’s interface and considers its appearance and ease of use. Customization refers to the client’s features and the extent to which they can be modified, along with plug-in and extension capabilities.
I ranked the clients highly if I found them to be suitable for beginners and experienced users. The following is a breakdown of the criteria I used, so you can use it to help you choose the best torrent software for you:
Easy to use ー I made sure that none of the clients had a complex interface. A complex interface is okay if you’re a power user, but most people aren’t. Therefore, each client has an interface that’s either easy to use, visually pleasing or both.
Useful features ー I paid particular attention to the features of each client and how they enhanced the user experience. Most clients have a bandwidth adjuster, download scheduler, search bar, and allow files to be played while downloading.
Easy to customize ー Another plus was if the clients supported first or third-party extensions or plug-ins. The benefit is that it allows you to build a unique client that can do more than just downloading torrents.
Lightweight and powerful ー The best torrent downloaders are simple apps and can be easily downloaded and installed. They don’t use a lot of your system’s resources either, which means you can run them smoothly in the background without diminishing your device’s performance.
Compatible with most devices ー Most clients are compatible with both macOS and Windows or are specially optimized for one. Some of them give you the option of a desktop client or a web client, too, and there are even ones with Android and iOS versions.
Free to use ー Every client in my list has a free version suitable for the large majority of users. But some free clients make money through advertising, so I made sure that none of the clients contain any adware, either.
Torrent Safely With ExpressVPN
Quick Comparison Table: Best Torrent Client Features
Free and Pro Plans
Free only
Warning! The Risks of Using a Torrent Client
Torrent clients can be a breeding ground for malware and spyware, which is why you need to use them with caution. Several torrent apps have infected whole devices with malware in the past, but luckily this isn’t common these days. You can be assured that all the torrent clients in this article are tried-and-tested and safe to use.
A similar risk is when you download a torrent file that’s infected with malware or viruses. Even the best torrent downloaders can’t protect you from this threat, so I recommend that you only download verified torrents from trusted and well-known torrent sites.
But a torrent app’s biggest risk is to do with privacy. Whenever you download or share a torrent, other people downloading or sharing the same file can see your IP address. This allows them to keep track of you, uncover your identity and location, and target you with malicious attacks. The best way to protect yourself is to use a reliable VPN to hide your real IP address while torrenting.
Best VPNs To Use With Your Torrent Client
VPN — Enjoy Ultra-Fast Speeds on Your Torrent Client
Lightning-fast speeds for downloading torrents quickly
Military-grade encryption, automatic kill-switch, and DNS leak protection keep you safe while connected to torrent software
Strict no-logs policy to keep you anonymous when torrenting
Split tunneling to conserve bandwidth
5 simultaneous device connections
30-day money-back guarantee
Compatible with: Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Linux, routers, Apple TV, and more
ExpressVPN’s superfast speeds will be a great addition to your torrent software. By hiding your IP address from your ISP, your bandwidth can no longer be throttled, which stops your speeds from slowing down. During my speed tests, I downloaded the film Mabel’s Strange Predicament on uTorrent and recorded a download speed of 48. 7 Mbps.
ExpressVPN’s kill switch is great for torrenting
Thanks to its state-of-the-art security features, you can safely use your torrent client. ExpressVPN uses AES-256 bit encryption, which is impossible to penetrate. Meanwhile, its kill switch (called network lock) cuts you from the internet if your connection unexpectedly drops. Therefore, your personal data won’t be exposed through your torrent client.
Another benefit is that ExpressVPN won’t record your activity when torrenting. This is because of its no-logs policy, which ensures that you won’t leave a digital footprint. This means that other people downloading torrents can’t uncover your identity and target you with attacks.
Where ExpressVPN falls short is that it can’t block ads. But you can use it with several ad-blockers that are recommended on its website. And if you head over to its website, then you can get 49% off your subscription.
Since ExpressVPN is backed by a 30-day money-back guarantee, you can test its features risk-free. If you’re not happy with it, you can claim a full refund within the guarantee period. I tested this policy by asking their 24/7 live chat to cancel my subscription after a few weeks. All I had to do was answer 2 questions for their records and I had my money back after 3 business days.
Try ExpressVPN Now!
2. IPVanish — Protect All Your Devices that Run Torrent Clients
Unlimited P2P connections mean no restrictions when torrenting
Military-grade encryption and advanced protocols keep you safe on torrent sites
Strict no-logs policy keeps you anonymous when torrenting
Split tunneling to choose which traffic to encrypt
Unlimited simultaneous device connections
You can simultaneously connect as many devices as you want under a single IPVanish subscription. I tested this out by connecting my MacBook Pro, smartphone, Android tablet, and Windows laptop while downloading several torrents with uTorrent and watching Netflix. There wasn’t any difference at all in speed and everything went smoothly.
To increase your safety on a torrent downloader, IPVanish uses military-grade encryption and advanced protocols. Some of these protocols include WireGuard, OpenVPN, and L2TP/IPSec, which are industry standard protocols that keep you safe. OpenVPN is particularly good for torrenting as it balances speed and security. Its kill switch is handy, too, as it stops any exposure of your data.
IPVanish comes with some robust security features
IPVanish’s servers are all P2P optimized so that you can torrent efficiently without any restrictions. Many VPNs put limits on bandwidth, server connections, and the number of accessible servers, but not IPVanish. It lets you use your torrent app as much as you want without any slowdowns or bandwidth limits.
A minor inconvenience with IPVanish is that it doesn’t accept any cryptocurrency payments, which isn’t great for anonymity. But, you can pay by PayPal, credit card, or gift card, which is handy. It’s even having a sale right now where you can save 71% on your subscription.
You can also try IPVanish for free using its 30-day money-back guarantee. Getting my money back was easy — all I had to do was click the “I wish to cancel my subscription” button on my account’s dashboard and confirm. After 4 business days, I was fully refunded.
Try IPVanish Now!
3. CyberGhost — Effectively Blocks Ads on Torrent Clients and Sites
Ad blocker for Windows and Android that block ads on torrent sites and in your torrent client
7, 290 servers in 90 countries, including optimized servers for P2P sharing
AES 256-bit encryption and multiple security protocols to secure your connection
Split tunneling to conserve bandwidth when torrenting
7 simultaneous device connections
45-day money-back guarantee
Compatible with Mac, Windows, Linux, Android, iOS, Roku, gaming consoles, and more
CyberGhost’s ad blocker for Windows and Android easily blocks annoying ads in your torrent client. As soon as I tested it, I immediately noticed that a couple of ads on my uTorrent client had been removed. It also benefits your privacy too, as third parties can’t use your data to target you with specific ads.
CyberGhost has its own ad-blocker for Windows and Android
Its extensive server network of 7, 290+ servers worldwide includes optimized servers for torrenting. The benefit is that it won’t throttle your bandwidth or expose your identity to prying eyes so that you can torrent anonymously and quickly. I noticed a 20% increase in my speeds as I was using a couple of P2P servers with uTorrent.
You’ll also secure your data while you’re using a torrent client, thanks to its robust security features. CyberGhost uses AES 256-bit encryption, which is trusted by leading security agencies to protect sensitive data. Also, its IP leak protection prevents your IP address from being exposed accidentally.
Its only downside is that its short-term plans are expensive. But its longer-term plans are affordable, and you can get 83% off your subscription with its current sale.
You’ll also be able to test CyberGhost out for free, thanks to its 45-day money-back guarantee. I asked customer support to cancel my subscription over 24/7 live chat on the last day, and they only asked me 1 question before proceeding. After 5 business days, I got my money back.
Try CyberGhost Now!
FAQs on the Best Torrent Clients
What is the best torrent client, and is it safe?
The best torrent client is uTorrent — it’s pretty safe to use and it’s free. However, it’s safer to use it with a powerful VPN. Whenever you use uTorrent or any other torrent client, your IP address is exposed, which means third parties can uncover your location and target you with malicious attacks. A VPN will hide your IP address so that you’re protected from such threats.
What makes uTorrent special is its polished interface and lightweight app, which means it can operate without consuming a lot of resources. Its compatible with Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, and iOS, which covers almost any device. Its features are quite advanced, too, as you can schedule torrents, adjust bandwidth, and find torrents through its built-in search engine. And since it’s the most popular torrent downloader with a 68. 6% market share, you know it’s widely trusted and used.
Is it legal to download torrents?
The act of downloading torrents is legal in most places, but it’s what you download that could be illegal. In other words, it’s only illegal to download torrents that are protected by copyright. But even if you’re downloading legal files, you should always use a reliable VPN when torrenting to keep safe since other users can still see your personal info in the client itself. Please note that we don’t condone any illegal torrenting and that you should abide by the laws in your country.
What are the best torrent clients for iOS and Android?
The best torrent clients for iOS and Android are uTorrent, BitTorrent, and qBittorent. All of these clients are lightweight and come with stellar features that enhance the user experience. Just note that you can’t download and install torrent software on iOS, so you’ll need to use the web-based version for these clients.
What is the best torrent client for Mac Catalina?
The best torrent client for Mac Catalina is uTorrent. It comes with a beautiful interface and a wide range of customizable options so that you can make the most of your torrenting experience. It even allows extensions and plug-ins to be installed too. Just note that you’ll need to use uTorrent Web for Mac Catalina because it’s not compatible with uTorrent Classic.
Which torrent client is the fastest?
Many factors determine the speeds of your torrent client, so there isn’t one that’s the fastest. But if you want fast speeds while torrenting, then it’s best to use a VPN with your torrent client. It’ll prevent bandwidth throttling by hiding your IP address so that you can download torrents faster. This works because your ISP won’t be able to cap your speed since it won’t see that you’re performing high-bandwidth activities.
Other factors that make your torrent client faster are the speed of your internet connection and the number of seeders that are assigned to your torrent (the more seeders there are the faster your file will download).
Do I really need to optimize my torrent client’s settings?
Most torrent clients are already optimized by default, but it’s a good idea to set up a VPN before using your torrent software for full protection. You’ll need to optimize your torrent client if your ISP has restricted P2P traffic, even though your client will usually start to download the file when you open it. But if you learn how to customize your settings, you can connect to more peers, enjoy faster downloads, and enjoy a more enhanced experience.
How do I know if I’m protected by a VPN when using a torrent client?
The first thing to do is to connect your VPN to a P2P-optimized server that’s reliable. If you use a top-tier VPN like ExpressVPN, then every server will be optimized for P2P. When that’s done, then head over to and run an IP leak test. This should reveal the server and IP address you’re using, and if everything matches then you’ll be protected.
What are seeders and leechers?
Seeders and leechers are two kinds of sources of a torrent file. A seeder has a full copy of the torrent file and shares it with others. On the other hand, a leecher is someone who only has part of the file and needs the help of the seeder to obtain the rest of it. You can still download part of a file from leechers. But whether you’re a seeder or a leecher, you should always use a VPN when torrenting to stay protected from online surveillance, malware, and malicious attacks.
What is a P2P network?
A P2P (peer-to-peer) network is a group of 2 or more computers that are connected and share resources. This kind of network can be dangerous since all the people that are downloading and uploading the same file can see your personal information. That’s why you should protect your anonymity with a VPN. However, the main benefit of using a P2P network is that you can download large files faster because you don’t need to go through a separate computer that acts as a server.
Stay Safe on Your Torrent Client
Protect Yourself While Using Torrent Software Now
Even the safest torrent clients come with risks. And with so many to choose from, picking the right one can be difficult. After much testing, I found the safest torrent clients that can enhance your torrenting experience (and they’re all completely free). They are easy to use and have varying levels of customization options, making them ideal for all experience levels.
That being said, it’s still important that you use a reputable VPN with your torrent software for protection. It’ll encrypt your data and keep you anonymous when torrenting. My favorite is ExpressVPN because of its fast speeds and robust security features. It also comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee, so you can test ExpressVPN and all its security and privacy features risk-free. If you’re not happy with it, claiming a full refund is really easy.
To summarize, the best VPNs to use with your torrent client are…
Privacy Alert!
Your data is exposed to the websites you visit!
The information above can be used to track you, target you for ads, and monitor what you do online.
VPNs can help you hide this information from websites so that you are protected at all times. We recommend ExpressVPN — the #1 VPN out of over 350 providers we’ve tested. It has military-grade encryption and privacy features that will ensure your digital security, plus — it’s currently offering 49% off.
Visit ExpressVPN

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