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The titile sums it all. I wonder if this has been addressed – I can access one account from PC. Another from a smartphone. And one more from a tab. How has this been overcome, if it has?
If you have all three on the same IP (using wi fi for the mobile devices) address, it will be caught. If you are using mobile data and have two separate mobile providers, which means paying a lot for data, you might get away with it.
Even then, if the accounts interact with each other a lot (sending res) you still might not get away with it. At the end of the day, the multihunters have a lot of experience and you’re very likely to get caught and have both accounts banned if you try to cheat. It’s really not worth it.
If you want to run more than one account the best way is to play on different servers, that’s perfectly legal and many people do it.
I don’t mean to create a confusion and start a search and verification that ‘Pokekar’ has multi-accounts, but there is no interaction. ‘I’ don’t have such; but can have. Consider this – I start two accounts from two devices and play with it. After developing both to some extent, I might farm one and develop the other to great extent!
Farming one from the other would be interaction. Just saying.
You could easily play one account from your home desktop, one account on your phone (and never use home wifi), and one account from your work desktop. They may never directly interact, but you could easily fight enemies with all three accounts and not break any rules and show no real indication that you’ve done so.
But let me ask this – if you want to play a game, why cheat? By cheating in any way, you are not really playing the game. I know a lot of people do cheat, but how does it make sense? If I give myself an advantage over and above the parameters of the game, even if I “win” the game, what have I really won? What have I accomplished, aside from proving that I can appear to have won something which I actually stole?
Can I run multiple accounts on same pc? - Травиан Бот

Can I run multiple accounts on same pc? – Травиан Бот

You whole home got 1 IP address. So it does not help to use 2 different computers, the IP will still be the same.
Like Vlad mentions, to run an account with a different IP address you have to use a proxy. You can use that proxy in a browser, in the Travibot, or on the whole PC.
This is how I use 7 accounts on a server, with 2 of them being completely run by the bot:
The equipment Ive got for this are:
– A PC at home
– 2 linux servers (only 3$ p/m where a Windows server is around 13 p/m)
– 2 proxy addresses
On my PC at home I have got my main account and I run 5 accounts from this PC using TOR browser. TOR browser keeps using different IP’s to keep your home IP main account I run with Travibot and when I go to sleep I open the Linux server and run it from there.
On the Linux server I have installed a Virtual Box with Windows. Like I mentioned before, a windows server costs way more to hire. But the problem with Linux, it can’t run Travibot. There is where the Virtual Box comes in. On 1 of the linux servers I run a account with 12hrs per IP address (I log in here at morning or evening to change it to use the proxy. On the other linux server I use my main account when I sleep and my home PC is off.
I make the accounts this way: Register 1 with normal email, register 6 via TOR browser (closing it after each account to remain anonymous). For this 6 accounts via TOR browser I use 10 minutes mail.
I hope I made everything clear for you.
Does any one have advice on a ban?: travian - Reddit

Does any one have advice on a ban?: travian – Reddit

I’m not sure if I’m allowed to post this here, if not, I apologise. I’m looking for some advice since it seems so hard to get any support from any where husband and I have been banned on a server for apparently having multi-account(s) have a computer and a laptop. I usually play on the computer and he on the laptop. We pay for our gold with separate bank accounts and our accounts never interact with each other. In fact, the only thing we share is the same rules say “Accounts that exist solely for the benefit of other accounts may be permanently banned. “From their end, they can see that we have never interacted with each other in game. The only thing we have in common is IP addresses. Surely they see that we play on different computers? Nor do we interact, so how can it be for the benefit of another account? Yesterday, due to illness and being on bed rest, I used the laptop to access my account and he used the desktop. This resulted in a ban. The MH refuses to acknowledge we are separate people, or any evidence to prove that we are just a regular husband and wife, playing the same game. I’ve offered bank statements and even photo evidence of two people playing Travian but one of us on a laptop and one on a desktop. Which, sometimes will be mixed up depending on how the other person times I play on my phone too. But yesterday, I just wanted to chill in bed with the laptop. Have Travian open and watch some MH really is not helpful. Will not listen to us and we keep going round in circles. We’ve answered every single question. Have been polite and helpful. We have been tarnished as cheaters. Guilty until proven other wise. How can we prove we are not guilty if they won’t let us prove our innocence?! I know there are many couples who play the game, on the same computers. The fact we play on different computers and changed for one night should not result in a permanent deletion of one of our husband decided to contact the admin, who told him to keep trying with the MH; who is now refusing to work with my husband cause he contacted the admin. I feel like rolling over and accepting a punishment we do not deserve is admitting guilt so I want to fight as much as I can, for our innocence. Especially when we have evidence! And if they did their jobs, they would see it for themselves. I’d be happy to take the punishment but not the deletion of an account, which we’ve both put a lot of money in any one have absolutely any advice? Anything?

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