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How To Use A Travian Proxy For the Best Gaming Strategy

Playing pretend with your friends on the playground could go in literally any direction. This kind of childhood imagination is still accessible for us as adults, thanks to the explosion of massively multiplayer online games. You can access fantastical worlds from your bedroom, and the possibilities are endless. Travian is one of those fantastical exploration games—it’s been available to players since 2004. As the game has expanded, possibilities for players have gotten better as well. The most dedicated players should explore a Travian proxy to level up their gaming developing resources to exploring new worlds to executing military strategy, Travian keeps players on their toes. You have to respond quickly to complex situations to make sure your careful worldbuilding doesn’t fall apart. The best Travian experience requires a solid, reliable internet connection without any interruptions or threats to your security information. A Travian proxy ensures the safety of information security with online gaming and keeps your connection speedy. In this article, we’ll go over the best practices for proxies and where to find the best ones. You can click around the table of contents and figure out how to level up your gaming experience by using Travian of ContentsHow the Travian Online Game Works The biggest online games require a lot of attention and skill development. Like many other online multiplayer games, Travian gives you a small set of resources to develop the terrain. It’s like a much larger, more complicated version of Settlers of Catan. The medieval setting allows you to build exciting new structures and technologies, grow crops, and plan battle strategies. If you’re a longtime gamer, this might sound like old hat. However, if you’re new to the world of MMOs, this could be a good place to all online games, you have to set up an account and build your character into one of the chosen Worlds. You can choose a World, and that ties you to a server. While you can make multiple accounts to have characters in different Worlds, the rules restrict you to one character in one building and accumulating resources seem like they could be simple tasks, they require a lot of dedicated attention and bandwidth. Gamers, and especially those who play MMOs, need strong internet connections to make sure their game never crashes and loses all the work they’ve been doing. This is also important for interacting with other players—you want to make sure you’re not experiencing network interruptions and missing possible avian proxies, especially from reliable proxy sellers, address the issue of bandwidth and allow a much better experience with faster network speeds. Investing in a proxy for Travian is a great way to ensure you’ll have the best a Proxy to Play Travian While network speeds are important, Travian proxies can do a lot more for you. Giant multiplayer online games will work better for you with proxies because the games require a lot of bandwidth and dedicated attention. A Travian proxy provides a few different benefits for gamers, from speed to avoiding location restrictions to speeds with Travian proxiesThere are hundreds of game servers for Travian all over the world, but a proxy can allow you to choose a location closer to where the host server for the game personal device, or whatever device from which you choose to connect to the game, has a designated IP address. A proxy has its own IP address—a proxy IP—that masks your personal IP address and routes your online requests through the proxy IP. If the proxy IP address is closer to one of the game servers, the requests you’re sending don’t have to travel as far. It might seem small, but any difference in speed and quality will give you an overall better experience for the Travian online geoblockingWhen using a proxy to play Travian, you can also get around geoblocking. Certain countries might choose to ban the game for various reasons, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get to purchasing a proxy IP address, you can choose one in a completely different country—we went over that before. However, the added benefit is that you can avoid the blocks placed around the internet in certain countries. Sometimes it’s purely a regional availability problem, and sometimes it’s specific censorship. For example, Iran banned Travian once. If you’re traveling and want to access your game again, a proxy IP address can help you avoid the annoying geoblocking securityAlthough most players in MMOs like Travian are there to have fun and build imaginary medieval societies, there are occasional bad actors mining for personal data. Proxies are a really smart way to protect your personal data because they don’t stop you from accessing the things you want—they’re just able to hide your IP address. You don’t have to avoid “high-risk” parts of the internet, but you can get into Travian with higher certainty of protecting your personal though you’re still entering your information into the website, the mask of the proxy IP address stops cyber criminals from tracking down your personal IP address. Proxies can be hacked, but if you have a reliable seller, they’re more likely to have systems in place that protect their customers. Instead of immediately finding your IP address and having access to your personal device, threatening actors on the Internet will have to go through extra layers of a proxy to play Travian will give you more certainty for your security, speed, and the ability to surf anywhere. A Travian proxy will take away headaches and allow you to explore the Worlds of Travian with more freedom and certainty in your Internet’s of Proxies for Travian Proxies are not exactly one-size-fits-all—there are specific advantages to many different kinds. If you’re wondering what proxy to use with Travian, there are three main types: dedicated, semi-dedicated, and rotating. A dedicated proxy Is exactly what it sounds like: one proxy IP address for one user that masks their personal device’s IP address. This is a most secure option with the best guarantee for no interruptions in network speeds. A semi-dedicated proxy is shared between a few users. This is a good money saving option, but you want to make sure the seller is working hard to ensure the integrity of the network speeds and security of the tating proxies are the most high-level: they rotate between proxy IP addresses. People might want to use these to have multiple accounts in one World of Travian and avoid banning, although, per Travian’s terms of service, you shouldn’t be making multiple accounts in singular Worlds. However, if you need a lot of IP addresses for various other projects you’re working on (like botting and scraping), a proxy with rotating IP addresses is probably the Best Proxies for Travian There are free proxy options, but I would discourage you from trying those for multiple reasons. Chief among them: network speeds on free proxies are a lot slower. Since the service is free for everyone, a lot more users are likely to be on one IP address and you can’t guarantee speed if everyone is crowded on at also can’t guarantee that your free, shared proxy will remain unbanned. It could be an accident, but if any user does something that gets the proxy IP address banned from a specific website, then you are also out of luck. Essentially, the proxy IP address won’t work the way a good proxy IP address should because of abundance of users and lack of tting a paid proxy will be a much better investment over time. A good paid proxy should be able to guarantee at the very least fast network speeds, but the best ones should also have control over the hardware and excellent customer service. A proxy provider with options for dedicated, semi-dedicated, and rotating proxies should also have proxies that they can guarantee are unused, or at least be able to give free automatic replacements. In order to truly level up your online gaming with Travian, you need to find the best Thoughts Exploring an endless medieval land would have required a horse in medieval times, but these days all you need are Travian and an Internet connection. It’s a great game for people who have an interest in history, military strategy, village building, and even farming. In order to keep on top of all of the moving pieces of your World in Travian, you’ll want to find the best Travian proxy. It lets you keep everything up and running without any worries about network interruptions or security threats. You’ll have access to a vast world, with even more traveling capability than a information contained within this article, including information posted by official staff, guest-submitted material, message board postings, or other third-party material is presented solely for the purposes of education and furtherance of the knowledge of the reader. All trademarks used in this publication are hereby acknowledged as the property of their respective owners.
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Our customers’ reviews
I am a very long-standing client of this company. It’s nice that even the operators in the chat know and remember what I usually buy and in what quantity. It’s nice that they remember their regular customers))Their proxies are not perfect, but in almost all problematic cases, support fixed the problem. no one is perfect, but the rest of the proxy services are much worse, and I’ve tried a lot in the last 3 yearsI recommend this seller
For a year with something I work with this site – the support is excellent, the proxies work nice. Convenient, fast. Impressions: excellent service, normal professional service.
The prices are actually even low for this quality. I bought on many other sites and got a proxy worse in quality for a higher price.
Configured the sneakerbot with their proxy, works.
Frequently asked questions:
I have already paid, when will I receive the proxy?
We know how time is important for you, so we are trying to do our best and to give you a proxy as fast as prossible. But, in order to find the perfect addresses for your purpose – it might take some time. If the proxy was not received within 30 minutes – contact our support, please.
Do company sells proxies only to a one-person?
Certainly! We provide our premium proxies only to a one-person.
Has someone used these proxies before?
Unfortunately, we can’t answer this question, because neither we, nor the provider that leases IP address, do not keep or monitor the statistics of the use.
How often do you update your private proxy list?
We try to update our proxy list as often as it possible for our customers. It impoves the number of subnets and the list of countries. We can offer you a proxy of 53 countries and about 800 different subnets for the moment.
Are there any discounts for renting time and the proxy quantity that are summed up?
Yes. For example, if you purchase 100 proxies for 12 months – you will get a 27% discount. 15% Discount by the quantity and 12% discount by the rental period.
If I rent a proxy for a few months, can I replace it?
We appreciate the customers who stay with us. Therefore, in addition to discounts that are provided by paying for more than a month, you will be able to replace addresses once a month by any request.
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Has your Travian account been suspended for violating the rules or for another reason? Buy a proxy, and bypass any restrictions and blocks. So, you can create the appearance of transferring an account to another player, and then log in to your account using a new IP. In this case, technical support will not detect violations, and you will not end up on the blacklist. With the proxies presented on the Proxy-Seller website, you can farm without blocks and restrictions in any number of application windows. In addition, you can:
bypass any prohibitions provided for violation of the rules of the service;
register multi-accounts without the risk of getting a ban;
increase the level in an online game;
use bots for multiple accounts;
play at school or work.
The proposed proxies for Travian work without restrictions at a speed of 1 Gb/s. Choosing us, you get stable, reliable and round-the-clock access to your beloved virtual world. We recommend using 1 proxy for 1 Travian account.
Proxies for Travian at Proxy-Seller: the best offer
On the Proxy-Seller website, you can buy proxies for Travian, Perfect World, Warface and other online games. We guarantee our customers:
Anonymous proxies. All information remains confidential, including location data.
The ability to choose a rental period. Proxy for a week, month, a year or six months? Choose the right rental period for your purposes.
Technical support 24/7. Our specialists are in touch at any time of the day and are ready to fix any problems and malfunctions, day and night.
Save up to 40%. Renting a proxy package for a year or longer, you will receive a discount of up to 40%. Long-term rent – savings for the wallet.
The ability to replace proxies. We provide our customers with the opportunity to change proxies once a month upon request.
Remote proxy settings. You do not have to figure out what and how! We remotely configure proxies on your PC through TeamViewer – quickly and without nerves.
Instant proxy order sending. Choose the necessary proxy package, pay for it, and after a couple of minutes plunge into the fascinating world of your favorite online games.
Free proxy replacement or refund. If the sent proxy did not suit you after authorization for any reason, we will refund the money or send a new one.
Our proxies support the most popular protocols: HTTP(s), Socks5. We give IP addresses to only a buyer, so you don’t worry about being blocked or banned.
High-quality assurance and technical support 24/7
Our team of specialists monitors the stable operation of proxy servers 24/7, 365 days a year. With us, you don’t have to think about proxy stability. If you have any problems, just contact us to immediately resolve any problem.
You can buy proxies for Travian now, having paid the rent for the required period. Our experts are ready to answer all your questions.
Best Proxies For Travian - ProxyRack

Best Proxies For Travian – ProxyRack

This post recommends the best proxies for Travian, a realistic MMO game.
Playing Travian lets you live out your fantasy of developing structures to recreate your world, farm valuables, plan and execute military strategies with friends, etc.
However, a fantastic Travian experience requires that you play using only a stable and high-speed internet connection; this can only be guaranteed using the best Travian proxies.
What Are The Best Proxies For Travian?
The best proxies for Travian are the Datacenter proxies because they are optimized for high-speed network connectivity needed for seamless gameplay.
Residential and Mobile proxies are also other proxy options suitable for seamless gameplay. These proxy types use IP addresses from ISPs and Mobile Network Operators, making them indistinguishable from other users’ IP addresses.
Residential proxies
Never get blocked, choose your location
Datacenter proxies
Super fast and reliable
3 Day Trial
Test all products to find the best fit
Thankfully, ProxyRack offers the best Travian proxies and other proxy types suitable for various online gaming purposes.
What Is Travian?
Travian is a Massively Multiplayer Online (MMO) browser-based game set in medieval times. The game was developed and released by Gerhard Muller in 2004.
As a first-time player, you enter into the game as a village head with the responsibility of building and modifying new and existing structures, mining resources, farming crops, planning attack and defense strategies with your military to plunder other villages or join alliances for military and economic gains.
While creating a Travian account, you have to choose a world to play in, and it is impossible to interact with players from other worlds except by creating multiple accounts for different worlds.
However, you will be going against the rules if you attempt to create multiple accounts in the same world. Also, Travian allows other players to join your world using a single account; however, there’s a limit to the number of players that can join a particular world.
Why You Need Proxies For Travian?
Performing tasks such as building structures, mining resources, farming, or conquering other villages require that you use Travian proxies to guarantee a stable and high-speed internet connection.
Travian proxies are intermediary servers located in the same geographical location as the Travian servers to bypass speed throttling by internet providers.
Setting up your browser with Travian proxies lets the proxy server use its IP address and location to transmit data traffic between your device and the Travian server, thus concealing your real IP address and location.
Other reasons to use proxies include:
Protect yourself while playing Travian
Some players in your world are not interested in building structures but are there to track you down using your IP address. The best way of protecting yourself from such players and cybercriminals is using proxies to play.
Since a proxy hides your real IP address and location, it will be impossible for such hackers masquerading as players to track you using your real IP address and location.
Avoid geo-restrictions
The Iranian government geographically restricts its citizens from playing Travian because the government says it is anti-Islamic. If you live in Iran, you can bypass this geo-restriction by changing your proxy location to a location in the US or other Travian-friendly country.
If you find yourself in schools or organizations that censor Travian, you can also bypass this censorship to enjoy Travian using the same process outlined above.
Use proxies for gaming bots
You can use gaming bots on Travian to build structures, train troops, plan attacks, mine resources, farm crops, and perform other tasks at a faster rate than is humanly possible. However, you will need proxies to protect your bot from detection, which can earn you an IP ban.
Avoid IP address ban
Engaging in other activities against Travian’s policies can earn you an IP ban. Using proxies helps you bypass such unnecessary IP bans and also prevents future IP bans.
Playing Travian or other MMO games with proxies guarantees you high-speed connectivity, security of data and online anonymity, and the ability to play without geographic restrictions.
ProxyRack is a premium source of proxies highly recommended for online shopping, data scraping, social media automation, entertainment, etc. Contact us today for the best proxy type to suit your needs.
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