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How to start
git clone
cd twitter-bot-production
npm install
npm start
Languages | Technologies
– PostgreSQL – mongoDB – Ajax – HTML5 – CSS3
V 2. 0
This app is powered by the Twit npm package. (Twitter’s API package prebuilt for)
Why The Twitter Bot Was Built
Let’s say we have 2 accounts:
Julian1402 has 346k followers on twitter, averaging about 250k impressions per tweet. He also sells really cool hats!
PotatoMaster has 140k followers on twitter, averaging about 75k impressions per tweet. PotatoMaster sells the best potatos on the market.
Julian1402 will message PotatoMaster on Twitter saying ‘rts’. This means Julian1402 wants to retweet PotatoMaster’s last 3 favorites on Twitter for 20 minutes, most likely his potato tweets.
If PotatoMaster wants to trade he will respond with ‘D20’ meaning in return he will retweet Julian1402’s last 3 favorites for 20 minutes as well, most likely his awesome hats!
Once PotatoMaster responds with ‘D20’ (Meaning he has retweeted Julian1402’s products) Julian1402 will respond back with ‘D20’ when he retweets PotatoMaster’s potatos.
What’s so hard about that and what can we use the twitter bot for?
The main problem is someone has to be active on these accounts watching for people sending ‘rts’, also someone has to manually retweet and unretweet the accounts products every 20 minutes. With large Twitter accounts, this can be an all day job and generally you have to hire someone to do this.
TwitterBovV2 automates this process. While an account is added to the bot, it will constantly pull new messages and filter them for these key words. i. e. ‘rts’, ‘favs’, ‘D20’, etc..
When there is a match in these words, the bot will figure out what to do with that account.
Example process:
When We receive ‘rts’, the sender will be added to the main que of the receiving account. When they reach the top of the que, the bot will find the sender’s last 3 favorites on Twitter and retweet them for 20 minutes. We will then message them with ‘D20’. They are then added to the lmkwd (Let me know when done) list and will not be eligable to trade with again until they send ‘D20’ meaning they have completed the trade with us.
When an account is added to the bot, it requires read and write access to Twitter through their API.
*** Direct Messages Must Be Enabled ***
Once the account is created, in mongoDB many ‘lists’ are created under ownership of that account:
Children — the main trading que
Lmkwd — Disables further trades from the sender unless we receive the message ‘D20’ from them
History — We’ve traded with this account in the past 24 hours and they have not expressed interest to trade again, we will message them at 5AM to trade again
Sent — We’ve sent them ‘rts’ at 5AM and are waiting to receive ‘D20’ back to add them to the main que
Outbound — We sent them rts and when we receive ‘D20’ they should not be added to the lmkwd list
“_id”: “SkyVibeOverload”,
“children”: [
“history”: [
“total_trades”: 23,
“lmkwd”: [
“sent”: [],
“outbound”: []}
The ‘_id’ is the account’s username on Twitter, the following lists associated with the document are other accounts on twitter that ‘SkyVibeOverload’ has Interacted with
API Limits
Twitter doesn’t play nice when you blast their API with a bunch of requests. To avoid this, each Twit object
is held in a temporary variable only for the time needed to retweet while manipulating that specific account.
By doing this, the app is not using the same keys to make each request, this eliminates the API limiting issues presented by Twitter.
Make a Twitter Bot without Coding #NoCode - Digital Inspiration

Make a Twitter Bot without Coding #NoCode – Digital Inspiration

How Twitter Bots work? Step 1Go to, create a new app and make a note of the access token and consumer 2Open the Twitter Bots app, sign-in with your Google account and paste the Twitter access 3Specify the search criteria and select the action that your bot will perform on the matching tweets. Purchase a domain license for your organization and enable premium features for multiple employees in your company or school. Compatible with all Google Workspace domainsand a maximum of 50 users can activate the premium ‘ll receive a unique license code via email that you can use to automatically upgrade your Google add-on to the premium version. Absolutely. When you make a purchase, the email address specified in the order will receive the license key but that key is not tied to the payer’s email address. A colleague can use that key to activate his or her Google account to can raise a ticket while your support period is still valid. Support is provided for issues with installation, licensing and usage. It does not include any customization or custom new features. A user is defined as one Google Account email address (yourname@domain). Our add-ons are licensed per user (Google Account) and you can use the license on any computer as long as you are signed in with the same email a domain license, a maximum of 50 users in your organization or school get access to premium features. The license is compatible with all editions of Google Workspace (GSuite) including Basic, Business, Enterprise and GSuite for Education bot can auto-reply to tweets, retweet and quote tweets, send DMs, add users to Twitter lists, follow users, and more. to see the full plan lets you create a single bot while premium offers up to 10 bots. Free bots run once per hour, premium bots run every 15 Twitter bots use the Twitter API to automate your Twitter account. The Twitter’s automation rulebook specifies criteria that they use to identify potential spam in the system. As long as your not using the bot for spamming, it should can suspend or permanently stop your Twitter bot in one easy step. Open the bots page, select any active bot and delete check the bot troubleshooting guide. If your Twitter bot is posting spam or bothering users by sending them unsolicited messages, Twitter may suspend your bot or restrict it from performing write you would like to identify if a tweet has been published by a human or a twitter bot, open the Twitter and look for the application name that was used to publish the tweet. If the application source name is not a known app, it is likely a you buy the 5-user pro edition(link), we offer the full source code of the Twitter bots. You can easily deploy bots in your Google account using these steps. Can’t find an answer to your question? Send a message and we’ll be happy to help you Our Google add-ons are used in some of the largest companies, government departments and universities worlwide including Stanford University, PWC, Uber, Zoom, Flipkart, Twilio, Harvard, Khan Academy,, Byjus’ and notified whenever we publish something newSign up for our newsletter to stay up to will never spam. That’s our promise. ProductsMail Merge for GmailDocument StudioForm NotificationsGoogle Workspace Add-onsLegalGDPR ComplianceEULAPrivacy PolicyTerms of ServiceLimited Use Disclosure
How to Write a Twitter Bot in 5 Minutes - Digital Inspiration

How to Write a Twitter Bot in 5 Minutes – Digital Inspiration

Published in: Twitter BotsTwitter Bots can do interesting things. For instance, a grammar bot can monitors tweets containing misspellings and tweet the correct spelling. You can tweet questions to @DearAssistant and the Twitter bot responds like Siri. The @HundredZeros bot tweets links to eBooks that are free on Amazon. @WhatTheFare will tell you the Uber fare between any two itter Bots can automatically favorite or retweet tweets that match certain criteria. It can follow Twitter users who have tweeted a particular phrase. A brand may build an auto-reply Twitter bot that automatically responds when the brand gets a @mention on Twitter. You may have a bot that sends a DM (direct message) to users who follow you on Twitter. Writing a Twitter bot is easy, you do not need any coding skills and you can make one live in under 5 minutes. While most Twitter bots on the Internet require some understanding in Python, or Ruby, our bots are hosted on Google servers and require “zero” to get started. The Twitter Bots are internally written using Google to Create your own Twitter BotThe basic idea behind Twitter bots is simple. You specify a search phrase and choose an action. The bot will find all tweets that match the search criteria and perform the associated action on those tweets.
Step A: Make an App for the Twitter BotCreate a new account at Twitter that will work as a bot. Then go to, sign-in with your new Twitter account and create a Twitter application. Give your app a name, description and put any URL in the website field. Agree to the developer terms and submit the the Twitter app has been created, click Modify App Permissions under Application Settings and change the access level to Read, Write and Access Direct switch to the Keys and Access Tokens tab and click the Create My Access Token button. Twitter will generate the Consumer Keys and Access tokens that we will need in a next B: Configure your Twitter botsGo to Twitter Bots to open the Twitter bots the Twitter Consumer Key, Consumer Secret, Access Token and Access Secret that were generated in the previous, you need to specify the search phrase for the bots. The app will find all new tweets that match this search phrase and process them all, one at a Save to initialize the Twitter bot. That’s it. The bots are now initialized and they’ll auto-run in the itter Bots Video TutorialPlease watch the Twitter Bots Video Tutorial (download) for a more detailed getting started guide. It is important to note that Twitter TOS discourages automation so you may want to test the waters with a test Twitter itter provides certain automation rules but the gist is that your bots should not be used for spamming. Here are some legitimate uses cases where automated Twitter bots can prove handy:If you are changing your Twitter username, set an auto-DM bot for the old account so your new followers get to know your new screen you are offline during specific hours, setup out of office replies so people can expect a delayed can follow users or add them to a Twitter list who tweet on particular topics or whose Twitter profile (bio) matches your search the Twitter Bots page to learn more about the premium lished in: Twitter Bots

Frequently Asked Questions about twitter bots v2

Are Twitter bots legal?

You may only take automated actions through another Twitter user’s account if you: clearly describe to the user the types of automated actions that will occur; receive express consent from the user to take those automated actions; and. immediately honor a user’s request to opt-out of further automated actions.

Where can I find Twitter bots?

Go to, create a new app and make a note of the access token and consumer keys.Open the Twitter Bots app, sign-in with your Google account and paste the Twitter access keys.Specify the search criteria and select the action that your bot will perform on the matching tweets.

Is Twitter getting rid of bots?

We permanently suspend millions of accounts every month that are automated or spammy, and we do this before they ever reach an eyeball in a Twitter Timeline or Search.” So Twitter is removing bots, and its advanced detection processes suggest that the problem is not as pronounced as some reports have suggested.May 19, 2020

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