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Unlock Access to On-Demand Listening Experiences

Good news, listeners! We’re introducing an unrivaled experience that now gives you more of what you want, when you want it, with access to on-demand listening experiences with a complimentary session of Pandora Premium!
So, how does it work?
When you search for a specific song, album or playlist:
or have one recommended to you by us:
You’ll have the option to view a video ad for 15 seconds in order to unlock a Pandora Premium listening session and enjoy music from your favorite artists.
During the session, listen to uninterrupted music in the background of your mobile device while on-the-go and multi-tasking with Pandora’s intuitive and easy-to-navigate mobile app.
Why is this awesome?
We’re serving up the most personalized listening experience by letting you lean in to listen to music on-demand, or lean back and let us take over with recommendations unique just to you.
With these new features, Pandora now offers the best mobile solution for music-lovers seeking an on-demand listening experience, whether you watch an ad or pay for a subscription.
Premium Access is now rolling out to ad-supported and Plus listeners on iOS and Android smartphones.
Get Pandora Free Trial Without a Credit Card [Top Hacks] - DoNotPay

Get Pandora Free Trial Without a Credit Card [Top Hacks] – DoNotPay

Pandora is one of the leading music stream services in America—in 2019, it had 63. 5 million subscribers. The Pandora app allows you to listen to a myriad of songs and podcasts.
You can use the free version of the app or subscribe to Pandora Plus or Pandora Premium plans to get rid of ads and have access to more features. If you are not sure whether to upgrade to a paid subscription, use Pandora free trials to help you decide.
How Much Do Pandora Subscriptions Cost?
Pandora offers a free version of the app, but it comes with a lot of ads. If you want to go ad-free, you will need to pay for a subscription to either:
Pandora Plus
Pandora Premium (Family, Student, Military)
What Are Pandora Plus Features?
Pandora Plus will cost you $4. 99 a month. The most important feature of Pandora Plus is that you will see almost no ads. If you subscribe to this plan, you can:
Listen to podcasts
Skip songs as many times as you want
Find and listen to music offline
Look for and play the songs you want when you view an ad
What Are Pandora Premium Benefits?
Pandora Premium comes with no ads. It costs $9. 99 a month and gives you the full experience. You may also get a family, student, or military discount for Pandora Premium. With this plan, you can enjoy all Premium Plus features as well as the option to create and share playlists.
Here are Pandora Premium discounts:
Make up to 6 accounts
50% off
20% off
Check out all prices for Pandora’s plans:
Pandora Free
$4. 99
Pandora Premium
$9. 99
Pandora Premium Family
$14. 99
Pandora Premium Student
Pandora Premium Military
$7. 99
Does Pandora Give Free Trials?
Yes, it does. If you want to stop seeing advertisements and check out other features on Pandora, you can start a free trial of some of their subscription plans. You can choose among:
30-day free trial for Pandora Plus
60-day free trial for Pandora Premium plans if you subscribe directly on Pandora
30-day free access to Pandora Premium plans if you are already on Pandora Plus or you sign up to Pandora on Google Play/ iTunes
Gift Passes which give you access to the subscription plans—you can get 90-day free access to Pandora Premium with a code
Before you try to upgrade to Pandora Plus and Pandora Premium, check whether you are eligible for a free trial. You can sign up for a Pandora free trial if you:
Use Pandora for the first time
Are already a user of Pandora Free or Pandora Plus
Haven’t used a free trial before
Aren’t using any promotional subscription
How Can I Sign Up for a Free Trial on Pandora?
You can sign up for a Pandora free trial in various ways, depending on whether you:
Are a new user
Want to upgrade your account
Wish to redeem a code
New User Sign Up for a Pandora Free Trial
If you want to try out the features of Pandora’s paid subscription plans, you should do the following:
Visit Pandora’s website and click on View Plans
Tap on the free trial you want to use
Give your email address and personal information to create an account
Give your credit card details
Choose whether you want a monthly or annual subscription
Click on Start Trial
Upgrade to Pandora Plus or Pandora Premium and Start With a Free Trial
If you are using the free version and want to upgrade to Pandora Plus or Pandora Premium subscription, follow these steps:
Log in to your Pandora account
Click on Upgrade in the top right corner
Choose the free trial you want to try out
Provide your credit card details
Tap Start Trial
Use a Trial Code to Sign Up for a Pandora Free Trial
If you want to use a code to get a 90-day free trial of Pandora Premium, you should:
Go to the redeem page
Enter your code
Click on Redeem
Note that if you’ve already subscribed to Pandora via third-party apps, you won’t be able to redeem your code.
Does Pandora Automatically Charge When the Free Trial Ends?
Yes, it does. If you don’t cancel Pandora before your free trial ends, they will bill you for a monthly or yearly subscription.
When you use a gift card to get free access to Pandora subscription plans, you may also get charged after the free trial period if you provide your credit card info.
Save Money On Inactive Subscriptions With DoNotPay
If your subscriptions just pile up and you can’t keep track of them, DoNotPay can help! Connect DoNotPay to your bank or email account so that we can monitor your subscriptions. When we find the ones you don’t use, we will offer to cancel them. With our Find Hidden Money feature, you will stop being charged for the unnecessary services.
Use DoNotPay’s Virtual Credit Card and Dodge Charges After Free Trials
If you tend to forget about signing up for free trials you can use DoNotPay’s virtual credit card for free trials. With DoNotPay, you don’t need to worry about being charged if you don’t stop your free trial on time.
We will generate random credit card numbers that seem legit to Pandora, so you can use it risk-free. When the company wants to charge you, it won’t be able to do so because the card is not linked to a real funding source.
Another benefit of DoNotPay’s virtual credit card is that you can also get a temporary email address that you can use when you sign up for free trials and thus protect your identity.
Open DoNotPay in your web browser and get your virtual credit card!
Pandora Charges on Your Bank Statement
This is how Pandora charges can look like on your statement:
DEBIT CARD PURCHASE – GOOGLE *Pandora xxx-xxx-3987 CA
Debit Card Purchase – PANDORA INTERNET RADIO 510 451 4100 CA: PANDORA*INTERNET RADIO 510-451-4100 CA
INTERNET RADIO 510-451-4100 CA
PaymentTo Pandora Media
GOOGLE *PANDORA 855-836-3987 CA
510-451-4100 CA
Debit Purchase – Visa Pandora*internet510-451-4100ca
GOOGLE *PANDORA 855-492-5538 CA
Debit Purchase -visa Pandora*internet510-451-4100ca
(510)451-4100 CA
Payment To Pandora Media
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How to redeem a promo code - Pandora Community

How to redeem a promo code – Pandora Community

@Gregoryl Nice to see you around the Community.
To redeem any promo code you received, visit the Pandora website.
Confirm you are signed into the correct Pandora account.
Enter your code.
Accept the Pandora Subscription Terms.
Then click Redeem.
Please note that we require payment information to begin a trial of Pandora Plus, Premium or Premium Family. That’s because it helps us to provide a smooth transition for those who enjoy the trial and want to continue the service, but it’s also a common practice among many online subscription services. +++++++++++++++++++++++++
To see if you’re eligible for any free trials, you can visit this page. (I’d recommend doing that from a computer rather than a mobile device, if you have the option. )
You can also always contact our support team through our help page so they can take a closer look at your account, and verify what trials you are eligible for.
Hope this helps!

Frequently Asked Questions about unlock pandora radio

How do you unlock Pandora?

60-day free trial for Pandora Premium plans if you subscribe directly on Pandora. 30-day free access to Pandora Premium plans if you are already on Pandora Plus or you sign up to Pandora on Google Play/ iTunes….Use a Trial Code to Sign Up for a Pandora Free TrialGo to the redeem page.Enter your code.Click on Redeem.

How can I get Pandora premium for free?

To redeem any promo code you received, visit the Pandora website.Confirm you are signed into the correct Pandora account.Enter your code.Accept the Pandora Subscription Terms.Then click Redeem.Jan 3, 2020

How do I redeem my Pandora code?

Although the majority of the songs in our collection will be eligible to be played without restrictions, you may encounter a portion of songs that are unavailable or labeled “Radio Only” due to our current licensing restrictions (as you noted).Mar 26, 2021

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