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Proxy Server is a VPN service provider that operates from the USA. It provides you with access to online content that has been blocked and makes it possible for you to safely and quickly access any website that you want while providing full anonymity while you are online. Since it’s US-based it can also unblock popular US streaming sites like Netflix and Hulu. Sounds promising, but we’re not sure it’s up to scratch with a premium vendor like ExpressVPN.
Proxy Server offers just two basic options. There are free Proxy Server and the premium Proxy Server Pro option. The free Proxy Server is designed for users to have a basic preview of what proxy Server is all about before deciding whether to go Pro. As expected, the free Proxy Server does not have all the essential features that can be found in Proxy Server Pro. It only offers some general features like changing your IP and having access to blocked sites and videos unlike the feature-packed Proxy Server Pro which offer more important features like quality double protection, top speed, and WiFi protection. For the Proxy Server Pro, there are three plans available for all prospective users.
The first plan goes for $9. 99 per month and has a 7-day free trial. The second plan is the yearly plan, and it costs $74. 99 per year which equates to $6. 25 per month. It also comes with a free 7-day trial option. The third plan, which is also the last plan under Proxy Server Pro is for a duration of 5 years. This special plan goes for $149. 99, which makes you save up to $450 and has a seven day free trial period too.
Proxy Server works effectively on most devices and operating systems including Windows and Mac OS.
However, as enticing as its Premium option seems, one critical thing to note about Proxy Server is that it logs user data. People interested in subscribing for Proxy Server should consider this before making the jump. Even though it is clearly stated in their Privacy Policy that you stand no risk as your online presence will not be shared with 3rd parties. I still believe users should put this in mind before going for the service. A premium service like NordVPN has strict privacy and no-logs policies, so you don’t need to worry about it logging any personally identifiable data.
For further questions and inquiries, you can get through to Proxy Server via their Email located on their website. Users can also go through their Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section, where you get answers to most of the issues you might come across while using the service. This is one of the few aspects of the application that I believe Proxy Server needs to work on in order to improve their service and make it more attractive to users. There should be a live chat support option, and their FAQ section should be more robust to cover more articles and answers on how to easily use the service.
If you want a trusted VPN for Netflix and other popular video services, check out our best VPNs for streaming movies.
$4. 15/month
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Offers Free Proxy Server
Supports Windows and Mac OS
Secure and Anonymous
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VPN Proxy Master Review: Is It the Worst Free VPN of 2021?

VPN Proxy Master Review: Is It the Worst Free VPN of 2021?

Our VerdictOverall Rating:1. 91. 9/10Our overall rating is reached by combining several subcategories. The subcategories are weighted as follows:
Logging & Jurisdiction: 30%
Speed & Reliability: 25%
Security & Features: 20%
Streaming: 10%
Torrenting: 5%
Ease of Use: 5%
Support: 5%
See our full methodology in how we review VPNs.
VPN Proxy Master is a popular free VPN for MacOS, iOS, and Android. The logging policy isn’t awful, but the VPN is slow with bad customer support. It also lacks security features, and we even detected dangerous functions and malware within the app. In short, VPN Proxy Master is not a safe #64 out of 68VPN Proxy Master Category RatingsStreaming1. 9/10Torrenting11. 0/10Logging & Jurisdiction1. 31. 3/10Speed & Reliability4. 54. 5/10Server Locations4. 5/10Bypassing Censorship11. 0/10Security & Features11. 0/10Ease of Use11. 0/10Customer Support11. 0/10VPN Proxy Master Pros & ConsProsNo bandwidth restrictionsUses OpenVPN protocol Improved logging policyConsCollects too much dataStrong links to ChinaNo security features whatsoeverMalware detectedNot enough servers (one for iOS)Cannot access any streaming sitesVPN Proxy Master counts an eye-watering 10 million installs from the Google Play Store. It’s clearly a very popular VPN, so it must be doing something well, right? Sadly, popularity doesn’t necessarily mean quality, especially when it comes to free Android VPNs.
There are many unanswered questions that people have about VPN Proxy Master, such as:
Is VPN Proxy Master safe to use?
Does VPN Proxy Master keep logs?
Does it work in China?
Who owns VPN Proxy Master?
This VPN Proxy Master review will answer all of the questions above in depth.
Discover our recommended private and safe free VPNs
Why not use a safe and cheap VPN like Private Internet Access? It’s fast and unblocks many streaming platforms.
Try PIA VPN free for 30 days thanks to its money-back guarantee.
VPN Proxy Master Key DataData CapUnlimitedSpeed47MbpsLogging PolicyIntrusive LoggingData LeaksNoJurisdictionSingapore (SIGINT Member)ServersNot disclosedIP AddressesNot disclosedCountries5US NetflixNoTorrentingNoWorks in ChinaNoSupportEmail Official Website too much web dataLogging & JurisdictionLogging & Jurisdiction Rating1. 3/10We dissect the logging and privacy policies of every VPN. A VPN should never log:
Your real IP address
Connection timestamps
DNS requests
A base of operations outside of 14-Eyes or EU jurisdiction is preferable.
VPN Proxy Master is owned by a company with ties to the ruling Chinese Communist Party and it logs too much of your information. This VPN will sell your data to advertising partners. It’s not trustworthy or Proxy Master has a complex corporate structure behind it.
The company now in charge is Lemon Clove Pte. Limited, but it used to be Innovative Connecting PTE. Limited.
For all intents and purposes, these are the same company. They even have identical websites.
Research by Security Affairs showed the same email address registered both websites, as well as the websites for Turbo VPN, VPN Robot, VPN Monster, and VPN Snap.
Snap Master VPN is also the same app as VPN Proxy Master, just with a different name.
There’s not a lot of information offered on these websites, but Lemon Clove is based at 8 Marina View, #42-099, Asia Square Tower 1, Singapore.
The director of Lemon Clove/Innovative Connecting is Danian Chen, a Chinese national described by Fortune China as “one of the most influential young leaders in China. ”
Chen is the Founder and CEO of Linksure, which launched the very successful WiFi Master Key app. He is one of the richest men in China.
Danian Chen, Director of Innovative Connecting
This looks very suspicious. To be a successful business or businessman in China you have to fully co-operate with the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and the Chinese military.
All Connected Co. is also listed as the developer of VPN Proxy Master. It is a subsidiary of Innovative Connecting.
All Connected Co. is also based in Singapore, but our VPN investigations revealed that, like Innovative Connecting, it has links to mainland China.
Singapore is a partner in an intelligence coalition called SIGINT Seniors Pacific. This also includes India, South Korea, and Thailand. It is led by the United States’ National Security Agency (NSA), making it an extension of the US surveillance apparatus.
Remember: we recommend using a VPN service headquartered in a country that has no legal claim on your personal information, and doesn’t engage in extensive state snooping.
Logging PolicyEver since VPN Proxy Master came under ownership of Lemon Clove, there’s been improvements to its logging policy.
It used to log your IP address, ISP, connection timestamps, and much more. Now it logs:
Registered account information (email)
Data on VPN Proxy Master version
Success of VPN connections
VPN location connected to
Your originating country
Internet Service Provider (ISP)
Aggregate sum of data transferred
Anonymised data for network diagnostics
VPN Proxy Master wants this “abstracted data” in order to maintain its service. This is the usual explanation for any amount of data retention from a VPN provider.
Sometimes the amount of data collected is fine. Other times that excuse simply doesn’t hold up.
We think VPN Proxy Master still logs too much data. Bigger and better VPNs maintain their service without requiring so much as aggregate bandwidth usage. However, it is an improvement on the previous logging policy.
The only real plus with VPN Proxy Master is that it claims to only log non-identifiable data. It does not know what websites or services you access when using the VPN, nor which user was connected to the VPN at any specific time.
VPN Proxy Master says “the extent of any disclosure of your data is limited” due to the limited logs. But it is quite open to sharing what information it collects from you to third-party vendors, business and advertising partners, the Singapore government, and more.
Some of its advertising partners include:
All of these may “set and access their own cookies, pixel tags, and similar technologies on our services. ”
The harsh reality is that a great number of VPNs that are free to download end up making their money back by selling on your data and giving advertisers permission to track you.
We don’t think that’s a price worth paying. While some users may not care regardless, it’s our job to try our best to persuade you that you shouldn’t do it.
No security features & malware detectedSecurity & FeaturesSecurity & Features Rating11. 0/10Top-rated VPNs offer OpenVPN or WireGuard protocols, AES-256 encryption, and a functional kill switch. We also consider additional security features and the global spread of VPN Proxy Master uses OpenVPN protocol and AES-256 encryption. This is good stuff. The problem is that this is all it has. There is no kill switch, which is essential for any VPN. We also detected some malicious malware when investigating the app. You should avoid this otocolsOpenVPN (TCP/UDP)UndisclosedEncryptionAES-256UndisclosedSecurityNoneAdvanced featuresNoneWe didn’t detect any DNS or IP leaks while testing VPN Proxy Master, which is encouraging.
The details of its encryption and security protocols are hard to find, but VPN Proxy Master references OpenVPN within its website FAQs.
This is good news, as OpenVPN is the security standard we like to see.
We contacted VPN Proxy Master to find out more. It replied by confirming it uses OpenVPN and AES-256 encryption. This is the industry-standard level of security you should expect from any good VPN.
Email exchange with VPN Proxy Master support
However, that’s all the good we have to say about it, because VPN Proxy Master has absolutely no additional security features. Its app offers no options or details at all regarding customizable features or encryption settings.
There is no kill switch, which we consider an essential feature for any safe VPN service. Without it, you risk exposing your true IP address if your internet connection drops.
Our free VPN investigations update also detected invasive functions and malware within VPN Proxy Master. Make no mistake: this is an unsafe and dangerous VPN that you should avoid.
If you want to use VPN Proxy Master to protect your device, beware that you may well end up putting yourself at greater risk.
Slow VPN connection speedsSpeed & ReliabilitySpeed & Reliability Rating4. 5/10Speed ratings are calculated using upload speeds, download speeds, and ping (latency).
We test average speeds regularly using a dedicated 100Mbps connection in London, UK. Local download speed is considered the most important factor.
Connecting to VPN Proxy Master will cut your usual internet speed in half. While every VPN will slow down your normal internet connection to some extent, this is far too much. Connecting to the US from our London base wasn’t awful (light browsing should be fine), but the restrictive speeds prevents any serious online activity. VPN Proxy Master delivers speeds far below average. Check out the results here:Download Speed: 46. 86MbpsUpload Speed: 48. 03MbpsPing: 4msDownload Speed: 23. 2MbpsUpload Speed: 33. 5MbpsPing: 12msDownload speed loss when VPN Proxy Master is
running: 50%Our latest tests recorded download speeds of 23Mbps when connected to a nearby server, which works out to an average speed loss of around 50%. We’ve seen worse speeds from free VPNs, but this performance is mediocre at best.
Long-Distance Speed Results
If you’re connecting to an international VPN server in a distant location, expect your speeds to be even slower.
We put every VPN we test through a fair and scientific speed testing process.
Based on this we’ve worked out the average speeds you can expect to get when connecting to various parts of the globe (we test from London, UK):
Download: 23. 20Mbps
Upload: 33. 50Mbps
Download: 13. 33Mbps
Upload: 19. 60Mbps
Download: 2. 02Mbps
Upload: 42. 03Mbps
Again, we’ve seen worse from free providers (the US result is strong), but it’s still way below our standards and you’ll definitely experience slow loading times.
Does not work with US NetflixStreamingStreaming Rating1. 9/10Streaming is rated by the number of different services unlocked, how many regional libraries are viewable, and how consistently the VPN can access them.
Netflix, BBC iPlayer, HBO Max, DAZN, and Amazon Prime Video are all tested on a weekly basis.
VPN Proxy Master could unblock BBC iPlayer but the service has since removed its UK server, meaning that users abroad can’t access British TV any longer. Its US servers don’t work to unblock Netflix or HBO Max, either. As it stands, VPN Proxy Master is unable to stream anything except for Proxy Master advertises itself as a VPN for streaming. However, our most recent tests found the VPN did not work to unblock or stream Netflix on either of its five US servers.
Its single server option on iOS means you can’t access any popular streaming services outside of your home country.
Since the Android version of VPN Proxy Master removed its UK server users can no longer access BBC iPlayer, either. This is a great shame as it has worked with British TV for some time.
However, its slow speeds and unreliable customer support mean it’s still not a very good VPN for streaming.
Torrenting is bannedTorrentingTorrenting Rating11. 0/10We calculate the average download bitrate of every VPN using a bespoke torrenting setup.
Testing also factors in the percentage of servers which permit P2P, plus useful features like port forwarding.
P2P activity on VPN Proxy Master servers is banned, meaning you can’t torrent or file share using this free VPN. It’s not a safe choice anyway: it logs too much data and there’s no kill switch to prevent accidental IP exposures. It’s also too slow for smooth downloads. Torrenting isn’t permitted on any of VPN Proxy Master’s free servers.
There’s no explanation as to why this is, but users that attempt any sort of P2P activity while connected to the VPN risk having their account deactivated.
Want a free VPN that actually lets you torrent? We’ve listed the very best free VPNs for torrenting here.
Minimal server options, only one location for iOSServer LocationsServer Locations Rating4. 5/10The global spread and coverage of the VPN server network is the most important factor here.
We also consider the number of city-level servers, plus how many IP addresses are maintained.
This rating does not directly contribute to the Overall Rating, but instead makes up a portion of the Security & Features rating.
VPN Proxy Master has servers in five countries as well as five city options spread across the US. It’s not a terrible selection considering that India is included to provide some international spread. However, the UK and Singapore servers have been removed, cutting the options down. 5Countries9CitiesUndisclosed number ofIP AddressesVPN Proxy Master’s website claims to have over 40 locations and over 6, 000 secure servers across the globe.
Well, not for the (far more popular) free version. When using the iOS app you have only one option: to connect to the ‘Fastest Server’, which is in Germany.
When using Android, it’s slightly better: five countries, nine cities, and nine IP addresses. For this reason, it’s better to use VPN Proxy Master on Android if you have the choice.
The available countries are:
Canada (Toronto)
Germany (Frankfurt)
India (Doddaballapura)
Netherlands (Amsterdam)
United States (Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Miami, Phoenix, Portland)
This is a decent free solution to covering the US – such a large country.
There is no coverage for South America or Africa, though. This is a big miss, and means anyone in these parts of the world should really think twice before using VPN Proxy Master.
Does not work in ChinaBypassing CensorshipBypassing Censorship Rating11. 0/10Our remote-access server in Shanghai, China routinely tests if a VPN can beat restrictions and access a free, open internet. Obfuscation technologies and nearby servers are also a contributing factor.
VPN Proxy Master won’t work in China or less strict censoring countries like Turkey or the UAE. There hasn’t been any investment into obfuscation tools and considering the company’s links to China we aren’t surprised that it’s not genuinely interested in getting around government internet blocks. Without any obfuscation tools, it’s highly likely that VPN Proxy Master won’t work in China.
It’s pretty open about this, informing users in its website FAQ that:
“We’re sorry to inform you that our product is currently not available in China due to some policy reasons. ”
It’s safe to assume that this will be the case with VPN Proxy Master in any other country with censored internet.
Available on most platformsPlatforms & DevicesDevice Compatibility A quality VPN should maintain functional, fully-featured applications and extensions for as many platforms and devices as possible.
This does not directly contribute to the Overall Rating, but instead makes up a portion of the Ease of Use rating.
VPN Proxy Master is available on the major devices, including Windows, MacOS, Android, and iOS, as well as Fire TV Stick. There’s also a free browser extension. It’s impressive to see a free service spread across so many platforms, but we don’t recommend installing any of sVPN Proxy Master is available on:WindowsMaciOSAndroidYou can connect up to five devices when using VPN Proxy Master. For a free service, this is a generous amount.
It’s available for Windows, MacOS, iOS, and Android devices. There’s also a free Fire TV app.
There are, however, no workarounds for games consoles or routers.
VPN Proxy Master also has a browser extension available as an add-on to Google Chrome.
With the logging policy as it is, we recommend against installing it, though.
Basic applications with aggressive advertisingEase of UseEase of Use Rating11. 0/10This rating mainly consists of the intuitiveness of setup and everyday use.
Device or platform compatibility and customization options are also a factor.
Both Android and iOS apps from VPN Proxy Master are basic, and therefore simple, but too basic. They’re unpleasant to use due to the sheer volume of pop-up ads. There are no settings or features to speak of, either. This is as rudimentary as it to Install & Set Up VPN Proxy Master It’s really hard to find the correct version of the app among all the duplicates in the Google Play you use the software for the first time, you have to agree to the intrusive privacy policy. Annoyingly, the app tries to prompt you into signing up for the premium app before you use the free ‘s not until you get through to this screen that you realize you can just choose the free main screen is very simple with just your current location and an on/off you’re connected, there’s an animation that shows the world being have to click on the free tab to access the available server seems pretty pointless to have a settings tab in the app when there are no settings to speak iOS app for VPN Proxy Master is so simple that it’s barren.
All you can really do is press the big Earth button to connect to the single available server or to disconnect. There is nothing else.
Except for pop-up ads. There are lots of those. It’s often to be expected when using a free VPN service, but they are particularly annoying in this case, bombarded multiple times with the exits made hard to find.
There are no settings or obvious support options. You can offer ‘Feedback’ and through this contact VPN Proxy Master by offering your email.
The Android app is slightly different in design but equally useless. It is made as easy as can be to subscribe to premium but nothing else is available.
VPN Proxy Master offers a seven-day free trial if you subscribe to the Premium service. If you do, VPN Proxy Master will automatically renew and charge you if you don’t cancel within that time.
Slow and unreliable customer supportCustomer SupportCustomer Support Rating11. 0/10This rating is based on our assessment of each VPN’s:
Email support
Live chat support
Online resources
Not every VPN offers all of these, and they often vary in quality and response time.
VPN Proxy Master only has support through the ‘Feedback’ option within the app. The response was slow and a little generic, but helpful. We’d like to see proper online resources and FAQs for troubleshooting and information about the contact support you have one option: head to ‘Feedback’ in the app.
You can then send an email to the address
We sent an email and got a response two-days later from ‘Master VPN Customer Service Department. ’
Support answered our query with minimal fuss, to its credit. But it was just too slow to be useful.
There are no troubleshooting tips or in-depth FAQs. It does appear to have ‘Live chat’ option on its website, but nothing happens when you select it.
VPN Proxy Master’s support is lacking.
No reason to download this VPNThe Bottom LineWe do not recommend VPN Proxy Master.
It is not trustworthy enough. Or robust enough.
Unless you’re prepared to put your device safety and your personal privacy at risk, we suggest you seek another, safer option.
Additional research by David Hughes
Alternatives to VPN Proxy MasterVPNhub is a free VPN that gets a lot right. It’s far from perfect, but it’s much safer than VPN Proxy Master, has unlimited data and also works with Netflix. Read VPNhub Free reviewIt’s not free but Surfshark is one of the most affordable premium VPN services that you can find. For such a small cost the protections and benefits are great value. Read Surfshark review
Should You be Using VPN in India? Understanding its Laws and Privacy

Should You be Using VPN in India? Understanding its Laws and Privacy

While there are no laws that ban the use of virtual private networks in India, users should be judicious in how such services are Last Updated:February 20, 2020, 01:51 ISTFOLLOW US ON:FacebookTwitterInstagramTelegramGoogle NewsVPN, which stands for Virtual Private Network, is a rather common tool that is used by millions of users across the world. For many, VPNs are seen as effective tools to safely communicate and transfer files on the internet, and in some cases, as a workaround to location specific restriction to information imposed for specific reasons. While VPNs remain effective enterprise tools to enable remote collaboration on sensitive files, the public use of VPNs have often come across controversial scrutiny.
Benefits of using VPNs in India
Like other parts of the world, Indians often put VPNs to use for a variety of purposes. Put simply, a VPN masks your traffic to make it look like your IP address, or your location, is based elsewhere. Now, given the nature of this tool, it is often misconstrued that using a VPN is directly related to illegal activities. In truth, using a VPN has far greater implications than simply bypassing location restrictions, such as accessing websites that are banned for a specific area.
With today’s tense climate of cyber security, the biggest advantage provided by a VPN is keeping you secure as you browse online. Most VPNs that are worth their salt not only anonymise your actual internet address, but also offer industry standard 256-bit AES encryption to secure you from anyone tracking your online activity. This can be absolutely critical in helping you protect your data, especially during financial transactions. While it is not absolutely unbreakable, it is still exponentially safer to use a secure network to make your transactions, so that your passwords, card details and other such sensitive elements are not stolen.
Furthermore, using a VPN can let you access region-specific websites that may be legal, but not accessible in your country. This can help you read a wider selection of articles from publications across the web, or even view content that has been made elsewhere.
Is it legal?
With such benefits at hand, it is absolutely crucial to note that the simple activity of using a VPN is not illegal in India. In fact, there are absolutely no laws around using a VPN in India, so as long as you are using a VPN for no illegal activities, there should be nothing for you to worry about.
That said, the reason why VPNs get such a bad reputation is for their use in activities that are deemed illegal in India. The biggest and most common use case here lies in accessing content blacklisted by the Indian government (such as pornography), or torrent sites that facilitate the distribution of pirated content. The latter is the most common case of prosecution, and it is copyright infringement and creation of pirated content, and not the use of VPN, that can land you in legal trouble.
What are the charges?
As a result, if you are tracked down while using a website that lets you view, download and distribute content that is illegally uploaded (i. e. hosted online without paying due royalties to the creator), the Indian government may prosecute you under Sections 63, 63A, 65 and 65A of the Copyright Act, 1957 under the Constitution of India. If you are caught downloading an unauthorised copy of a movie, or streaming it from a website that hosts it illegally, then you may be subjected to legal prosecution amounting to up to three years of imprisonment, and a penalty of up to Rs 3, 00, 000.
As a result, you as a user of the internet in India are completely in the clear to use a VPN service, and doing so is in fact recommendable given the risks of malware and ransomware floating around across various parts of the internet. However, it is important for users to exercise their judgement, and avoid accessing any website or content that can amount to copyright infringement by the definition of the internet in India.

Frequently Asked Questions about vpn proxy service reviews

Is VPN proxy trustworthy?

VPN Proxy Master is a popular free VPN for MacOS, iOS, and Android. The logging policy isn’t awful, but the VPN is slow with bad customer support. It also lacks security features, and we even detected dangerous functions and malware within the app. In short, VPN Proxy Master is not a safe VPN.Sep 27, 2021

Is VPN proxy illegal?

While there are no laws that ban the use of virtual private networks in India, users should be judicious in how such services are used. VPN, which stands for Virtual Private Network, is a rather common tool that is used by millions of users across the world.Feb 20, 2020

What is VPN proxy Service?

A VPN is similar to a proxy, but instead of working with single apps or websites, it works with every site you visit or app you access. Like a proxy, when you visit a website after first logging into a VPN, your IP address is hidden and replaced with the IP address of your VPN provider.

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