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What is idope?
Idope search engine is one of the best meta-search engines available on the internet. It promises not to track any of its user’s activities. Idope was introduced as an alternative to kickass, the world’s largest torrent site at one point. Developers of idope claimed that this new site will be even more popular than kickass.
They claimed so because of its very simple and user-friendly interface. Their homepage consists of one search bar that allows the user to enter the desired torrent file. Idope, then searches through various magnet links available on its server and provides the most relevant magnet link to the user.
The best part about idope is its ability to search anonymously throughout the web without tracking the user. That means no pop-up ads will show up while you surf through this website.
Proxy for idope:
Idope is one of those many sites that might be blocked in many countries. Therefore, a solution for this is to use a proxy. There are several idope proxies available on the internet and each one of them performs the same task i. e. hide your identity by providing a different IP address to the website. Some of the best idope proxy are listed below:
NOTE: We Update the Idope Proxy list every week. If the proxy server is not working then check back later… We will update the new link as soon as possible ✔✔…
Also, I highly recommend you use VPN before Access to Idope Proxy for downloading movies & tv shows it helps you to unblock Idope easily…
idope Proxy/MirrorUrls ListStatus
idope proxy 1
idope proxy 2
idope proxy 3
movies (USE VPN)✔
Mirror (USE VPN)✔
idope proxy 4
idope proxy 5
idope proxy 6
idope proxy 7
idope proxy 8
idope proxy 9
mirror (USE VPN)✔
Alternatives of idope:
Apart from idope there are many other torrent search engines or websites that might perform a little better. The Internet is full of websites and search engines, and people like to use the one which provides them the best service, security, and privacy. Some of those sites are: –
✔️ Torlock Proxy
Torlock is one of the best iDope alternatives which can be used as a replacement of the iDope website. This torrent website offers the best features which are more than enough for all torrent users. All kinds of movies, TV shows, and other videos can be downloaded very easily in torrent files from this website.
✔️ TorrentDownloads Proxy
TorrentDownloads is probably among the best torrent providing websites that consist of the largest database on its servers. TorrentDownloads is currently having more than 4 million active torrent files which are consistently used by users from around the world. All types of movies, TV shows, web series, games, and various software are available on TorrentDownloads which can be downloaded by accessing torrent files.
✔️ 1337x Proxy
1337x is one of the most popular torrent sites in recent times. Its vast content consists of the latest movies, games, books, videos, music, and much more. There interface is also very impressive with well-categorized sections.
✔️ Thepiratebay Proxy
Pirate bay is arguably the best torrent site available on the internet. Along with that, it is also the oldest torrent website. It had quite a journey to make its way to the internet, but it has the largest user count. Even its uploaders vary from amateur to professionals.
✔️ Rarbg Proxy
Rarbg is another very interesting website which is popular among most torrent users. The graphical user interface (GUI) of this website is very neat and clean which allows you to search torrent files of your favourite movies. Along with that, recently added torrent files on this website categorized in a separate section that users can browse to access those torrent files.
✔️ YTS Proxy
YTS is a peer to peer release group which is known for distributing high-quality movies as a free download. Their releases were characterized via their HD quality video in a small size that attracted many downloaders.
✔️ Demonoid Proxy
Demonoid is a BitTorrent tracker and website that includes file-sharing related discussion forums and a searchable index for the tracker. The site has a massive collection of various files ranging from movies and games to tv shows and much more.
✔️ Limetorrents Proxy
This is another very brilliant website like iDope which is very successful in providing torrent files of different movies and tv shows. This torrent website offers torrent files to all users for free. You must register with your email ID and password to access those.
✔️ Torrentz2 Proxy
Torrentz2 is basically a torrent hosting website, which means that the search engine of this website is quite capable of searching torrent files from different torrent providing websites. Apart from movies and TV shows, some torrent files of various web series are also added to this website every now and then. That’s why Torrentz2 is considered as a very good alternative of iDope.
✔️ ExtraTorrent Proxy
It is an online index of digital media of entertainment, media, and software. ExtraTorrent is among the top 5 torrenting websites as listed by BitTorrents indexes worldwide. It has a vast collection of latest movies with the best quality, games, tv shows and much more.
✔️ Skytorrents Proxy
The homepage of this torrent website looks exactly like the Google homepage. But this website is a fantastic option for users to search for torrent files because of the wide range of categories and genres of different movies and TV shows. You just need to enter the keyword of the movie which you desire to see. That’s why Skytorrents is regarded as another best possible alternative for the iDope website.
✔️ IsoHunt Proxy
IsoHunt is best as compared to iDope. But if you compare the availability and variety of torrent files, then IsoHunt has a little edge over iDope and that’s why IsoHunt is also represented in the list of the best substitutes of the iDope website.
Idope search engine was one of the search engines for torrents. Even after it was taken down, multiple idope mirror sites came into existence. This shows the popularity of idope among torrent users. Although it might have been blocked in multiple countries, idope proxy is available everywhere on the internet to unblock idope.
Top 27 iDope Proxy Sites & Mirrors to unblock i Dope Website ...

Top 27 iDope Proxy Sites & Mirrors to unblock i Dope Website …

iDope is a torrent search engine which started as a tribute to KickAss Torrents or KAT as it was popularly known. The Shutdown of Kat inspired the owners of iDope to create a torrent search engine, which can list torrents from all the major sites. iDope is a sleek yet powerful torrent search engine, which can search any torrents for movies, music, software, apps, anime, tv, books for you across all torrent sites.
The user Interface of i Dope is highly inspired from Google and so are the search results. The search results are pretty accurate and instant. The problem is that many countries and internet Service providers block iDope on their network. Hence, in this article we will show: how you can access iDope torrents even if it is blocked on your network using Proxy sites. The following proxy list host the main iDope website, but on a different domain and different servers. So, incase the main iDope site is blocked in your network you can use the other sites from the below iDope proxy list to browse the torrents and search for them.
iDope Unblocked by using iDope Proxy site and Mirror website
Top 27 iDope proxy sites and mirrors to access iDope Torrents Website –
Website URL
Global Status
Green – Online
Red – Offline(Ping)
Status on your Network:
Image Loaded: Online
No Image: Offline
(reload page if none of the image loads)
Zalmos Proxy
Glype Proxy
US / UK Glype Proxy
Google Translate Proxy
Exclusive (Translator Proxy)
Yandex Translate Proxy
Appspot Proxy
Proxies don’t work? Here’s the solution!
Proxy sites or proxies are the first step to access blocked or restricted content. But most firewalls have now become smart to detect proxy servers and block them. In such cases, we need to go to the next level i. e Using VPNs!.
VPNs or Virtual Private Networks, simply encrypt your traffic and route all of it through their own servers. So, the network doesn’t knows which sites are you visiting. Thus, the firewalls see only it as traffic going and coming from the VPN server and not as a P2P or torrent connection. Besides, using VPNs also changes your IP and lets you access other sites too which are not available in your network.
So, here are currently the Best VPNs depending on the devices you are using!
For Android Phone Users – Top 5 Torrent VPNs to access and download Torrents with Speed and Security. (Anonymous)
For Chrome Users (PC/Mac/Linux) – Top Best Free VPNs for Google Chrome to access Torrent Sites and any others!
Did you know – You can watch Torrent Videos, without downloading them! (Direct stream them online) –
Yes.. We have come a long way from using utorrent or other torrent client to download files before we could view them. Online cloud services now, can let you directly download the torrent to their cloud, and then you can use it stream or play your torrent movies, tv shows, or videos it directly online without downloading!.
Also, you can use it preview files and to download torrents with HTTP (IDM) without utorrent.
So, here are the top torrent video streaming sites, which let you stream torrents online!.
Pro Tip – Incase, if utorrent or other P2P torrent clients are blocked in your network, and you don’t want to use VPNs. Then you can use the above streaming sites to download your torrents
20+ NEW iDope Proxy and Mirror Sites to unblock in ...

20+ NEW iDope Proxy and Mirror Sites to unblock in …

Those of you who frequently use torrents will concur that iDope is a treasure trove of varied torrent files spanning across every possible genre one can think of. It is essentially a torrent search engine which was brought to fruition by the people behind Kickass Torrents or KAT after it was shutdown abruptly. iDope not only lists torrents from all the major torrent sites but it is quite safe to use as well. Moreover, this massive repository closely resembles the Google search homepage from where you can download tons of movies, music, TV shows, premium software, apps, anime, and ebooks. However, copyright enforcers have started cracking down on this site too, and its main domain,, has been geo-restricted in many countries. But, even if iDope is not working in your region, you can unblock it via iDope proxy and torrent mirror sites.
What are iDope Proxy and Mirror Sites?
After Kickass was red-flagged by ISPs in 2016, its owners launched iDope as a nifty replacement for legions of Kickass Torrents users. Rumours were also rife that a new domain of Kickass would crop up, but instead iDope’s torrent search engine emerged as the answer. Soon, it became a very popular torrent search engine, partly due to its instant and accurate search results drawn from sites such as ExtraTorrents, The Pirate Bay, 1337x, RARBG, etc.
However, as of 2020, iDope is not working for many users and even its official app is facing lags. Several anguished users have been posting questions on Reddit, Twitter, etc. in search for a viable alternative to bypass these geo-restrictions. Luckily, the best alternative to this problem are iDope proxy and torrent mirror sites which are merely clone sites of the main domain and host the same torrent files, database and index but on different domains.
Granted, one may argue that a VPN service is another effective solution to unblock the main domain. It can mask your IP address and deceive the firewall into believing the traffic is coming or going out from the VPN server and not from a P2P or torrent network. But, VPNs have a reputation of being download speed killers that also sometimes take their toll on a network’s bandwidth besides eating up CPU resources.
On the other hand, iDope proxy and mirror sites face no such obstacles. In fact, they are quite safe to use as they are run and administered by ex-Kickass staff and several big webmasters espousing the cause of free internet content for one and all across the world.
So, even if is not accessible in your country, you can make use of the following proxy/mirror sites list and download all your favourite digital content for free. These 20+ iDope proxy and mirror sites are your best shot at getting the main domain unblocked, and we guarantee you won’t find them anywhere else on the internet. You can unlock these hidden gems for they are just a click away. Let’s get started fellas.
S. No.
iDope Proxy and Mirror Sites
idope Proxy 1
Very Fast
iDope roxy 2
iDope Proxy 3
iDope Proxy 4
iDope Proxy 5
iDope Proxy 6
iDope Proxy 7
iDope Proxy 8
iDope Proxy 9
US Proxy
Disclaimer: We don’t promote piracy. This information is for educational purposes only.
Simply click on any of the aforementioned links to be be able to directly visit these iDope clone sites to download all the latest movies, TV shows, premium software, games and all your favourite digital content for free.
And…that’s a wrap! I reckon you should bookmark this page to stay posted about the latest iDope proxy and mirror sites since we constantly update this list. Navigate to the links below to check out proxies of more such torrent sites.
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