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With this simple and user-friendly application, you can automatically find countless working proxies and use them when browsing the web
No Hands Proxies is a comprehensive and reliable piece of software created to provide you with the ability of obtaining countless proxy servers to which you can connect, all while entailing a minimal level of effort for you.
Straightforward and accessible looks
Subsequent to the brief and uneventful setup process, you can launch the program and get started with it immediately, its usage being quite intuitive and self-explanatory.
The ribbon in the main window enables you to switch between ‘Proxies’ and ‘Settings’, or view the activity ‘Log’, while the start and stop buttons allow you to commence or halt the operation.
Swiftly harvest proxies to work with or export them to a file for later
The first time you run No Hands Proxies, you will need to let the utility collect the addresses at its own pace, which may take more or less time, as it also runs a checkup in order to determine whether they are operational or not.
The discovered items are then listed in the main window, in the ‘Working Proxies’ tab, where you can learn their ‘Anonymity’ type (‘Elite’, ‘Transparent’, ‘Anonymous’), the ‘Latency’ in milliseconds, the corresponding ‘Region’, along with the source, namely the website it was collected from.
Moreover, these can be exported to CSV or TXT files, allowing you to save them for a later occasion. You can set a random or a preferred proxy for your PC, to protect you while browsing the Internet.
In the ‘Awaiting Proxies’ section, you can view a list of entries which still require to be verified, but you can also import a list from clipboard or a locally stored file and determine their validity.
In addition, No Hands Proxies features an extensive array of configuration options, which you can access and customize from the ‘Settings’ tab. You are able to adjust the ‘Proxy Limits’, ‘Connection’ or ‘Random Proxy Settings’, as well as the export preferences. You can filter results by their region or add new sources.
A handy proxy collector
In conclusion, No Hands Proxies is an effective and user-friendly application that enables you to quickly find a proxy server, when in need, offering you a wide array of choices to pick from and checking them to make sure they work before you use underProxy harvester Proxy collector Proxy finder Proxy Finder Harvester Collector
Nag screen
SYSTEM Framework 2. 0
No Hands Proxies - The best Proxy Checker Havester Online

No Hands Proxies – The best Proxy Checker Havester Online

No Hands Proxies – The best Proxy Checker Havester Online
Why you need No Hands Proxies
What are Proxies?
A proxy is a computer or server that is used as an intermediary for your internet connection. This proxy will then take your web request and process it before sending back your desired content. Proxies can be used for many things such as getting around parental or work filters and hiding your identity online.
How it works
No Hands Proxies is a revolutionary new kind of proxy checker that will do absolutely everything for you from finding new places to get fresh proxies from, downloading the proxies and checking they work. It will never end in its quest to find you more proxies and ensuring that all proxies it has found are still working.
What makes No Hands Proxies so special?
Unlike other proxy checkers that require you to find your own proxy lists No Hands Proxies leecher will do all of the heavy lifting for you, literally all you do is click the Go button and let it work.
No Hands Proxies will output your proxy list wherever you want it to be it to a local file, to an FTP server or even via email. It doesn’t matter what type of proxies you need and where you need them, No Hands Proxies will find them for you and put them where you want them
What if I need a specific type of proxy?
That is no problem as No Hands Proxy Checker can distinguish and filter out proxies that are not specifically wanted.
For example if you want proxies from a specific country that is no problem, if you have an application that needs proxies from a specific port again that is no problem. In fact it is very easy to filter out proxies based on how anonymous they are, the speed of them, port, region, and whether they work with specific websites (e. g. Google, Yahoo, Facebook, Twitter etc).
Incredibly simple setup
Ready to go “out of the box”. Just press start to get fresh proxies
Get Thousands of Proxies
No Hands Proxies is capable of harvesting thousands of working proxies
Super fast searching, harvesting, checking and filtering
Auto Everything
Constantly search and check unlimited proxies at the press of a button
Never Ending Proxies
No Hands Proxies will only stop getting working proxies when you stop it
Output Proxies Where You Need Them
Automatically output your fresh working proxy list to file, email and FTP
Get Region Specific Proxies
Easily harvest proxies from your desired countries
Filter Proxies By Latency
If speed is your thing you can limit to fast proxies only
Filter Proxies by Port
Get proxies on specific ports or block from specific ports
Check Against Websites
Check proxies against Google, Facebook, Twitter, Craigslist and many others
Use Proxies in Popular Software
Import proxies into any software with proxy support (with video guides)
Lifetime Updates
Totally free and regular updates. You will never pay more
Excellent Support
No Hands software is well known for having some of the best support online
Video and Written Guides
Lots of video and written guides showing how to get the most from NHP
Working Proxies Screen
Awaiting Proxies
Easily Readable Log
Application Settings
Output Options
Region Filtering Options
Port Filtering Options
This is the list of all of the found working proxies along with some basic information about their speed (latency), level of anonymity, the region they are based in and the last time they were checked as working.
Here you can clearly see a list of proxies that are awaiting checking along with an easy to use control for adding in your own list of proxies for checking. Adding of your own proxy lists is entirely optional as No Hands Proxy Harvester will find an endless supply of proxies for you without you having to ever lift a finger.
As you start harvesting and checking proxies all actions will be recorded to the log so that you can see exactly what is happening at anyone time. When a search for new pages is performed, page is scraped of proxies, proxies checked etc it is all logged in here so you can easily see what is going on at any time.
All of the important application settings in one place for quick editing of how NHP works. This is all optional and needn’t be changed if you are not sure of how it works.
Here there is even a Max Threads checker to see how many threads your internet connection can handle. The more threads you have NHP running at the more proxies it will be able to find.
Easily set how to output your list of proxies choosing whether to output to a file, to an FTP server or to an email address. You can choose one, none or all of these options.
Easily select any regions that you do not want to receive proxies from or alternatively check any countries that you only want proxies for. For example if you only wanted proxies in the U. S you would check the box next to United States, it couldn’t be any easier.
This is especially useful if you wish to make use of services that are limited to a specific region. Examples of this could be region locked news websites or video services designed to only work in a specific country.
Port Filtering
As with the region filtering the port filtering is incredibly easy to use, simply add in any ports you wish to block or the only ports you wish to have your proxies based on and No Hands Proxies will do the rest for you.
Most software and services do not have any limitation as to what port is acceptable for proxies. However some software and services will either require proxies with a specific port or refuse to use proxies on a given port.
Buy No Hands Proxy Harvester for Instant Access Now
Unlimited Support
Free Lifetime Updates
Can run on 2 machines
Harvest Unlimited Proxies
14 day Money Back Guarantee
Below is a very small selection of just some of the great user testimonials that have been pouring in for No Hands Proxies, it really is by far the best proxy harvester available and the great words of its users are testament to that, click here to see the actual posts of these and more users
Out of all the proxy scrapers and checkers I’ve used over the years, this program is already one of the all around best. Simple ease of use, speedy, and doesn’t use excessive resources even when pushing 500+ threads. Filters the checked list by anon level, country, timeout, and website pass, then exports to your choosing of either local file or ftp which is essentially all you need. It’s been keeping a solid 1-2k anons online at all times, with sometimes half as this price you’ll be hard pressed to find something of this value.
I have used OP’s other famous tool NoHandsSEO in past and was expecting the same quality toolAnd guess what? No Hands Proxies is also a great and easy to use tool with good GUITried using it and its damn easy to operateJust click run and after few minutes go get the proxies and use it with your toolsSupport is top notch
SEO Lover of BHW (Jr. Executive VIP)
I’ve been using this app 24/7 for a month or so. Using it to supply a little proxies to NHS and ‘s doing it’s job perfectly without any problems whatsoever. It’s faster and more stabile with every release.
To be recommended.
RushDie of BHW (Jr. Executive VIP)
It promised thousands of working proxies, and it sure delivered. I was subscribed to a paid service, which provides working public proxies, but after trying No Hands Proxies, I have already cancelled my ‘s a great tool, and with that price, it’s a bargain. The support is great, and it’s backed by the developer of No Hands SEO. A tool that is still being updated after years of its release. I can recommend this tool to everyone. You won’t be disappointed.
DarkPixel of BHW (Jr. VIP)
i saw this was updated almost every day and is working better and better. i scrape good proxies pretty fast then i use them for scraping and posting. i don’t need anymore to pay any cent for shared software is working great, never crashed, never had any issue and is very easy to use, few clicks and you are long i am using also No hands seo, i am sure this tool will not be abandoned as other providers did with their tools over the time.
SerpEvil of BHW (Power Member)
I’ve PM’d jimbobo2779 few days ago telling him about a feature that I’d like to be added. Today, while playing with the tools settings I noticed it was added. Hell yeah, that’s what I call top notch service:-D
Rokebono of BHW (Jr. VIP)
Great support and fast response, good job on the software, this proxy checker is extremely fast. One of the fastest I have seen yet.
tompots of BHW (Jr. VIP)
I purchased this around a week ago I think and am super happy, I also own No Hands SEO (purchased way back when) and the developer is fantastic, frequent updates and NHS has really come a long way since it was initially released. No Hands Proxies an already awesome software that is helping me get a lot more links I’m sure will have the same support. And getting this kind of support with NO monthly payment, that’s unheard of. So if you are on the fence you need to hop on. Thanks man
gamingmaster42 of BHW
If you need some assistance or have any questions regarding No Hands Proxies, you can contact us using the form below or the information on the right side.
No Hands Proxies 1.12.10 Free Download

No Hands Proxies 1.12.10 Free Download

Publisher Description
No Hands Proxies is a revolution in public proxy harvesting, it is the only tool capable of finding and outputting thousands of working proxies to anywhere you want them. NHProxies allows you to check proxies for anonymity, location, and much more as well as testing proxies against any website you like.
Not only will you be finding thousands of proxies with the press of a single button but you can set it up to test for different types of proxies (different anonymity, tested against different websites etc) and output the different proxy lists to different locations. It is simple to output different proxy lists to different files, email addresses and FTP servers.
On top of these great features it is also very easy to change the proxy being used by Windows to hide your identity while browsing the internet simply by pressing CTRL + ALT + P at any time. As with everything this behaviour is editable if you prefer but it is directly built in and unique to No Hands Proxies. This functionality alone puts it in the same category as subscripition proxy services yet is bought for just $57 with free lifetime updates and nothing extra to pay.
Buying proxies every month can be a very expensive exercise but with No Hands Proxies this needn’t be the case any more. If it is a choice between always having thousands of proxies at my disposal for the low price of just $57 with world class support or renting proxies for upwards of $2 each every month I know it is a very easy choice to make.
NH Proxies is backed by a full 14 day money back guarantee so that if you are unhappy with anything for any reason you can get your money back though realistically if you want proxies you will be more than happy with No Hands Proxies.
About No Hands Proxies
No Hands Proxies is a free trial software published in the Other list of programs, part of Network & Internet.
This program is available in English. It was last updated on 2018-03-26. No Hands Proxies is compatible with the following operating systems: Windows.
The company that develops No Hands Proxies is Pure Business Logic Ltd. The latest version released by its developer is 1. 12. 10. This version was rated by 1 users of our site and has an average rating of 0. 5.
The download we have available for No Hands Proxies has a file size of 7. 83 MB. Just click the green Download button above to start the downloading process. The program is listed on our website since 2014-09-16 and was downloaded 79 times. We have already checked if the download link is safe, however for your own protection we recommend that you scan the downloaded software with your antivirus. If your antivirus detects the No Hands Proxies as malware or if the download link is broken, use the contact page to email us.
How to install No Hands Proxies on your Windows device:
Click on the Download button on our website. This will start the download from the website of the developer.
Once the No Hands Proxies is downloaded click on it to start the setup process (assuming you are on a desktop computer).
When the installation is finished you should be able to see and run the program.
Program Details
Pure Business Logic Ltd
Released Date
Network & Internet
System requirements
Operating systems
Download information
File size
7. 83 MB
Total downloads
License model
Free Trial
$57. 00
Version History
Here you can find the changelog of No Hands Proxies since it was posted on our website on 2014-11-12.
The latest version is 1. 10 and it was updated on on 2018-03-26.
See below the changes in each version:
version 1. 10
posted on 2014-09-16
Added support for searching for new proxy sources to ensure unique proxies and sources for all users. Outputting of different proxy types and quality to different locations (multiple files, emails and FTPs). Much more

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