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Proxy Browser for Android -Free Unblock Sites VPN, No Root for android is a free browser for staying anonymous and keeping privacy, for unblocking websites which are blocked from any connection (WiFi or any other) now supports Tablets. 7” Tablets10” TabletsDownload Proxy Browser for Android – Free Unblock Sites VPN, if you want to browse freely on your mobile with all the advantages of anonymous browsing using a free proxy vpn technology and unblocking every Browser for Android is a very light, fast and free browser with inbuilt proxy vpn support so that you dont need to have any other Unique in Proxy Browser for Android – Fast Unblock Sites VPN1. Custom Country Proxy Connection proxy connections yourself until satisfied. 2. New Identity FeatureGet a new Identity with a single click. 3. Power ReconnectPower reconnect the proxy connection. 4. UNLIMITED and FREEYou don’t have to pay anything for using our free Proxy browser for Awesome Features of Proxy Browser for Android – Fast Unblock Sites VPN1. Stay Anonymous by accessing websites using proxy connections. Downloader functionality present. No Root is required for using Proxy browser for Android. Unblock websites by accessing from different proxy IPs. 5. Private / Incognito mode available in options. 6. Strong and Powerful Proxy browser for Android. 8. Small size but very effective. 9. Bookmarks, History and all other features of an advanced browser for Android. 10. Custom Country Proxy Connection Proxy Browser for Android – Fast Unblock Sites VPN1. Proxy browser for android fetches a list of proxy connections on app startup. The best available Proxy connections is started automatically. After the successful connection you can surf the web and browse your blocked websites by unblocking to usersWhile we are constantly upgrading our app to combat the threats and eliminate bugs, no technology is 100% foolproof. For maximum security and anonymity users must utilize best practices to keep themselves ssage to all usersDo you wish for your favorite feature? Did you find any annoying bug? We’d love to hear from you! Do send us an email: mTerms And Conditions-By using or downloading our app you are bound to these Terms and Conditions Policy-This app is made with extreme love by Global App at Global App Studio are very careful and serious about the user privacy and user data. We NEVER save any user data or user information with us. would love to hear from you
Best Proxy Browser For Android [New] 2021 - Trivedi Tech

Best Proxy Browser For Android [New] 2021 – Trivedi Tech

Hey, are you looking for Proxy browsers for android?
No doubt, proxy browser is the best way to surf internet without facing any issue with blocked website, On the internet, there are tons of blocked website which contain really helpful information in an unethical way, and every country has some website blocked by ISP for security or unethical, to bypass blocked sites and use those for that there are many methods and one of which is proxy browser android apps through which you can surf and bypass geolocation so you can access any website without any issue, Here in this article I will tell you the best proxy browser for android through which you can surf your favorite website without leaving any footprints.
What Is Proxy Browser?
Proxy browser is a type of browser where you don’t need any VPN to bypass geolocation and blocked websites through the proxy browser it will do it automatically, and it also works as a private search engine that will not track your searching data and make them secure and anonymous.
Best Proxy Browsers For Android
1. Blue Proxy: Unblock Websites
Here is the first best proxy browser for android through which you can surf the internet without losing your privacy, blue proxy browser helps you to access blocked websites in your countries without leaving any footprint, The app builds a strong fast proxy server so that user can experience the internet speed, The best part I like in blue proxy browser is here you will get simple user interface where you just have to search on tab, plus you can instantly delete your browsing history.
It having unlimited bandwidth for can easily access other countries websites in the free proxy will make your connection safe and secure.
Installs: 1M+
Size: 4. 1MB
Download: Blue Proxy
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2. Private Browser -Proxy Browser
Here is another great proxy browser which helps you to browse anonymously on the internet, here private browser comes with inbuilt VPN free service which has more than 400 servers from 70 location that makes the more chances to access any website from any countries, The app also gives you the SSL data encryption to make the browsing more secure while access blocked websites, If you are looking for proxy browser which having global server location, best in security and the user interface then private browser is best to use.
It having Inbuilt VPN and SSL encryption to make browsing more you can easily access any website from a global app gives you local protection like pattern lock or touch a great user interface.
Installs: 100K+
Size: 21MB
Download: Private Browser -Proxy Browser
3. Hola Free VPN Proxy
As the name suggests its a free VPN proxy browser through which you can access any websites from any location, the app gives various free countries VPN through which we can access any content from other countries too, The proxy browser will make you safe while browsing the websites and not collect your data, Hola Free VPN proxy is another great proxy browser for android you can choose to surf on internet.
Having a very simple user the option to choose a VPN for any you safe and secure while gives you fast browsing experience.
Installs: 50M+
Size: 15MB
Download: Hola Free VPN Proxy
4. Free Unblock sites
If you are looking for a proxy browser for android that will give you the smart browsing experience to access all websites, and having free VPN service then Free Unblock websites app is best for you, But in the VPN service here you will get some countries to access in free for more you have to pay, it will easily bypass the blocked website and make you surfing private, The app having great feature to change the IP address for more secure and not trackable.
Having great security features like IP address change, hide online, hide browser has a simple and easy browsing experience. Free and paid VPN available to use.
Installs: 500K+
Size: 14MB
Download: Free Unblock Websites
5. Browser Aloha: Private Browser Free VPN
In terms of proxy browser here is browser aloha which works well to hide traces, and search anonymous access to any website from the world through its perfectly free VPN service. The app having a lot more features than a normal proxy browser like here you will get an ad blocker, video download player, security, and much more. Here you can browse anything, the app will not log any activity it will make you secure and safe. The app is best for access to blocked websites and feel safe.
Browser having great speed while surfing on the contains an ad blocker to block your identity safe and secure.
Installs: 10M+
Size: 67MB
Download: Browser Aloha: Private Browser Free VPN
6. Proxynel: Proxy Browser For Android
To create a difference of proxy browser here proxynel app having new feature which is dynamic IP switching through which whenever you can access it will change your IP to make you secure, and after that, you can easily access any blocked sites from any countries, here you will able to turn ON and OFF the proxy browser manually as peruse. The app is really great in terms of browsing and safety you should give a try.
You can do anonymous browsing by hiding your to access any websites from the browser will not track you for owser having trusted with millions of users.
Installs: 5M+
Download: Proxynel: Proxy Browser
7. Super Ultimate Proxy Browser
Here is the simple proxy browser which help you to access online and make you anonymous through the browsing, Here you will get two proxy servers of location through which you can access websites and change your browsing location, moreover it also hides your IP address while browsing and make you safe from surveillance, here you don’t need to configure proxy setting its will done automatically.
Simple and decent user two servers location to will hide IP address for privacy.
Size:2. 3MB
Download: Super Ultimate Proxy Browser
8. Proxy Browser for Android
Here is another great proxy browser you can choose where it gives you the option to choose custom country proxy connection by which you can use per your browsing, moreover it will make you anonymous while surfing online, using this proxy browser you can easily access any websites from all over the world for free and choose custom proxy as you want, apart from that it also having browser feature which makes the experience great and fast.
(Bonus)- Proxy Browser
Having lots of features in the have the option to choose a custom makes your private browsing by not collect logs.
Size: 4. 2MB
Download: Proxy Browser
Wrapping Up: Best Proxy Browser For Android
These were the android proxy app which helps you to do anonymous browsing experience and make you surfing private by hiding IP address, every proxy app having a different feature that help you to choose the right one now let’s unblock browsing websites.
Recommended Proxy Browser for Android
Here is the proxy app ( Private Browser -Proxy Browser) which I recommended to use it’s having great privacy, and holding lots of servers that help you to access any blocked websites.
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Top 15 Best Proxy Browser Apps (Android/IPhone) 2021

Top 15 Best Proxy Browser Apps (Android/IPhone) 2021

Home » Apps » Top 15 Best Proxy Browser Apps (Android/IPhone) 2021
Services like VPN come in quite handy when you wish to anonymously browse the web or maintain privacy when it comes to your internet activity. Not only does it help keep the traffic encrypted and makes sure that any of your personal information is not prone to interception by the ISPs. So, users who have privacy as their significant concern often find it beneficial to have a proxy browser app that mainly helps you access blocked geo-restricted websites. So, here we bring you a complete list of the best proxy browser apps for android /iPhone 2021 that are worth giving a try.
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Private Browser- Proxy Browser Android/ iPhone
It is the Best Proxy browser app Android/ iPhone 2021. This app comes with a built-in VPN, and it is a revolutionary web surfing solution with its unique feature of easy to use. This app has more than 400 servers in 70 locations, and its SSL data encryption will keep your private information completely secure. With this app, you can stay anonymous by accessing sites using a proxy connection. This app has the feature of a convenient and fast tab scroll and has a user-friendly design. You can open more than 25 tabs at one time. Have this app now!
Proxynel: Android / Iphone
It is the Best Proxy Browser app, Android 2021. With this app, you can unblock any website which you love to visit, but it is blocked in your area. This app can be used in two ways: unblocking the sites that are blocked in your country and protecting your privacy online. It will unblock YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, etc., and keep your connection secure and anonymous. This app works well on phones and tablets. Its VPN address is professionally designed, and it has a built-in proxy VPN for your protection and security. It has many more features also. Download this app now and enjoy its all features.
Photon Flash player and VPN Proxy browser iPhone
This app is a powerful and versatile Safari alternative that excels in its flash support. This app allows you to browse flash websites and also play flash games. This app supports unlimited tabs browsing like firefox and chrome, and it is a fully-featured, powerful browser. It allows anonymous browsing through our server and has the feature of clearing history, cookies, and caches of private browsing.
Fast Private Web Browser iPhone
It is the best Proxy Browser App iPhone 2021, and it is an entirely private web browsing app that doesn’t store any of your previous internet browsing histories and keep to safe and also make you tension-free. This app is a super-fast, secure, user-friendly private web browser, and it always starts on a secure page. Downloading this app now and always feel safe and have complete freedom in internet browsing!
Yulx Privacy Browser Proxy VPN iPhone
It is also good app and will keep your internet secure and also avoids online threats. This app removes internet censorship and this app has feature of top level data encryption. This app allows you to surf internet anonymously without censorship and it automatically blocks online tracker. This app provides you top level privacy and anonymity and also erase your internet history just with one click.
Unblock Websites- Unblock Proxy App Android
It is also Best Proxy Browser app Android 2021. With this award winning app, you can unblock any website without any efforts with your smartphone. This app provides a open internet by mobile device and it act as website unblocker. This app also works to unblock videos, unblock websites, unblock newsfeeds, and watch original movies and to gain access to overseas forums. Download this app now and enjoy all your favourite sites weather it is blocked or not.
Proxy Browser for Android- Unblock Sites free Android
It is also a good app, and this app doesn’t require any mobile with root, and with this app, you can unblock various sites. This app is a one-stop tool for staying anonymous and keeping privacy for unblocking your favorite blocked sites from any connection. With this app, you can get the new identity with a single click, and you don’t need to pay anything for using this fantastic app. You can stay anonymous by accessing sites using a proxy connection, and it will prove as a powerful proxy browser for Android.
Unblock VPN Browser Android
This app can be used in two ways: unblocking the sites that are blocked in your country and protecting your privacy online. This app will unblock sites for life; it will unblock YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, etc., and keep your connection secure and anonymous. Have this app now and unblock all the sites and secure your connection!
VPN Proxy Browser Android
This is a online private network and also VPN proxy browser which helps you to surf anonymously online and also hide your IP address and clears internet history and allow you to access blocked websites. This app has multiple proxy server location to choose from and it unblocks various websites like facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Gmail, Yahoo mail etc.
ProxyFox: Android
This is also good app and doesn’t require any registration and no root access required. This app has multiple choice of server and encrypts your internet traffic and this app also unblocks various blocked sites like facebook, twitter, yahoo mail and many websites which are blocked in your location.
Tor Browser Android
One of the most popular Proxy Browser app for Android has been Tor Browser which is prominently used to unlock contents and websites that are locked within your country. In recent times, the team was successful in coming up with a proxy browser for Android. However, there is no such application available to date that is compatible with iPhone devices. So, iPhone users could use the Onion Browser that comes under the same engine as Tor and is known for working similarly.
Turbo VPN Browser iOS
iPhone users shall no longer worry about the locked website access since you all can now make use of the Turbo VPN Browser that is designed explicitly for IOS only. This proxy browser application allows the users to surf the internet alongside an enabled VPN. Browsing on iPhone can now become tension-free by installing this impressive browser that has already got a built-in VPN. So you can now enjoy your private browsing and at the same time stay anonymous and secure.
TunnelBear iOS
TunnelBear is yet another fantastic Proxy app for iPhone users that ensures you with great functionalities and features. So it’s time to install this browser app and hide your location while you surf through the internet. This app will swiftly unlock everything for you, including all applications. Moreover, an advantage of having such an app is that the browser itself will generate a fake location so that all the previously blocked websites in your area would unlock for you.
Aloha Browser Android / iOS
One of the most significant web browsers: Aloha Browser-is a pretty popular one because it is one of the top proxy browsers that offer free unlimited VPN to its users. The application also offers numerous other features that include a VR player, an AD blocker, data saver mode, background supported media, and a lot more. If you wish to access additional features of this app, then you could also purchase a premium version of Aloha Browser that will cost roughly around $2. 99 on a per month basis. This version will allow you to select the VPN country, select theme, file sharing through Wi-Fi, and a lot more.
Hotspot Shield iOS
This popular iOS browser app has captured an impressive rating on the App Store and is currently one of the most anticipated VPN apps. Thanks to its ever-so-fast VPN servers and its support for 70 plus different locations that make it worthy of being added to the list. Just download this app to get the best proxy browser ever! Hotspot Shield is free of cost for the users; however, to gain additional features that might not be available at the primary level, one has to upgrade the app by buying the pro version of the application.
So these are the Best Proxy Browser Apps Android/ iPhone 2021, allowing you to surf blocked sites and keep to secure and anonymous by allowing you to access sites with the proxy connection. Hope you find this article interesting. Please like and share, and don’t forget to comment on which app you like the most.
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