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How to Create a Multireddit in Reddit - wikiHow

How to Create a Multireddit in Reddit – wikiHow

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Multireddits combine any number of subreddits into one feed. Most multireddits combine subreddits with similar topics. For example, instead of following ten gaming-related subreddits, you can combine them all into one multireddit and see all their new posts at once. You can keep your multireddits private for your own use, or share them with others.
Open the multireddit tab from the front page. Visit your front page by clicking the reddit icon in the upper left. Move your cursor to the extreme left edge of the page, over the narrow vertical strip. Click this to expand the multireddit tab.
This tab is not accessible from anywhere besides the front page.
If you are using a mobile app to view reddit, these links may be in a different place. Browse the options or ask for help on the app’s forums.
2Press the “create” button. This is a small, grey button located underneath the example multireddits.
Type in a name for the new multireddit. A text box should appear when you click “Create. ” Enter the name of your new multireddit here.
Names cannot have spaces.
Add any number of subreddits. You should now see a blank subreddit. Look for the “add subreddit” text box on the right of your screen. Type in the name of any subreddit and press enter. Repeat this with any number of subreddit names. As you add each subreddit, you should see its posts appear on your multireddit feed. That’s what multireddits do: combine posts from multiple subreddits into one feed.
There’s no need to include the “/r/” at the beginning of the name.
Once you’ve entered one or two subreddits, the page will suggest more subreddits under the “people also added” heading. Click the + icon next to a name to add it, or click the name itself to visit the subreddit in a new tab.
5Add a description (optional). Click edit description, just above the box where you’ve been typing subreddit names. Describe the multireddit however you like, then click save.
Visit your multireddit. Whenever you’d like to visit your multireddit, open the multireddit tab from the front page and select its name.
You can also visit your own multireddit by visiting its URL. For example, if you made a “wikihow” multireddit, you could see it by navigating to. Other people cannot use this link.
1Set your multireddit to public. Visit a multireddit you have created. In the right pane, underneath the multireddit name, select the bubble next to Public. This allows other people to visit your multireddit.
Share the URL. Anyone can visit a public multireddit. The URL follows this format: (username of multireddit curator)/m/(multiredditname).
For example, if your reddit username is durkheim and you made a multireddit named wikihow, its public URL is When posting on reddit, you can use a shorter version of the URL: /u/durkheim/m/wikihow.
3Share multireddits at the multihub. Visit /r/multihub/ to see other public multireddits and to post links to your own.
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You can create more than one multireddit. Each one will appear on a list in the lefthand tab.
You can rename your multireddit once it’s created, but this will change the URL, breaking any links that lead to it.
When viewing someone’s user page, all their public multireddits are visible in the sidebar on the right.
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How to Combine Multiple Subreddits with Multireddits

How to Combine Multiple Subreddits with Multireddits

If you’re subscribed to a lot of communities on Reddits, some of the content you want to see may get lost in the mix. For easier browsing, you can make your own “multireddit” that combines posts from multiple subreddits into one feed.
What Are Multireddits?
At first glance, the front page of Reddit can be a little bit overwhelming to scroll through—especially if you’re part of a lot of random subreddits. For example, you might be seeing important breaking news in between memes and funny pictures of cats, which may not be the ideal reading experience. It’s also hard to filter down the types of posts you want to see unless you go to a specific subreddit. However, there are a lot of subreddits that have similar types of content.
Multireddits, or “multis, ” is a feature that allows Redditors to combine multiple subreddits into one page for easy reading. It works very similarly to how RSS news aggregators work. For example, if you want to browse the headlines of the day aggregated from multiple subreddits with different kinds of news, you can make a multireddit that combines r/News, r/WorldNews, r/Technology, r/Sports, and r/Entertainment.
Multireddits are also a great way to sort your favorite feeds into groups of similar subreddits. Instead of going into subreddits one by one, you’ll see the newest and most upvoted posts from all of them. Multireddits are also a good way to see posts from subs that you’re not subscribed to.
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Making a Multireddit
To make a multireddit, you need to be using the old version of the Reddit website. To do this, go to User Settings > Account, and toggle “Opt Out Of The Redesign, ” which will make the old version the default. You can also access old Reddit at
Update: You can also create “custom feeds” in the new Reddit interface. This is the new name for multireddits.
On the left side of your home page, there will be an expanding menu where you’ll see a list of default multireddits you’re subscribed to. Click “Create” and type in the preferred name for your multi. For this example, we’ll call our multi “Technology. ” You’ll be redirected to your multi’s page. From here, you can set the multi to public or private visibility.
Then, you can type in which subreddits will go in it. Simply type in the name of the subreddit in the text box and click the “+” button to add it to your multi. In the following example, you’ll see we added r/Apple, r/Android, r/Technology, and r/PCMasterRace to our multi. They will immediately be visible on the page when you add them.
There’s another way to make a multi without having to use the old version of Reddit. A subreddit’s normal URL follows the format is “” followed by the name of the sub. You can combine multiple subs into a link for a multireddit by adding “+” between every subreddit name. For example, “” will lead you to a multi with both r/News and r/WorldNews.
However, this way of making a multi does not allow you to give it a custom name. There’s also no way to access it directly from your Reddit home page, so you’ll need to bookmark the link to access it later on.
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Adding Other Multireddits
Like subreddits, you can also add Multireddits that other users make and have left publicly accessible. They will appear in your left sidebar in old Reddit, and you can customize them just like the ones that you made yourself.
If you’re on old Reddit, to follow one, go to the multireddit owner’s profile page. On the left side, you’ll see a box that says, “Public Multireddits. ” When you access one of these, click “Make A Copy, ” then you can browse through or customize that multireddit as much as you see fit. You can also read the multireddit straight from the user’s profile.
You can also share your multis with others in the same way. As long as a multireddit you’ve made is public, other people can make their copies of it and have it appear on their left sidebar.
Great Ways to Use Multireddits
One of the best things about multireddits is that you can browse the content you want without overwhelming your subscription list. For example, there are thousands of subreddits dedicated to cats. Therefore, a cat-loving Reddit user has made several multireddits that aggregate many of the best ones, so you’ll have an unlimited stream of feline photos without having 100 cat-related subreddits cluttering your home feed.
u/frubbliness / Reddit
Like we mentioned earlier, this is also an excellent way to browse the news in a specific niche. For example, the most active sports subs are only focused on a single sport. For example, if you’re a fan of multiple sports and you want to see coverage on all of them, you may wish to combine r/NBA, r/NFL, and r/hockey into one feed.
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Frequently Asked Questions about reddit create a new multi

What does create a new multi mean on Reddit?

Multireddits combine any number of subreddits into one feed. Most multireddits combine subreddits with similar topics. For example, instead of following ten gaming-related subreddits, you can combine them all into one multireddit and see all their new posts at once.

How do you make a multi on Reddit?

You can combine multiple subs into a link for a multireddit by adding “+” between every subreddit name. For example, “” will lead you to a multi with both r/News and r/WorldNews.Jun 8, 2020

Can you post to multiple Subreddits at once?

By crossposting, you’ll post the same post (regardless of the content it contains) in multiple subreddits at once. Each post is independent of the other—the likes and comments won’t appear across each post (even if you link to the previous post). This makes crossposting different to reposting.Dec 1, 2020

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