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I’ve recently purchased a Chromebook and currently utilizing the Chrome Remote Desktop for some other things. Then the idea sparked of being to play RuneScape on the go, providing I have a Wi-Fi connection. I tried this out on both RS3 and OSRS for a few minutes each and it worked flawlessly. However, I’m worried that Jagex’s bot detection will flag my account for botting, or other use of third party software. I’ve done some research and I honestly can’t find a solid answer. There’s really a 50-50 split of people saying that it’s bannable, or that it’s not bannable. Some people say they use the Chrome Remote Desktop for hours a day without issues, and other say they were banned. Here are some discussions that I was able to find:Discussion 1 Discussion 2 Discussion 3I want to be able to do this and not have any worries. I just want to play RuneScape in a convenient way, as I’m not always at home. I’m sure others feel the same, but I would hate to be in a situation where my account gets banned for botting, I try to make an appeal, Reddit post, etc. and then get a smack-down from Mod Infinity and still be completely innocent. I also thought about making a new account (maybe even an ironman because I have yet to try it! ) in case the bot detection picks up on Chrome Remote Desktop. But then that raises another question – will my other accounts be affected as well? What are your thoughts about this?
Banned for remote desktop? - Community Led Account Help

Banned for remote desktop? – Community Led Account Help

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Banned for remote desktop?
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My alt account “we made gp” was banned today under the ruling of macroing or botting when I was doing neither. As I am waiting on the release of rs3 on Iphone i just have been using my remote desktop to play from my phone while out and about and typically doing easy tasks such as mining as my account has a high mining lvl. I suppose it was flagged bc my mouse may seem to teleport since the remote desktop was not using trackpad mode most often bc that is less convenient that simply tapping the screen, I appealed ban and was told decision was final, but my concern is when it is unlocked in 48 hours am i just going to get banned perm if i continue to use remote desktop to play from my phone to my pc? Nowhere in the rules does it state i am in violation by using it as it does not in anyway alter the game experience as all input is still me tapping my screen and fully controlling the account. I am very disappointed that I was banned for this as i have been awaiting the release of rs3 for ios for a long time. plz any help would be nice as i do not believe this is a fair ban and it may affect others aswell who have not violated the rules.
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28-May-2021 16:24:36
The temp ban is a warning – to not continue doing what you have been doing as it is being detected as a moting in is fraught, there have been plenty of players have problems over the years. I advise to not use that method to play.
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28-May-2021 19:48:14
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Don't Be An Idiot Like Me... - General Discussion - DreamBot

Don’t Be An Idiot Like Me… – General Discussion – DreamBot

This is more of a PSA now, but I’m curious if anyone has had a similar experience. I’ll try to keep this short.
Yesterday I was manually splashing on an account I created earlier in the day. It had never been botted, and I was planning to get it running its first script today.
Logged on this morning only to see that it was given the permanent ban hammer for macroing. Again, I never even opened the script manager on DB for this guy (so there was 0 macroing/botting), but I think I know what caused it. I’ve used chrome remote desktop in the past to remote in to my computer from my phone to keep me from logging out.
Yesterday I left to walk my dog and I remoted in to keep the splasher splashing. He killed the mage of zamorak in Varrock (magic bonus was only -55 so not perfect splash). When I switched worlds the camera was facing directly north and I couldn’t see the zamorak mage. I was clicking around a lot on my phone (remotely) trying to click on the mage, but I kept accidentally clicking on the stairway. Basically my guy was running up and down and all around the stairs like an idiot (or a broken bot… ). I’m guessing that’s what caused me to get banned.
Has anyone had a similar experience? Can just looking like a bot without actually botting result in a ban? The only other thing I can think of is this account was locked on creation due to a (likely) flagged proxy IP. That happens a lot to me, but I just unlock it via email and have never had any issues beyond that with any of my accounts.

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