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Receiving a file from a different computer is not a big deal however, being blocked from accessing, it despite of having supported application/platform, is. Systems sometimes block file access automatically when belonging to a different computer/source or prompt the user with a warning of whether or not allow access to the file.
The Origination: This is basically not an issue but ntfs alternate data stream security applied by NTFS systems on its files especially on machines configured with Windows XP SP 2 or Vista SP 1 and is also included with Windows 7. Occurrence of this security issue is possible with files received or downloaded via; email, or any other means of transfer that functions on network.
NOTE: Also, this security only comes into notice on an NTFS formatted system partition, i. e. where the source as well as target system have NT File System. In contrary, on a system with FAT file system, the security automatically gets disabled and doesn’t interrupt file access.
Situations You May Have Experienced
Following are some circumstances and situations where most users have found themselves caught up with the NTFS security blockage. Let us discuss some of them to get an elaborated and illustrative view at different consequences:
Situation 1: “I am a developer by profession and every time that I download source code to try something new, the respective application blocks me from accessing it. On checking the file property, I discovered that the file security settings show that it has been blocked. There are more than 70 such files that I have and though they can be unblocked right from the Windows File Unblock Properties, but doing so individually with each file is a tiresome procedure. How can I unblock all the files at once? ”
Situation 2: “I have developed a few applications that work fine on my Windows Vista machine. However, when I share it with other and they try to download or access it, they are displayed with a security prompt which says that the file has been blocked by Windows as it comes from a different machine. What way can I suggest them to be able to download and run my applications without using Windows File Unblock Properties”
Situation 3: “We recently download a zipped archive consisting of 200+ images using Internet Explorer. However, I was first warned from downloading the archive and now while trying to extract file from it I get prompted with the error that reads somewhat similar to – ‘Windows blocked the file (file path) from being extracted’. These files are very important to me. How can I get rid of this issue? ”
Unblock Proxy - Access any website any time anywhere

Unblock Proxy – Access any website any time anywhere

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Unblocking Blocked Websites in Windows 10 - Technipages

Unblocking Blocked Websites in Windows 10 – Technipages

While the danger of not using a VPN has more to do with your browsing data being collected by various governments, corporations, as well as individuals with bad intentions, that is not what annoys most users.
There are few things worse than finding out that some content is banned in your region due to licensing, copyright, or your country believing that a functioning adult shouldn’t be allowed to see something online.
Without going into reasons why something is not available from your ISP, we should know how to use VPNs to unblock this content and enjoy our surfing and browsing free from borders, as the internet was intended to be.
However, there are ways restricted websites can be unblocked on your Windows PC. Although bans are imposed by concerned authorities with public safety in mind, these censorship powers can also be misused.
Various ways of getting on to these banned sites on Windows are discussed below:
1. Using a Different VPN
VPN is the abbreviation of Virtual Proxy Network. This helps get an online device connected to a secondary network. You will be able to obtain access to any blocked site on your Windows PC’s.
An individual can download different applications and access websites that are streamed in a different country using VPNs. VPN’s can also be used to unblock any currently banned websites.
There are many VPN services available. Some of them are free while others charge a nominal amount for their services.
2. Use Proxy Websites
Many employers do not allow access to sites such as Twitter or YouTube at work. They feel it distracts employees from what they should be doing.
To overcome this challenge, you need to access a proxy website to get the restricted websites unblocked. Proxy websites are a good way to do this. However, it is important to keep in mind that using a VPN is more secure compared to an unblocked proxy.
3. Stop using URLs
As most of us know, each website we visit has an IP address. In many cases, the authorities that have put restrictions on a site may not have stored the IP and performed a restricted action on the URL. This makes the task of unblocking a site easier and quicker.
Websites can be easily accessed through the IP address.
4. Network Proxy Should be Changed
Sometimes the authorities might have multiple proxies. In such cases, the websites that are restricted on one proxy may be accessed through another. This means you may find access to a site by proxy surfing.
5. Google Translator
The governmental and institutional authorities do not often ban Google Translator. The reason for not banning it may be that it is an educational tool and is not seen as a threat when it comes to unblocking restricted sites.
However, it is an easy way of unblocking a site you are trying to reach. You can simply translate the blocked site into another language that you are familiar with. Microsoft’s Bing translation service can also be of assistance in this area.
6. Extensions can be used to Bypass Censorship
If the authorities have banned sites like Facebook or YouTube, then the extensions are a must try.
7. Use HTML
Soda PDF allows the downloading any web page whose access has been denied by the authorities. You just need to enter the URL on the link and the task is done.
Pros & Cons of Using a VPN
While a need for a VPN, especially when it comes to cybersecurity, increases daily, the software itself is not without any drawbacks. There are several features online that you will not be able to access by using a VPN.
Additionally, while premium VPN providers will ensure both security and internet speed, using a free VPN might be even less safe than not using a VPN at all.
Pros– Better Security
– Remove Geo-Restrictions
– Mask Your IP Address
– Encrypt Communication
Cons– Slower Internet Speed
– Higher Ping
– Some Restricted Streaming Services
You can buy a NordVPN subscription from Amazon and connect to their VPN server right away.
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