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Scrapebox Senuke VPS | Just The Best IM and SEO VPS!

We Offer the Best Solution for Beginners and Professional Marketers with our VPS loaded with World-Class Tools, Tutorials and Support.
No Worrying About Using All Your Bandwidth At Home, Use Ours!
Unlimited Bandwidth, Desktop Is Always Running
Have Staff? Desktops Are Great For Outsourcing
Fast Connection, Up to 1Gb/s On Each Server
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Web Scraping Tools
Web Seo Crawlers
Social Media Tools
Content Spinning Tools
Internet Business Promo Tion Tools
Video Marketing Tools
Video Editing Tools
Free Captcha Service
Article Creation Tools
Pinterest Marketing Tools
Twitter Marketing Tools
Tool Requests!
Much More!
Search Engine Optimization Tools
Facebook Marketing Tools
Lead Generation Tools (Worth $1K HOT! )
GSA Tools
Forum Marketing Tools
Lead Generation Tools
Technical Specifications
Simple and Optimized For Your Needs!
Powered by Xeon All VPS are powered by Xeon Silver x 3. 0 Ghz x 20 CPU.
A Lot of RAM Your VPS comes with 58 GB RAM.
Unlimited 1 Gbps Bandwidth Your VPS is located in our collocations in the best datacenters of Europe.
What our customers are saying
If we did not convince you, maybe a few words from our customers will!
We’re very impressed! They are quick and just what we needed. Give ’em a shot we’re sure you’ll be happy. We always use their great support:)
Very great service, very happy with the up time and the support. Anna answers very quickly to my questions and I recommend them! Great team effort.
Great stuff guys. Super Fast Servers and I am Super Happy. Great affordable solution and the best part is I don’t use up all my bandwidth at home!
Scrapebox Senuke VPS, any experiences? Thougts?

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Scrapebox Senuke VPS, any experiences? Thougts?

Scrapebox Senuke VPS, any experiences? Thougts? | BlackHatWorld
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Aug 6, 2017
Reaction score
Hi, noob here!
I’m planning to start a small dropshipping business and learn some marketing tricks with bots to generate traffic. The service provided at scrapeboxsenukevps dot com was recommended to me, does anyone have experience using the service?
Any tips&tricks, pointers or other recommendations?
Thank you!
Apr 6, 2008
I used them in the past, the problem I had with them is getting terminated at a certain time without a reason at all. I go to their support and they offer me a replacement, but after a certain time, gets terminated again so I left. I am not sure if it happens to all or just me.
Hmm seems like a bug. Was the service otherwise good in terms of your results and the functions the provide? Thanks!
Aug 14, 2017
Actually, you can convert any VPS or dedicated servers into a blackhat machine. Of course, you can either use proxies on those software, or if your software does not support proxies, or poorly support proxies, you can in fact use an addon application called Proxifier that will channel your VPS or server’s entire web traffic through your proxies.
Oct 29, 2012
if you know how to setup and manage VPS on your own, i would recommend vultr, it comes with windows iso
Apr 1, 2013
13, 767
4, 796
what is it your trying to do, no matter what app you use it all In the list it self to succeed..
you can get a vps and buy gsa Indexer and then get a list service from here that $16 month that works fine….
you can go with any vps or hosting and get any app in the world, it all about the list to submit to the correct heigh websites, to get indexing/ traffic results.
senuke is to old for today’s world.
gsa indexer
all the above can help with indexing
then there online apps
they will help with domain and metrics for backlinks.
Last edited: Aug 27, 2017
Sep 23, 2015
This is a good service if you want to try out tools before you buy them. I would not recommend this service for any sustained long term use.
you never go wrong getting scrapebox and all there prinium plugins.
can get the app from here with discount.
I suggest the premium plugin as well.
consider gsa indexer and fresh list service.
don’t get senuke go with xrunner if your taking this app route.
most of the apps I mention give a free trail and can all be used on a home pc.
scrapebox has always been the most powerful app for internet marketers you can nearly do anything needed with it, but I also suggest gsa indexer to boost more possibilitys backlinks
So far I have [X] Instadub and [X] Proxies. I was interested in this VPS service partly because I read a story about someone using it to run Pinterest bots (reddit dot com/r/LifeProTips/comments/6ql81u/lpt_almost_everyone_who_is_good_with_money_shares/dkyinnj/) to get traffic to their site, and partly because having many tools at my disposal is interesting. Building my own VPS is possible, but if this service can provide everything I need then I’m interested.
Yes, I am experienced in this. But if I can get a VPS with everything pre-installed and managed, then that is interesting to me.
you can go with any cos or hosting and get any app in the world it all about the list to submit to the correct heigh websites to get indexing/ traffic results.
Their cheapest plan is 20$/month which is not that bad if it already has many tools and is actually managed. Their site is quite light on information, so I was looking for reviews from someone who had used it and if the tools were good. If it’s useless then I’ll definitely look into building my own VPS.
I’m mostly interested in social media marketing, not so much Google ranking and SEO. Although that may be an interesting thing as well!
Hmm I found most of these tools, but I didn’t find xrunner. Can you give more hints as to where I can see it? Thanks!
Why do you say this? Have you tried it? What tools are included? The website is very light on information so I don’t know if I will have a use for it yet I’m a noob with Senuke, scraping etc.

What I gather from these replies is that I’d be better off with a custom box containing Scrapebox and other more focused tools. I kinda wanted to know if you seasoned marketing people would use the service and if you have, how did you find it. I can’t find much info about it elsewhere.
Yes, I’ve tried this exact service. I wrote a review on my blog.
You get pretty much all blackhat/IM tools available. I found the VPS to be clunky and fairly slow. It’s not a bad service if you want to try out an expensive tool before buying, but it’s definitely not setup to support power users.
Also, lots of the software is cracked and you have to go through pains to update it. For example, when a software pushes out an update, you cannot simply update through the software like normal (because it’s cracked).
You should support the makers of the software. If you are building your strategy around these tools, you should buy the tools from the developer so you can get support and participate in the forums/communities that many of these tools have. For example, GSA has a very active forum where you can share strategies with other users.
Mar 27, 2015
I’m wondering about the service too. I thought it was like a group purchase and they provide the vps with the tools. It sounds like a good deal.
Nov 25, 2012
I was using this service.
Unfortunettly I cannot recomend them.
– you need backup all the time (problems with windows certification), later you need install everything again
– list on website it’s not real, from most software from the list you need buy additional license (THEY DID’T mention this!!!! )
– senuke you need buy additional license to use crowd search for your own – they did’t mention this when you was buying this software
– limited space on disk (because of this softwares), you need buy additional or pay for cloud to make all this backups ( free version dropbox it’s not enough)
and a lot more…..
– a lot of software that you can try, but they can discourage these programs because of issues with this VPS
Mar 11, 2018
I used them a few months ago. BEWARE. While it is fine to use them to test tools, you are NOT getting a VPN. All resources – including hard drive space – are shared space. Yes you will get a small fraction of the space to run the software – when they run – but they will tell you to store your files in an OPEN share. The software craps out all the time due to limited resources because others are using them. The hard drive space will go to zero, even when you have virtually nothing saved. You cannot install software yourself – no admin access. Their support system was a joke. I terminated my service and was glad I did.
Jun 24, 2017
just have a bad experience with them… how can people run a bussiness with a low respone costumer service?
Jun 13, 2014
I have used senuke for past 2 years ago. It is not pretty good, It was posted only limited websites.
Nov 21, 2018
They’re swindlers. I hired a year for $150 and it has lasted me two months. Don’t hire him. Lousy service. Fraudsters.
Last edited by a moderator: Jan 27, 2020
you can have the best tool in the world but you still need good lists for all tools.
only scrapebox can get list for most tolls.
most tolls also let you plugin to good lists.
serengine a must for scrapebox web 2. 0 list
there many others, 3rd party list they cost but worh every penny for good backlinks and traffic.
I paid a year and it lasted me two. I also bought buzzsumo for 50€ and it never worked and I lost the money. They’re just scammers. They stole 180€ from me.
Jul 19, 2015
quick question here guys.. are you saying that i have to buy also a VPS service from them then buy the tools? (separetly)
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