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The following lists several of the test results that we perform to attempt to detect a proxy server. Some tests may result in a false positive for situations where there the IP being tested is a network sharing device. In some situations a proxy server is the normal circumstance (AOL users and users in some countries).
Thank you for participating in our test of detecting proxy servers. This proxy detector is constantly being updated. If you are using a proxy server and it was not detected please check back in a few days and see if we are able to detect the proxy server.
To test a different IP address please use the IP lookup tool.
VPN leaking your REAL IP address? Try our VPN Leak test.
Proxy server not detected. IP64. 235. 38. 185rDNSFALSEWIMIA TestFALSETor TestFALSELoc TestFALSEHeader TestFALSEDNSBL TestFALSE
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Proxy Check - WhatIsMyIP.com®

Proxy Check – WhatIsMyIP.com®

Proxy Detected
Proxy Type: DCH
Proxy Check Tool
Our Proxy Check Tool analyzes your connection to our servers to see if a proxy is detected. If we detect a proxy, we show you the proxy details. If a proxy not detected, the message “No Proxy Detected” then displayed.
My IP Information
Internet Speed Test
Why Use Our Proxy Check Tool?
Using our free, high-speed proxy checker instantly provides your proxy details. Checking your proxy is great for understand just how anonymous you appear on the Internet. Essentially, what our proxy check tool can see, anyone else on the Internet can see.
In general, there are three different types of proxy – transparent proxies, anonymous proxies, and elite proxies:
Transparent proxies don’t hide your real IP address. They may seem useless at first glance, but they are helpful for passing by local firewalls that may block access or slow down your connection.
Anonymous proxies hide your real IP address. This means the actual location blocked when you use an anonymous proxy. This type of proxy is great for anonymity, but sacrifices speed. Additionally, some sites may have firewalls that can detect those using anonymous proxies.
Elite proxies have the advantages of anonymous proxies with an additional benefit. They help you conceal using a proxy at all, so not stopped by any firewalls. However, because they provide complete privacy, they are typically slower due to frequent reloads.
Do We Detect All Proxies?
No. Not all proxies pass along detectable information. Some proxies are very good at hiding this information which is great for the user. However, just because we may show “No Proxy Detected” doesn’t mean someone else can’t detect the same proxy.
What If A Proxy Is Detected?
If you’re intentions are to go through a proxy and we detect it, maybe it’s not a big deal to you. If you wish to remain anonymous, perhaps a VPN is better suited to handle your needs. What if you don’t know you’re going through a proxy and we detect one? This is not uncommon and not necessarily a bad thing. Instead, this is most likely how your Internet Service Provider controls traffic on their network.
10 Best Free Proxy Checker of 2021 | Bulk Test Proxies Online!

10 Best Free Proxy Checker of 2021 | Bulk Test Proxies Online!

Are you looking for a online proxy checker to test your free proxies are still live or dead? Then you are on the right page as we would be discussing some of the best proxy checker software in the place of proxies in today’s Internet with too many IP restrictions cannot be overemphasized. While you know you need proxies for your tasks online either to bypass geolocation restrictions, access geo-targeted content, or use as many IP addresses as you want to exceed the request limits of websites without getting blocked, you might not know if the proxies you bought truly have the metrics to meet your need or you’re using a proxy server, some proxy servers are detectable based on the Proxy Anonymity Levels based on the Proxy HTTP header. There are some websites such as that can test detecting proxy servers, They analyze your HTTP header when you access their website, Here, Do you want to know your proxies are still working or not? The tools you will use to check such are known as proxy checkers. They are also known as IP lookup tools by some professionals. With the use of proxy checkers, you will get to know whether what your proxy provider claim is true or a this article, we would be taking a look at some of the best proxy checkers in the market that you can use to verify the metrics and details of your proxies to determine whether you can use them for your tasks or you will find out later on, while there are basic functions that all of the proxy checkers offer, some of them have unique strengths and what they should be best used for and we would discuss all of that. It might also interest you to know that most of the proxy checker tools in the market are free to Proxy CheckersYou do not need to install any application in other to verify the metrics of your proxies – thanks to online proxy checker services available online that you can use. Below are some of the best online proxy checker services you can use to check proxy Proxy Checker – Best Socks5 Proxy is one of the websites that you can get free proxy lists. It does have a premium plan and offers a VPN service, among other products it offers. This service has a proxy checker service that can be regarded as one of the best in the market. With the help of the proxy checker, you can verify the details of proxies you tool has the capability of checking proxies at a high speed thanks to its 64 threads. It also comes with a smart algorithm to identify proxies regardless of the format they are presented in. It also checks proxies available on the Internet and can be seen as the best proxy checker for socks5 – Best Private Proxy CheckerIf the proxies you want to check are private proxies – that is, proxies with username and password or any proxies that require authentication, then the service is the best proxy checker for you. This is because it has been built for such as it has support for adding username password together with the proxy port and has support for checking multiple proxies at ones and you can copy and paste your proxy list into the text-box provided. For each proxy added, you will get details such as type, anonymity, speed, and location. Another feature that comes with this is that the tool classifies the proxies as good and bad. This tool is even recommended by onode Proxy Checker – Advanced Proxy CheckerThe Geonode IP Proxy Checker is provided by Geonode, a premium proxy provider in the residential proxy market. For this proxy checker, you are giving guidelines on how to specify the proxy details. If the proxies require a username and password for authentication, the format should be PORT:IP:USER:PASS else, simple use onode is an advanced proxy checker and you can use it to test whether you can use it to access Google, check location, and many other features. According to the information on the website, the tool has support for checking Up to 100 proxies at once. However, it can be slow – Best Anonymity CheckerIf a proxy server is not anonymous then there is no need to use it if you are trying to cover your activities. Verifying anonymity has been made easy with the Proxy-checker service. To tell you the truth, you might be a little disappointed with this tool if you need to check many proxies at once as this service can only support 10 proxies at most per you do not mind the number, it is one of the best for checking proxies especially if you need to check anonymity level. This tool can help you known whether a proxy server is an elite proxy, anonymous proxy, or even a transparent proxy. Aside from checking anonymity level, the Proxy-Checker application can also reveal the location of the proxies and the more, Different Anonymity levels of HTTP proxiesCheckerproxyThe Checkerproxy service is also one of the best online Roxy checker app that you can use to verify the details of your proxies. The service provides you with an intuitive user interface for verifying the metrics of your thing you will need to take note of is for you to always tick the “Do not publish my proxies” else, your proxies would be logged and made available to other users of the Checkerproxy service. The information provided by this tool includes the proxy type, anonymity type, location, speed, and location, among others. Aside from you adding your own proxy list, this service also has its own free proxies you can check before you use. PortChecker Proxy Checker – Anonymity CheckerThis IP proxy checker is highly specialized in its approach to checking proxies. While other IP proxy checker services described above check other details about proxies, all this one does is check for anonymity – yes, you can call it a proxy anonymity checker. The status for anonymity is either elite, anonymous, or transparent with elite being the best especially if you are dealing with a service that detects and blocks proxy proxies would hide the fact that they are proxies while also hiding your own IP address. My major concern about this proxy checker tool is that it can only check one proxy at a time which might not be convenient for those that want to check many proxies at a may be like, What is a Proxy Port & How to find Proxy Address and Port? How to Use a Proxy Scanner to Bulk Scan and Test Proxies for Ports and Speed10 Best port scanner tools for scanning open portsProxyScrape Online Proxy Checker – Check Proxy Status OnlyIf all you need is to verify whether your proxies are working or not, then the online proxy checker service provided by ProxyScrape is all you need. One thing you will come to like about this one is that its interface is quite simple and you are not provided with all of the details you do not only detail provided for each proxy is its status (whether working or dead), the county, and proxy protocol. Aside from this, the team behind this tool offers free proxy lists, web proxy, and even premium proxies that are you are comfortable installing software on your computer, then there are some proxy checkers available for you as software you can install. Let take a look at 3 of these Proxy Checker (Software)The RSocks proxy checker is one of the best proxy checkers in the market that is available as an installable application. This tool is free to download and is available for Windows, Linux, and Mac. This tool comes with some advanced features such as downloading proxy lists and the ability to determine request also has support for exporting test results, proxy list test results, file download speed, spam list listing, and PTR records. This tool allows you to make a fast decision on the proxies to use by taking the guess work out of your oxifier Proxy Checker Tool – Best Performance CheckerIf you have the Proxifier client on your computer then you already have a proxy checker tool on your computer as it comes integrated into the Proxifier application. Proxifier is an application that helps force all of your network traffic via a proxy server regardless of whether an app or service supports proxies or not. To check for proxies, you will need to navigate to the Proxy Checker tool -> View -> Proxy you need to do is specify the proxy details and then click on the start testing button and the test will begin. For this tool, all it checks is performance and whether the proxies can be used as Proxifier proxies or more, What is Proxifier & How to Set Up Proxies With Proxifier? How to use Proxifier with 911 SOCKS5 Proxies (in 6 Simple Steps)FOGLDN Proxy TesterThe FOGLDN Proxy Tester pride itself to be the standard proxy testing tool. It is a free tool that you can use to send direct snd accurate ping times to any website in the world through your proxies to see how they perform in real-time. This tool has support for both domains’ IP proxies as well as the regular PORT:IP and username and password for of the features of this tool include the ability to test unlimited proxies at once, support both rotating and sticky proxies, and support the exporting of working proxies to txt files. The FOGLDN Proxy Tester is available on both Windows and About Proxy CheckersWhat are Proxy Checkers? A proxy checker is a tool that has been developed to verify the details associated with a proxy server. The details and verification done is determined by the specific proxy checker app. Some would only want to check whether a proxy server is active or not. Others go further and resolve the location, check anonymity level, and see whether they have been blocked or not. Others have the capability of checking whether they can be used on certain websites or Do Proxy Checkers Work? The working of a proxy checker is dependent on the details it provides. If all it does is check whether a proxy is active or not, then sending a request via such proxy is all the tool will do to see if it will go through or not. For checking location, they might use other IP lookup tools to check for the location. For anonymity level, they would need to use the proxy to access the web server they have access to and then check for headers to see whether the proxies are elite, anonymous, or Proxy Checkers Safe to Use? For the most part, proxy checkers are free to use as they pose no security risk to you. However, there are some things you need to take note of. If the proxies you are checking are private proxies, make sure the proxy checker is reputable enough not to log your proxies and sell them. Another thing worthy of mentioning is that you should avoid installing proxy checkers unless you are sure they are from a trusted and reputable source since some of the developers can be fraudulent in their practices and could convert your device to an exit node for their proxy nclusionFrom the above, you can see that there are a good number of proxy checkers for you to use. It is advisable you actually test out proxies you buy or the ones you get for free before using them for your actual is to make sure that you do not trust a proxy server that would end up ruining your project. Fortunately for us, aside from a few of the proxy checkers, most of them are free to use.

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